Elizabeth Taylor as Masked Courtesan in Anne of The Thousand Days (1969)

She was paid $46 to appear in a cameo role as a masked courtesan. She really only appeared in the film in order to keep an eye on her husband, Richard Burton, and the French actress, Genevieve Bujold, as she suspected he was having an affair. There was much speculation about such an affair, but the truth of it is still unknown. [ x ]

Elizabeth on set of the 1969 film ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS in which her husband Richard Burton starred whilst she played the small role of a courtesan (while wearing La Peregrina!) She longed for the role of Anne Boleyn (which was eventually given to Genevieve Bujold) but was deemed too old for the part and was given a smaller role. The producer, Hal Wallis, later remembered a lunch with Elizabeth in 1967. “Elizabeth hung on my every word. I was surprised by her attention, as there was no part in the picture for her. Over an elaborate dessert she took a deep breath and said, ‘Hal, I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. I have to play Anne Boleyn!’ My fork stopped halfway to my mouth. Anne Boleyn? Elizabeth was plump and middle-aged; Anne was a slip of a girl. The fate of the picture hung in the balance. I could scarcely bring myself to look at Richard.” Richard “handled it beautifully. He put his hand on hers, looked her directly in the eye, and said, ‘Sorry, luv. You’re too long in the tooth.’”