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Hey! Congrats! Prompt Fluff 21 or 28 for Melizabeth please

Hey anon! Thank you so much! I’ll be doing prompt 28, “I’m just irresistible”,since I have a bunch for 21. Thank you for sending in your prompt!

This had meant to be a fic about Meliodas bringing home a pack of stray cats, but somewhere in the middle I abandoned that idea and it got a little angsty. Whoops. Hope the fluff outshines the angst! All you need to know context wise is this takes place some time after breaking the curse. Enjoy!

He wasn’t too sure what it was. Perhaps his soap, maybe his magical energies, or even just the hand of fate - but whatever it was, Meliodas had a habit of attracting people towards him. 

The animals he understood. They were his father’s way of spying on him. Over the years, he had seen countless creatures from all walks of life show up at his side and simply refuse to leave. This was understandable, a fact he had just come to accept and embrace as the years went on. 

Then, there were the reincarnations of Elizabeth. This too, was simply a fact of his life With each Elizabeth came a plethora of people, be it warriors, barbarians, knights or simple villagers, he had seen his fair share of faces. It’s what had pulled him to Danafor, what had dragged him to gather the Sins. 

He didn’t necessarily mean to complain. He enjoyed each face, each life that was drawn to him. As brief as some of them may have been, they were a constant reminder of his mission - of what he was fighting for. What he had finally won.

Meliodas was finding it harder and harder to concentrate these days. His guard had been lifted since the curse was broken, his attentions no longer honing in on small bumps or off sounds. His attention was instead focused solely on Elizabeth. His reason for continuing his campaign, for not curling up and surrendering to the curse and allowing his father to have his way with him. 

She was currently some feet ahead of him, enthusiastically chatting away with a fruit vendor. She stuck out among the town folk, her hair pulled up into a delicate bun and laced with gems. Her skirts pooled just above her ankle, flowing blue lace and satin that gathered at her hips and led to a skintight bodice. It was such a stark difference from his memory of all the other Elizabeth’s, but that’s just what made each one unique.

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