elizabeth witte

Killed Too Dead

Republican senators just voted to stop Elizabeth Warren from talking because she “impugned” Jeff Sessions’s character by reading a letter aloud from Coretta Scott King (Martin Luther King’s widow). The 1986 letter was about how he used his power to intimidate elderly black voters. 

They silenced Elizabeth Warren. 

In 1825, Martin Van Buren said “There is such a thing in politics as killing a man too dead.” He was referring to De Witt Clinton, the governor of New York who not only lost re-election but was removed from the board of the Erie Canal – a project he championed so much that it was called “Clinton’s Ditch.” Public sympathy over this political overreach was so great that Clinton soared to victory in the next election.

He had been killed too dead. And he rose from the ashes stronger than ever.

This can be Elizabeth Warren, if the public outcry is strong enough.

The results of Clinton’s victory were called “a tornado.” It’s time for another tornado in 2018.


Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877–1958, England)

Paintings 2

Frank Cadogan Cowper was an English painter and illustrator of portraits, historical and literary scenes, and can reasonably be described as the last of the Pre-Raphaelites.

His career began after the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood had broken up, and the core artists had largely abandoned the style, but despite a style that was seen as deeply regressive at the time, Cowper was able to produce several works of great inspiration. His style is indebted to Millais and Rossetti, and indeed, his finest works can be compared to models by the previous two artists. Additionally, his portraiture can at times recall Waterhouse, as with his painting The Patient Griselda.