SGA Modern Headcanons:

I love the idea that despite being a futuristic SciFi base, that modern day trends would infiltrate Atlantis.  Some personal headcanons:

- Social media is huge.  Several technicians program instagram and twitter to work within Atlantis and the staff ends up using it just as much as people on Earth.  Unfortunately, there are similar pitfalls, and Elizabeth has to have a lecture with her senior staff to explain that while she’s happy that they’re enjoying themselves, she shouldn’t be seeing photos of them exploring unauthorized places at noon on a Tuesday, or see John tweeting “Just reached 10,000ft #rodneystillterrifiedofwhales” when he said he’d be training new recruits.

“People, I can see ALL of these posts, you know.”

- Elizabeth was open to the idea since Heightmeyer suggested more social interaction could help to relieve day-to-day stress, but she was really won over when a subroutine Rodney had written into Twitter alerted the entire city immediately after there were signs of radiation from an unknown ancient device.  It also allowed staff to virtually checkin with her so despite lockdowns, they knew who was unharmed or missing.

- The hashtag #prankmckay is trending almost constantly.

- Most surprising, after insisting he receive a smartphone (”to see what you stupid humans are always talking about”), Ronon gets really into taking selfies and has some hilarious shots of grabbing John or Rodney in bear hugs/headlocks.  Beyond that, he turns out to be an amazing photographer and documents almost everything they do (on and off world).  It’s oddly touching and he tells the team later in his characteristically simple way that he “didn’t have a way to preserve memories in the past on Sateda”.  

They get it instantly and never poke fun at him again over it.