elizabeth webbe


“For a Rathbone costume party labeled “Come as one you most admire”, 1935. Marlene and Paramount designer Travis Banton re-created the mythical legend of Leda and the swan. In gossamer chiffon and swan feathers, she triumphed. More than twenty years later she would remember it when designing her famous swan coat for the stage.”

- Marlene Dietrich: Photographs and Memories


Favorite ‘Think of Me’ photos:

  1. Elizabeth Loyacano, Las Vegas
  2. Sierra Boggess, Broadway
  3. Gina Beck, London
  4. Tabitha Webb, London
  5. Samantha Hill, Kara Klein, and the ballet corps, Broadway
  6. Trista Moldovan, Heather McFadden, Kara Klein, and Aubrey Morgan, Broadway
  7. Joke de Kruijf, Vienna
  8. Viktoria Krantz and Tomas Ambt Kofod, Copenhagen
  9. Johanne Brochmann, Stockholm

As promised ages ago: fullength European slavegirl costumes backstage:

  1. Mercedesz Csampai, Moscow, 
  2. Tabitha Webb, West End,
  3. Sabrina Harper, Hamburg, 
  4. Ashleigh Fleming, West End,
  5. Kimilee Bryant and Ute Baum, Basel,
  6. Emma Frost, Copenhagen,
  7. Claudia Dallinger, Vienna,
  8. Theano Makariou, Hamburg,
  9. Elizabeth Mata, Mexico City (costume made in the UK).
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Check out the trailer for Kill the Messenger, a crime drama based on the true story of journalist Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner). Directed by TV mainstay Michael Cuesta (Six Feet UnderDexter, Homeland), the film tells the story of Webb’s investigation into the CIA and their involvement in arming Contra rebels in Nicaragua and smuggling cocaine into California. The film also stars Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Michael Sheen, Rosemarie DeWitt, Ray Liotta and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and will be released on October 10, 2014 in US theaters.