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Been trying to carefully craft a Wonder Woman review as the distance of its release date keeps growing. I saw it opening night with my nieces and to clarify I did like it. But, this is not what this post is about. I’ve decided to place a spotlight on an Amazon cartoon series for children that arrived on June 30th 2017. I just completed binge-watching all of the episodes. It is called Danger & Eggs and it reminds me of Adventure Time and Steven Universe with a dash of KC Green’s Regular Show with Lauren Faust’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic if they were all put into a blender.  

While Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe, Chris Savino’s Loud House, Daron Nefcy’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Alex Hirsch’s Gravity Falls, Mike DiMartino’s and Bryan Konietzko’s The Legend of Korra, and, Skyler Page’s Clarence have been making strides for LGBT representation, the Mike Owens and Shadi Petosky created animated show takes it one more progressive step forward. Yes, besides being hilarious, very relevant, full of lessons (and emotions), believable, and inventive, Danger & Eggs is the first animated series to have an openly trans creator (Shadi Petosky). In fact, every aspect of Danger & Eggs has some level of involvement courtesy of LGBT community members: from LGBT actors, writers, animators, and storyboard artists alongside LGBT allies! Essentially in each stage of Danger & Eggs’ production, there was that kind of specific influence occurring. More importantly Danger & Eggs accomplishes this with resorting to any awful cliches whilst being as inclusive as possible! Examples include the non-binary musician Milo that D.D. and Phillip both use proper pronouns with plus the recently out trans Zaddie (voiced by trans activist Jazz Jennings) crooning a song of acceptance at the Pride festival (Not Rainbow Day or something akin to that like others have done. ACTUAL PRIDE DAY!) in front of her “chosen family”. I’m going to reference that term often from this day forward. 

Truthfully, every decision concerning LGBT representation in Danger & Eggs comes of as equal parts sincere and super sweet. <3 

The series is about the adventures/situations D.D. Danger (SNL’s Aidy Bryant) and her best friend Phillip (Eric Knobel) have inside Chickenpaw Park.

D.D. is the last of a generation of record-setting daredevils. Her father Roy Danger is present in D.D.’s life as a bandaged up and impossible to understand individual, a recurring gag that manages to never get old. As such, she’s up for engaging in potentially injury causing stunts or roughhouse games. Now the inverse can be said for Phillip, a rule-following always safety-first talking egg. As the theme song says the series is, “Kinda hard to explain.” The anthropomorphic Phillip’s origin gets hinted at early on before becoming confirmed in the season one finale. His mother is a colossal chicken that only appears to cluck even though her son can speak English. Despite being clear opposites in most ways, the camaraderie D.D. and Phillip share together is amusing and majestic. Their aww-inducing familial connection is best demonstrated in the episodes “Phillipcon”, “The Big Z”, “Nightmares”, and “Trading Post.”

The supporting cast is just as diverse and inventive from the yoga instructor lesbian duo of Rad and Sweet known as the Chill Twins (courtesy of the comedian married couple of Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butler), a Mayor (Angelica Ross, Her Story) that sings her arrival, a stickler for the rules (more than Phillip!) Sheriff Luke (Stephanie Beatriz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and D.D.’s ice-skater film hero Trix Blixon (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, if you haven’t seen her career-defining performance in 2012’s Smashed I highly recommend it! Was in last year’s 10 Cloverfield Lane). Charlyne Yi’s (We Bare Bears’ Chloe Park) apathetic Layla introduced in “Keep Off the Grass” is one of my favorites though. So is Fringe’s Jasika Nicole bringing to life the spunky Reina in “Ren Faire” as well. Co-creator Shadi Petosky even lends her voice for the wise Pigeon Lady.

All in all, I’m astounded by how good Danger & Eggs is. Creative, excellently written, droll, adorable, bizarre, and authentic are the words I’d use to sum up the series.  Have tissues ready. I sobbed happily often viewing this series, lol. Normalizing LGBT stuff for children?! Normalizing, not demonizing. Respecting, not bashing. SO MUCH YES! And if anything I’ve typed piqued your interest, I implore you to follow through ASAP. :)


Agents of SHIELD : In the Framework, allegiances will be shifted. Prepare for a new world order. #AgentsofSHIELD

Agent Davis : Loyal to the very end

So with Agents of SHIELD being on hiatus for the next few weeks (Mother of all things please save us) I started rewatching the series starting from the beginning and guess who I spotted!

That’s right! Our very own Agent Davis who has been by FitzSimmons’ side since the very beginning! Loyal to SHIELD, Loyal to FitzSimmons!

I even googled to make sure it IS the same actor. 

Fun Fact: The actor who portrays Agent Davis,  Maximilian Osinski, is married to  Dichen Lachman who is JiaYing (Daisy’s biological mother)

Skye’s Last Name in the Framework

So, as we can see from the image above, Skye’s name is not centrallised as it would be if she wasn’t using a last name as we saw in seasons 1 and most of season 2.

We can surmise that this Framework version of Skye is using a last name but thanks to that strategic thumb positioning, we can’t see what it is. But we can make a few guesses.

The first and most cruel, could it be Skye Ward? It would be a cruel play with the ship name sure but I’m not sure that it will turn out to be Ward. The text Daisy receives refers to Ward as her boyfriend and not husband, so there’s no reason for her to have taken his name.

It could be Johnson but even that’s unlikely because if she found her parents in this reality, then her name would be Daisy Johnson and not Skye (I’ll also talk about why she’s Skye in this reality and not Daisy).

The one I think that’s most likely is May, that is Skye May. Skye was always looking for a family and I think the Framework gave her that while also giving some peace to May, by giving her a surrogate for a daughter. I think it’s possible that we’ll see a deep bond between Daisy and May in the Framework that will help Daisy break through to her. I also want this to happen because I miss their interactions.

Now, as to why Daisy is Skye in the Framework is because as Daisy, she doesn’t have any ties to Ward or any of the ‘fixes’ that AIDA made. Skye on the other hand, was impressionable and naive. She was looking for approval and as stated earlier, a family. Daisy has all of that, she found her birth family and the family she chose, Coulson, May, Simmons, Fitz, Mack and Elena. These people validate and encourage her own deep-seated sense of justice and doing the right thing. She considers them family because of who they are, the way they were shaped by their regrets. Daisy, while also more understanding, would never choose to be with Ward, she’s still mourning Lincoln, remember. Her mind would immediately rebel.

And Chloe’s acting in that sneak peek was amazing. Her shock at finding Ward in the bed and not Lincoln, then her anger when she tried to quake him and finally her terror and helplessness when she realised not only did she not have her powers but that she would have to play along. Her discomfort and disgust every time he comes closer is palpable.

Also Brett Dalton, as Ward, he’s not being a jerk yet. He’s amused when she tries to quake him because he doesn’t know about her powers (obviously) and it makes no sense to him, except that it looks silly. He’s puzzled by her behaviour but doesn’t think too long on it. It is a little troubling that he doesn’t pick up on her discomfort but that’s probably for the best, we don’t him sniffing around and getting suspicious..

Anyway, that’s all I have for now, can’t wait for the episode to air! It has been too long!


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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4x16 “What If…” Season 4 Episode 16 Sneak Peek - Daisy is in shock when the man she shared a bed with turns out to be Grant Ward. See what other surprises await Daisy (or ‘Skye’ as Ward calls her).


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