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Honestly, all this pain comes back to one thing every time: we wouldn’t be constantly put through the wringer if Elizabeth and Iain weren’t arguably the best actors on this show. They are incredible and I love them to death and will forever shout for them to continue getting this much screen time, but at what cost. I feel guilty every time I say “this isn’t what I signed up for” after a strong emotional Fitzsimmons scene because deep down I know that is is also exactly what I signed up for haha


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He walked into the dimly lit room, where laughter and music filled the air. The feeling of uncertainty overwhelmed him immediately. Darcy wasn’t one who enjoyed to be surrounded by people he knew nothing about.

But as he took a glance around, his eyes fell upon your silhouette and just then, he fell at ease.

Every doubt, every worry had all washed away from just a glimpse of you smiling to your friend next to you.

It was strange for him to be so drawn to a woman he’s never met before. And in a way, it frightened him. More than the zombies that lurked around the outside.

“Come Darcy, we must make our acquaintance.” Mr. Bingley muttered.

Darcy snapped out of the trance and nodded, following close behind his friend.

As Bingley introduced himself to the Bennett’s, Darcy had no interest other than to seek you. He had watched you carefully, studied your face and even the curves of your silhouette. He was intrigued of the mystery you held and the radiance you gave off.

“And this is my friend, Mr. Darcy.”

Darcy snapped his gaze back, and cleared his throat. “Colonel Darcy.” He forced a smirked.

“And how is London Mr. Bingley? I hear the library is quite brilliant.” Elizabeth stated.

From the corner of Darcy’s eye, he noticed you walking out of the ballroom.

Elizabeth was able to read Darcy easily, she couldn’t help but chuckle. “That is Miss. Y/N Y/L/N.” She muttered, catching Darcy’s attention.


“The girl you are admiring from afar.” Lizzie chuckled. “Her name is Y/N. She’s quite a warrior, killed more zombies than my sisters and I.”

Darcy was taken aback by the statement. His eyes revering back to you. Though, you slipped out of his gaze in an instant.

“Excuse me.” He exhaled as he quickly bowed and started toward you.

You had your back against the cold wall, staring endlessly up at the night sky. The sound of footsteps nearing caught your attention. Slipping your knife out of the holder that wrapped around your thigh, you held it up, awaiting for whatever was to come close.

As Darcy slowly crept up, he was taken by surprise as you held the knife so close to his throat. “Who are you?” You hissed, pursing your lips.

His breath slightly shook in the back of his throat, as he gazed into your eyes. Noticing the way the moon contrasts them.

“Forgive me, I did not intend to frighten you.” He whispered.

You pushed the knife in, digging it in to his skin. Slightly breaking through. “You do not frighten me. But if you do not tell me who you are, I’m afraid I will have to behead you.”

His lip slightly twitched. “Darcy. Colonel Darcy.” He muttered.

The name rung a bell as you remembered your mother had expressed two very wealthy men were in town.

You removed the knife and quickly placed it back under your dress. Darcy not once taking his eyes off you. But the moment you lifted the fabric, exposing your skin, he felt himself rustle under his pants. “Excuse me.” He groaned.

Before you had a chance to even speak, Darcy walked passed you without hesitation.

You were left alone, confusion flooding you. It was quite strange to see such a man fluster and leave with such hurry.

You looked out from the balcony, watching him as he made his way down to fountain.

The light cold air, filled Darcy’s lungs. His mind raced with images of you. Your smile that captivated him. Your voice that made his heart feel as if it were about to jump out of his chest. Your eyes that almost made him forget there were zombies. And the way you handled yourself caused him to yearn for you, in a way he’s never felt before.

“There you are! Come, you must dance with me.” Elizabeth, one of your closest friends hooked her arm with yours.

You flashed a smile and nodded. You glanced back at Darcy for a moment, who had already been looking up at you.

“Y/N, let’s dance. The ball will be over soon!”

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do you have any book recs??

i have MANY

- all things cease to appear by elizabeth brundage
- my brilliant friend by elena ferrante (everything ferrante has ever done also)
- the last of her kind by sigrid nunez
- eileen by ottessa moshfegh
- NW by zadie smith
- the flamethrowers by rachel kushner 
- the hours by michael cunningham
- a manual for cleaning women by lucia berlin 
- moonglow by michael chabon
- the house of mirth by edith wharton
- the girls by emma cline
- to the lighthouse by virgina woolf
- the signature of all things by elizabeth gilbert 
- the last of her kind by sigrid nunez
- the flamethrowers by rachel kushner
-  the night circus by erin morgenstern 
- a streetcar named desire by tennessee williams 
- the gunslinger by stephen king
- it by stephen king
- mrs. dalloway by virginia woolf


eight judith light characters that I love

I’m geeking out all over the place, but I finally saw the Power Rangers 2017 movie and I loved it SOOOOO MUCH. It didn’t disappoint in the least!!! It exceeded my expectations. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are my childhood and this was one hell of a fun ride. I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in a long time. Now THIS is how you do a remake and origin story! HEART EYES

PS: my favorite Ranger in this movie is Billy. HE’S THE BEST OH GOD I LOVE THIS KID. 

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[Part 1] I don't think she's unhappy. Her love is so pure, strong and true that I don't feel she will ever regret it or feel unhappy about it. l don't even think she deserves better and I think she would be upset if someone told her that, I mean it's not even Ciel's fault that he is the way he is. He went through a lot and he's bond to a demon, how do you expect him to be? Also I think her sadness is caused more for knowing the truth about Sebastian then the 2CT.

[Part 2] If she really just found out that our!Ciel lied to her all along she could just go to him and ask for some explanation, I don’t think anyone would ever leave home for a lie, the normal reaction would be to ask for some explanation. Also when she said she can’t save Ciel I think she was reffering to Sebastian ^^ and even if she found out about the 2CT, I think she wouldn’t be THAT shocked ‘cause she’s not stupid, I think she was suspicious about his true identity even before.

You speak exactly my mind there. What a wonderful anon I have on my blog here, my my~ 

But you have stated my thoughts clearly. I too don’t think she would ever regret loving Ciel. Even if she found out about the contract or whatever the 2CT brings with it, she wouldn’t be unhappy. Upset, but not unhappy. She wouldn’t be. She is the light in this manga, she is happiness herself. I can see she is sad, but being sad is different from being unhappy, right? I get the feeling even if the world was going to pieces around Elizabeth she would be standing her ground. I picture her as a full-grown warrior. Sadness, danger, and difficulties won’t make her lose her way. No matter how hard things are, she will tackle them all with her endless love, hope, and belief. That’s why I asked to begin with. People say that Elizabeth would be unhappy with Ciel, that she deserves better, and should love herself more. 

But I say: She does love herself. She is insecure of her strengh because of Madame Red but I’ve also never seen Lizzy do anything she didn’t want to do. Apart from that one complex she has never held herself back, has she? And it is Ciel who’s making her love herself once more.

She does not deserve better. How could she deserve better than a boy who, despite everything that has happened to him, who despite having a heart of ice, melts it for her, plays along with her, and is instinctively willing to sacrifice his life for her? Yes, life with Ciel is hard. It can be very difficult and Elizabeth’s experiencing it right now: You can be upset because he is contracted to a demon, you can be upset beause he is not who he said he was… For most that would be too much to bear. But it isn’t for Lizzy. That bundle of sunshine is understanding, and caring, and to her this is something she can understand. I think Elizabeth is just too brilliant to let such a thing darken her heart. So that’s where I take that from. She is sad, confused, it’s hard for her, but she is facing it head-on. That’s why I think she isn’t unhappy. She fights for him with so much love, she couldn’t muster that if she was truely unhappy, right?

That is, of course, only my opinion. To me Elizabeth’s love shines too bright to think she was unhappy being with Ciel. To me it seems like her current state of depression is only another proof of how much she loves Ciel. She wouldn’t mind the situation if she didn’t care, after all.

Well, I’ll leave it to everyone to interpret her character as they wish. I sort of feel you and I might be in the minority, believing that she’s happy with him, anon. And that makes your ask  make me even happier~ I’m glad to have found someone who believes the same ting I do~ Thank you for dropping by, anon! Have a lovely day~

I read this over and I feel like I haven’t been able to explain things properly. Well, this is after all a very difficult to descibe emotion. It is based on the fact that is you have enough love you can love your pain and draw strengh and love from it. I think Elizabeth can do that. That’s why I think she’s not unhappy. 

Haha, I give up. I can’t explain it! ^^” Hope you caught my drift a little anyways. XD

So I know we all love the Darcy Lewis is Tony Stark’s Daughter trope. I am not innocent of this.

BUT consider a twist.

Tony thinks that Darcy is his daughter for all the usual reasons, right? So he has her DNA tested (secretly, of course) to confirm his suspicions.

And when JARVIS comes back with the results, he starts out by confirming that Darcy is related to Tony. He wasn’t imagining all those little things.

But Darcy isn’t his daughter. She’s his niece.

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get to know me → favorite movies: [1/5] pride & prejudice, 2005.

You must know… surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me… If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Pride and Prejudice

The book is nice, but this is not going to be a good review. Wrong expectations, I would say. This is not a story about love, instead it is a story about social awkwardness.

You hear so much about Mr Darcy being the perfect man, the perfect lover, the perfect perfection. He is not. He has no clue or, better said, he has some clues but he hates so much being around people that he does not know how to use them and gets manipulated.
On the other hand, there is Elizabeth. She is brilliant, smart, clever, she sees what is happening around her and she understands. But she is also the one full of prejudices towards the higher social class where Darcy is, and full of pride when it comes to accept what he does.
And when these two fall in love, accepting and confessing their feelings is all but simple and quickly done. Well, they need the whole book.

The book is well written. Assuming that you like descriptions of dancing evenings and ladies drama. Characters cover a full spectrum of behaviors, and their actions are always appropriate to who they are. And it shows how ladies can be both cold and opportunistic or sensible and crazy.

Verdict: a scented letter, but with bad grammar
A rose: the dad that just accepts all the shenaningans
A cactus: Darcy, please, grow a pair and act like a man

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