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Beyond jazzed I got the chance to create an illustration for ‘Two Scoops’, an ice cream shop dating sim. 💕🍨💕

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Elizabeth B.

Fingertips Between Us (Chapter 1)

Ta-da! It’s finally here! I’m sorry for such a long wait! First chapters in a story always take me a while >.< they do after all, set the stage for all the events coming forward! 

As always, please leave me asks about what you think when you’ve finished reading!

Something warm and wet presses against your forehead, and you crinkle your eyes in mock annoyance, a smile already forming on your face.

“Mmm…stop that.” You mumble, turning to the other side of the bed to escape whatever disturbed your sleep. Or, whoever.

Strong arms drape around your body, giving a sharp tug. You feel yourself roll back the other way, returning to the exact position you had just escaped from.

“Good morning my love.” A kiss to your nose.

You feel the weight of the ring on your finger shift as he plays with it absent mindedly.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” A kiss to your cheek.

You carefully peek one eye open, “Did you really wake me up just to tell me that?” Though you try your best to sound stern, even you hear the giggling tone in your voice.

“I need to go to work love.” A kiss to your other cheek.

You turn your head to look at the clock, was it that late already? Turning back you finally notice that Jumin isn’t in his sleeping attire, the fabric of the striped suit staring at you tauntingly.

“I’m sorry…I hadn’t meant to sleep in so late.” You mumble ashamed at how you had even slept through him getting ready.

A gentle hand sweeps over your hair lovingly, “You worked late last night. It’s alright.”  Jumin stands from the bed, your arms still thrown around his neck. Instead of detaching them Jumin opts to take you with him to the door, lifting you up from the bed, carrying you as he walked. Your legs wrap around him, and in the short 300 steps it takes to get to the front entrance you sprinkle kisses along his jaw and on his neck.

When he finally arrives at the door you step down sorrowfully, “Have a good day at work.”

You stand over him as he sits to put on his shoes, a frown on your face. Your hair is still disheveled from sleep, lips still swollen from last night’s kisses, your voice is husky, muscled and toned with half awakeness.

Jumin turns from his shoes to glance at you behind him. He lets out a small smile at the very displeased frown on your face. He stares at your messy hair and listens to your musky voice. You’re so beautiful. He always hated leaving you in the morning.

“Will you be home for dinner? You remember our plans right?” You grumble, knowing deep inside that you shouldn’t be acting like such a child. But you couldn’t help it, after all, life was so much better when you both were together.

Jumin tightens his left shoe and stands, turning to face you.

“Yes, yes.” He says dismissively.

There’s a large grin on his face. “I’m heading off now.”

You almost roll your eyes with amusement. Ever since you both had gotten engaged Jumin made it clear to you that he would not leave to work, or anywhere for that matter, without a goodbye kiss from you.

“My, what a doting husband I’m going to have.” You tease, taking steps towards him nonetheless.

“Mmmm, of course.” A kiss to your lips.

It takes you by surprise, “Weren’t you the one who insisted I be the one to kiss you?”

“Of course” He says teasingly, and you look down to discover his eyes closed slightly, his lips pouted out towards you expectantly.

With a mock sigh you move onto the tips of your toes, and press a kiss to his lips softly. A satisfied rumble escapes his chest and you almost let out a laugh at the thought that he resembled a large black cat purring.

Jumin can feel your smile on his lips, and a small growl slips through his mouth. He nips your bottom lip, as if asking how you could dare to think of other things. You pull away, cheeks flushed and your heart a flutter for more. Always more. Jumin’s thumb runs over your lip slowly, as if he were preparing himself to part with you for eternity.

“I’m going love.”

With a nod you smile at him, handing him his brief case and waving him goodbye out the door.

With a sigh you stared at the door. Honestly, it wasn’t like he would be gone forever. With a huff you rolled your eyes at your own clinginess.

Something soft and warm brushes in between your legs, and you look down with a smile.

“Good morning Elizabeth. You just missed your father.” You laugh, scooping her up into your arms. The cat begins to let out purrs instantly.

You laugh, “Like father like daughter.”

You spent the rest of the day tidying the house and baking sweets. Baking had always been your passion, and you thought that you were pretty good at it! You ran a small bakery, and even sold your goods online!

You set a small plate of lemon bars on the counter, saving them for Jumin before scooping Elizabeth the Third up and settling onto the couch to watch some tv.

Flickering through the channels you smiled as your phone chime went off.

Jumin : I miss you.

You: I miss you t-

“…Mr. Han! Please, tell us your thoughts on your son’s engagement!”

Those words catch your attention, and you stop mid text, your eyes returning to the tv screen. Elizabeth the Third meows loudly.

It was no secret to you that Mr. Han wasn’t fond of you. Jumin had taken you along to enough business parties for you to begin noticing Mr. Han’s annoyed glances towards. Or his refusal to speak to you. Mr. Han didn’t approve of you, but there was no way he would claim that you and Jumin weren’t engaged on national television was there?

Jumin and arguments with his father often about you. It always killed you to see Jumin argue with his father, knowing full well just how much Jumin respected him. In the end, the arguments were always one and the same. If you belonged in the Han family.  

“He isn’t a bad man MC.”

Jumin had once whispered those words into your ears. And though you wanted to believe him, how could you?

Your eyes refocused back to the images on the screen. Mr. Han’s stern face was masked in unamusement. And you fiddled with the engagement ring on your finger nervously. Next to you your phone begins to ring loudly. It’s Jumin. Ahhh…he must have realized that you’d be watching.

You pick up the call quietly, pressing the phone to your ear, knowing full well he’d just continue to call if you ignored him. Your eyes never leave the screen, and your heart begins to beat rapidly as you wait for Mr. Han to respond.

“Turn it off.” Jumin’s voice booms through the cell phone, angrily. Worridly.

“It’s alright.” You reassure him. “I just…want to see what he says for myself.”

You hear Jumin let out an exasperated sigh, “My love-”

“What engagement?”

Those words echo off the tv, and they cause your heart to stop in your chest.

On the screen Mr. Han stares directly into the camera, as if knowing that you would be watching.

“My son has no partner. My son is not engaged.” He states, his eyes never leaving the screen.

The reporter lets out an awkward laugh, “But sir, we have reports that Mr. Jumin has gotten engaged to MC. We even have reports that they live together.”

Mr. Han lets out a patient sigh. “ Simply puppy love. He’s just infatuated with the girl. He is my son after all.” He jokes, causing the sea of reporters around him to laugh as well.

Your lips tremble slightly as you turn off the tv. Rejected. Mr. Han just rejected your engagement to the whole wide world.

“MC.” Jumin’s voice calls out from the speaker, and you jump slightly, having forgotten that he was on the line. From the sound of his voice, you can tell that he too, watched the broadcast.

“I’m alright.” You state, lips trembling a little more, the diamond ring on your finger shining brightly at you.

“I’m alright.” You whisper again, covering your shaking lips as tears fall from your eyes. You refuse to let Jumin know that you’re crying.

Jumin’s soft curse under his breath lets you know that you’re failing at masking your voice.

“I’ll call him right now. I’ll make him announce our engagement. I’ll-”

“It’s okay Jumin.” You cut him off.

“Let him be, it’s alright. I’m alright.” You say gently.

The other side of the line grows quiet, and then finally, “I wish I were there to hold you.”

You let out a small laugh as a sniffle escapes you, “That would only spell trouble for Jaehee.”

“Doesn’t matter.” The smile in his voice makes your heart loosen slightly.

“Come home quickly, I miss you.” You say no longer caring just how needy you sound.

“I’ll try my love. After all, we do have very important guests coming later tonight.”

You smile at that, “You adore my younger sister way too much.”

Jumin lets out a deep chuckle, “And our niece is even cuter.”

You let out a content sigh as you examined the table spread you had set up. An elegant white table cloth clothed the smooth ebony table, held in place by a vase full of peonies (Easter egg! Go read peonies if you haven’t ^^) that you had placed as a centerpiece. White plates with gold spirals stood guard along the edge of the table, the gold matching the faint yellow of the napkins.

You smiled as your eyes drifted to the corner of the table. A child’s high chair stood right in between two dining ones, and you let out a laugh as you saw how out of place it was.


The sound of the doorbell draws your attention away from the table.

“Coming~” You say as you make your way towards the front door.

You swing the door open with a large smile on your face.

Your younger sister stands in the doorway, a similar smile on her face.

“Hey!” She greets cheerfully, and you quickly pull her into a hug before making way for her to enter the penthouse.

“Wow…’ She breaths as she enters. She sets the car seat in her hands gently on the floor, looking around the penthouse in wonder. “You know, I’ll never wrap my head around the fact that you live here.”

You laugh in answer, you attention solely on the angel strapped inside the car seat. You snap the handle back, and smile down at the little girl buckled inside.

“Hello Akari” You whisper quietly as you lift your niece out of the seat.

She giggles in your arms, blubbering when you rub your nose gently across hers.

“How old is she now?” You ask your sister, turning to face her as you place Akari on your hips.

“She’s about a year now.” Your sister answers, eyes bright as she watches the two of you.

The two of you play with Akari for a while, watching her explore the penthouse and babbling away.

The sound of the front door opening draws your attention away. Jumin’s home!

You snatch Akari up from the floor, ignoring your sister who laughs at you, as you make your way to welcome Jumin.

“Akari, look who’s ho-” You stop short as you look up from the baby in your arms.

Rigid eyes greet you. Slightly shorter. Slightly more grey hair. Mr. Han.

The smile falls off your face instantly.

“M-Mr. Han.” You stutter out, your mouth suddenly dry. Why was he here?

Mr. Han looks around the penthouse slowly, eyes stopping briefly to look at your sister, at Akari, and then finally, back on you.

“I see that Jumin isn’t home yet.” He states.

You nod quietly, giving a little jump as you reposition Akari.

“Ms. MC, my son tells me that you’re quite intelligent.” Mr. Han says.

You backtrack. What?

“He flatters me Mr. Han.” You reply curtly.

You finally move your eyes to his own, and you instantly regret your choice.

An ugly sneer replaces his emotionless face. “Yes, it would seem that my son does flatter you. A little too much. You would think that someone with intelligence would take the hint after watching today’s interview.”

His words pierce your heart. But Mr. Han isn’t finished.

“And would you look at this!” He exclaims, gesturing to your sister and Akari.

“I’ve read up on your family Ms. MC. Your sister got involved with a bad man. Not only did he swindle her of everything, he even left her with a child! I’m not sure how you tricked Jumin, but I can see right through you.”

You rush to explain, “No Mr. Han it isn’t like that, I promise you! Most of the debt is already paid, Jumin doesn’t even know anything about i-”

“I will never accept you as my daughter-in-law.”

Mr. Han’s words cut you off harshly. He glares at you from where he stands, until his eyes slowly fall onto Akari, as if remembering that an infant were present this whole time.

“I won’t ever accept you. You, or your future children.”

His words come out like venom. They poison the air and taint the feelings in your heart.

As if on queue, Akari begins to cry, loud wails echoing off the empty walls. Off of Mr.Han. Your heart wrenches in your chest. It’s almost as if Akari cries for you.

Instantly your sister rushes forward from off the couch to take her daughter and you let her, stuck frozen in place from Mr. Han’s words.  After a few moments Akari’s cries turn to sniffles, and Mr. Han clears his throat as he prepares to leave.

“Please don’t let this drag on Ms. MC.” He says, before shutting the door firmly behind him. Shutting the door, on you.  

Annnnnnnnnd that’s that! I swear it’ll get more interesting soon!!!! Like I said before, I’m simply setting the stage at the moment. 

As always, thank you all for your endless support, and look forward to chapter 2 ^^

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Hi!! I love your blog SO MUCH💕💕💕 I'm always re-reading the hc and i want to request a hc with rfa+v+Saeran where Mc doesnt mind thunder and lightning during the day but like gets very scared at nigh. I'm weird in that way so i want to know how they would react and comfort her!

Not weird at all! Hope you like these.


  • He cooked you dinner and invited you over to his house
  • When you got there, it was nice and sunny
  • But as time went…the sun went down…and it started raining really hard out of the blue
  • He steps out quickly to grab something from the convenience store across the street
  • That’s when the thunder and the lightning began
  • When he got back to his house, he noticed you were sitting stiffly on the couch and looked pale
  • He walks towards you slowly and asks if you’re okay
  • You try to pass it off as nothing, but thunder boomed and you jumped
  • You see a small smirk slip on his face “Are you…afraid of thunder?”
  • He won’t say it out loud, but he finds it kind of cute
  • He puts music on to try to block out the noise
  • He pulls you to your feet and starts dancing with you in the living room
  • You end up being so distracted, you don’t even notice the thunder and lightning anymore


  • You two were playing some games at his place
  • And suddenly the power went out
  • You two were confused until you see a flash of lightning and hear the thunder
  • He feels you clutch the back of his shirt tightly
  • He kind of gathers that you’re a bit afraid
  • He calmly stands with you and finds some flashlights
  • You feel a little better with the light…until the batteries die a few minutes later
  • He feels you tense up again and he hurries to light some candles
  • The dim light and having him so close is actually really nice…and comforting
  • He even presses a little kiss to your nose and you can feel butterflies in your stomach
  • “Actually…I think this is the most romantic thing we’ve done!”
  • He says before turning to grab something and tripping on air
  • His dignity is hurt, but it’s okay because you’re laughing


  • You guys were making some DIY things for the apartment
  • You lost track of time and before you know it, it’s nighttime
  • Then there’s the sound of thunder and the lights start flickering
  • Your first instinct is to grab Jaehee’s wrist
  • She grabs your arm and squeezes it reassuringly, and you let go
  • She calmly asks if you’d like some tea
  • She doesn’t even comment on how you’re shaky and a little jumpy
  • If you don’t want to talk about it, she doesn’t want to pry
  • She’ll just make sure you always have something to distract you when the thunder hits
  • Either by pushing food towards you, or making some random comment
  • It’s funny because as the storm continues, she’s running out of coments
  • “Oh! MC–er–look at the plate!”
  • It’s sweet though, so you try not to laugh
  • You feel so much calmer despite how long the storm goes


  • He had huge, open windows in the living room of his penthouse
  • It was the worst place to be if you were scared of lightning
  • It also happened to be where you were that evening
  • When the storm started, you tried not to be obvious
  • Jumin can sense you’re being tense out of nowhere
  • But he can’t seem to figure out why
  • Finally, he just asks you because you don’t really seem like you’re happy
  • You reluctantly admit that you’re a little shaken by the thunder and lightning
  • Thunder booms again, and you can hear Elizabeth hiss
  • Jumin scoops her up and closes the curtains
  • He places her on your lap and sits next to you with his arm around your shoulder
  • “She hates lightning storms too. You can keep each other company.”
  • You didn’t think it would work, but just petting Elizabeth and talking casually to Jumin made you forget all about the storm


  • You were in the car with him as he drove home from your date
  • It was drizzling when you left which was fine, but the rain got heavier as it got darker
  • You get a bit uneasy as it beats down against the windshield
  • But when the thunder and lightning strikes on the horizon, you’re clutching the edge of your seat tightly
  • It doesn’t help that you’re in the middle of nowhere, so your phones are radio weren’t getting a signal
  • You’re vaguely aware of Seven pulling over
  • He shifts himself to face you and gently takes your hands
  • He rubs your palms with his thumb and just reassures you until you stop shaking
  • After it all, he just pulls you into hug
  • You just smile, “Thanks for pulling over to comfort me, Seven.”
  • “Oh…of course. And, um, I don’t mean to worry you but we have a flat tire.”
  • Despite having to spend half the night in a car in the middle of a thunderstorm, you weren’t as traumatized as you thought you would’ve been as Seven made sure you smiled intermittently


  • He stopped by at your apartment one evening
  • You two were just enjoying some ice cream when it started raining
  • You didn’t mind it that much since the TV was pretty loud to cover up the initial thunder
  • But lightning struck a transformer nearby and the power went out
  • Soon after the thunder boomed again and you started, making your spoonful of ice cream fall into Saeran’s leg
  • He just kind of stares at it for a moment
  • “Are you scared of thunder?” He deadpans
  • You’re scrambling to wipe up the mess while explaining that you only get antsy when it’s at night
  • He cuts you off by kissing you on the mouth
  • When he pulls away, he acts like nothing ever happened
  • But he mumbles something about you holding his hand if you need to
  • For once in your life, you’re thankful for your fear


  • You’re at his apartment when the storm comes out of the blue
  • You jump as soon as the thunder starts, and he can already tell you’re frightened of it at night
  • But he tells you to wait on the couch and he fetches his camera
  • He points it out of the window and snaps a few pics
  • He returns to you on the couch, placing an arm around you to comfort you a little
  • He shows you the picture of the lightning and describes it with such beautiful words
  • His description pretty much coaxes you
  • You even manage to stand with him by the window and watch a few strikes of lightning before you can’t stand it anymore
  • After that, he makes some tea for the both of you and puts the music louder so you two can cuddle peacefully on the couch 

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Matt, there has been a lack of FitzSimmons lately on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Please tell me that the writers are planning for something for them.
I have to say, the forecast looks, ultimately, promising for the scientists-in-love. AIDA’s reveal as an LMD “will have some ripple effect, because he did that without her knowledge. So they’ll have to get over some hurdles,” co-showrunner Jed Whedon tells me. “But theirs is a forever love.” [x]

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Fingertips pls ☹️

Ask and you shall receive Anon-san! :3

Fingertips Between Us Chapter 2

You sat alone on the couch, your head in your hands as you buried yourself into your knees, not caring that your footprints would become visible on the couch. The lights were dimmed and the food on the table was chilled and untouched. After Mr. Han’s sudden intrusion you had sent your sister home, apologizing and reassuring her that you would be fine. The moment she left however, so did your smile that you had set perfectly in place.

You understood that Mr.Han was just looking out for Jumin. You desperately tried to justify his actions, to stop the black feelings in your heart from growing. It was like a dark haze that loomed over you, that taunted you and filled you with resentment. Mr. Han wouldn’t even give you a chance. He saw you as a distraction, as someone who would never be…useful.

Were wealth and status really everything? Were they really enough for Mr. Han to be able to denounce his future grandchildren, his own flesh and blood? You loved Jumin with all of your being, and you were ready to withstand anything for him…but could you bring a child into a world where it would only be loathed and hated?

To top everything off, in Mr. Han’s eyes, were you really that awful?

Your heart sinks even further as your thoughts circle in your mind over and over. You want to cry, you really really do.

But you can’t.

Elizabeth the Third rubs against you lovingly, sensing your mood. You let out a sniffle and a pitiful laugh.

“I can’t cry right Elizabeth? If I do, Jumin would notice right away.”

There was no way Jumin could find out that Mr. Han had come to see you. Seeing Jumin argue with his father…you had no desire to see that. Every time they fought over the topic of you, Jumin would return with a painful look in his eyes that he often tried to mask away from you. Mr. Han was all Jumin had, and you were the one who had opened his heart. Choosing between the two of you always hurt him. You could always tell.

You hear a key turning the bolt on the front door, and you jump, startled from the sudden noise in an empty room. Elizabeth the Third leaves your arms to go greet Jumin, however, you stay seated, composing yourself and setting the same smile you had earlier onto your face.

“Welcome home~” You call out happily, the -ome part of the word raising up a few octaves. You rubbed your nose on the inside of your shirt quickly, wincing when Jumin flickered the lights on.

“MC? Why’re you sitting in the dark? Where’s your sister and Akari?” Jumin asked, concern lingering in every syllable.

You let out a small laugh, “ I had a slight headache, so I sent them away. I’m sorry, I know you were looking forward to seeing them.”

Jumin takes a seat next to you, tipping your chin up with his fingers to examine your face. “You do seem a little pale. Are you alright my love? I’m sorry I got home so late, there was a situation at the office.”

He kisses your forehead, as if kissing your fake heachache away. Being with him was always so warm. It always made you feel so safe. As if you belonged here.

Belonging here…the thought makes tears prickle at the corner of your eyes and you engulf yourself into Jumin’s arms quickly in an attempt to hide them.

Jumin jolts a little, startled. “MC?” He asks quietly, raising an eyebrow at you.

You don’t lift your head from his chest, “I just missed you…”

You feel his chuckle rumble in his chest, and his arms wrap around you and begin to rub small circles into your back.

“I missed you too love. I thought of you every second.” He says, before going on to tell you about his day.

His day. Here you are, wrapped in his arms and his love as he tells you about his day. Jumin smells like fresh lemons and oranges, and as you listen to his soothing voice wash over you, your heart begins to break. How could you ever be apart from him? From this love? From your home?

Jumin stops mid sentence.

“MC…are you crying?” He asks softly, tilting his head down to peer at the top of your head.

Your tears have soaked into his shirt and you shake your head hurriedly.

“It’s nothing! I just…my head…just really hurts.” You lie, more tears spilling from your eyes.

Jumin pulls away from you, before cupping your face in his large hands. “Is that so? Shall we go to the hospital?” He asks worriedly, already rising from the couch.

“N-no! It’s alright! I just need to rest.” You insist, pulling on his arm to stop him from moving away further.

Jumin stays silent for a moment, staring down at you with his dark eyes. The silence continues, tears still in your eyes and him still standing. Jumin’s sigh of defeat breaks the silence, and he squats down to your height on the couch, looking into your eyes.

“Are you sure?” He asks, kissing the corner of your eyes, riding them of your tears.

You give a meek nod, and instantly let out a small shriek when you’re hoisted into the air.

:J-Jumin?” You ask, wiggling in his arms as he makes his way to the bedroom.

“You’re going to rest.” He states, eyes looking straight ahead.

“But I’m not tired.” You state confused, lips slightly pouty.

Jumin halts right when he reaches the bed. His eyes look down at your pouting lips, and he leans forward, nipping them before pulling them away.

He loosens his tie in with his hand as he pulls away, “Who said anything about sleeping? Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to make your headache disappear.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of a suitcase rolling along the floor. You opened your eyes lazily, your body slightly sore from last night’s activities.

A kiss to your lips.

“Good morning my love.” Jumin’s voice rumbles in your ear.

You sit up, holding the sheets against your chest to clothed your naked figure underneath.

“You’re going already?” You ask.

Jumin gives a nod before kissing you again, “We’ve talked about this many times love. This business trip will be brief, I promise. I told you last week didn’t I?” He whispers against your lips.

This time you lean forward slightly, biting his lower lip gently, drawing a growl from him. “I know, doesn’t mean I like it.” You huff pulling away.

Jumin laughs, taking your hands in his own. “I have to go, my flight leaves fairly soon. I’ll call you the moment I land.” He presses a kiss to your hand, and you wave goodbye as he grabs his suitcase and departs from the room.

You fall back into the bed with a huff. Alone for a week. Urgh.

After getting over yourself, you had gone to take a shower and made breakfast. You served Elizabeth the Third her breakfast, and had even logged into the messenger for a while. You glared at the empty living room of the penthouse. How boring.

Opening your phone once more you dialed you sister, wanting to make up for the drama that had happened last night.

Your call goes straight to voicemail. Weird. Your sister almost always answered your calls. You shrug it off, perhaps she was caught up in one of Akari’s messes again.

You smile softly at that thought.

Rising from the kitchen stool you stretch your back, laughing as you see Elizabeth do the same. It’s already noon, and Jumin has yet to call you. You stifle a yawn before scooping Elizabeth into your arms. Maybe a nap would help pass the time.

A loud blaring sound jolts you awake. When had you dozed off? You groan and turn to the source of the noise. Your cell phone. Your sister’s name flashes brightly across the screen.

You sit, flickering on the lamp by the bedside and looking at the clock. 5:45PM.

You swipe your finger across the screen, bringing it to your ear as you clear your throat.

“Hello?” Your voice comes out groggy.

There’s a cough on the other line. You can hear hecticness on the other line, shouting voices and frantic calls.

“Hello miss? Is this a MC, sister of (Insert name here)” (Names are hard okay)

You freeze. A male voice? Calling from your sister’s number? You feel unease rise to your chest, and you stand from the bed, Elizabeth the Third jumping off with you.

“Yes…I’m her sister. May I ask who’s calling?” You respond. The voice hesitates for a moment.

“Miss…I’m sorry to tell you this, but your sister has passed away.” (I’m sorry it’s cliche but it needs to happen)

Your heart stops cold. Passed away? That…that was impossible. She and Akari had just been here yesterday. There was no way.

“H-how?” You manage to choke out.

There’s sympathy in the man’s voice. “She was involved in an automobile accident. She was killed instantly. I’m sorry for your loss miss.”

Your world comes crashing down.  All you had left…gone. Tears began to stream down your face, and your sob into the phone, not caring if the man hears you. Your sister…you had promised to look after her. Promised to take care of her. And yet here you were.

The man is silent for a moment, before continuing, “Miss…your sister’s child, your niece. She’s still alive. We need you to come down to the hospital quickly.”

Those words stop your sobs instantly. Akari. Akari needed you!

“O-of course. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” You hang up the phone, rushing to the closet to tug on a coat.

Within moments you’re out the door, hair wild and cell phone pressed against your ear.

“Come on. Pick up Jumin!” You whisper as you bolt down the stairs.

The dial tone blasts into your ears.

You scramble to the front desk of the hospital.

“I’m MC, I got a call regarding my niece. Akari (insert last name here)!”

The nurse stares at you wide eyed, before nodding and picking up the phone sitting on her desk. She says some things you don’t quite understand before her eyes return back to your face.

“Miss I’ve told the doctor that you’ve arrived. Please, have a seat while you wait for him.” She tells you calmly.

With a defeated nod you return to the waiting room, settling down in a chair. You pull your cell phone out from your pocket. No missed calls. Not even a text message.

You dial Jumin’s number again once more, but instead of even ringing, it goes right to voicemail. What was he doing? Frantically you dial him again and again, tears budding at the corners of your eyes before falling onto your phone screen in large thick droplets. Where was he when you needed him?

“Miss MC?” A voice calls out to you.

Your head lifts immediately from your phone screen. A man in a lab coat looks down at you.

“Doctor?” You ask softly, and he gives you a nod.

“Your niece…her condition is not good.” He says calmly to you.

Your heart drops. No. This wasn’t possible. You couldn’t lose Akari too.

“What…what’s wrong?”

You hear him go over the injuries she sustained. But what he says next, stuns you.

“MC. As her mother has passed away, you are her legal guardian now. Akari will need an open heart surgery, but before we can proceed we need to go over some paperwork…as well as cost.”

You stare up at him. “How..how much?”

He looks down at you pitifully. “$800,000 dollars.”

800,000. Where were you going to come up with that much money? You could…you could ask Jumin. But then wouldn’t you be like every other woman that had entered his life?

What were you going to do? Akari’s life was in your hands! How were you going to get that much money in time? Your mind was working into overdrive as tried desperately to come up with an answer.

You could get a loan. But how would you be able to pay it off? You shook your head roughly. No. That didn’t matter right now. You could get a loan, work the rest of your life if you had to, as long as you could save Akari everything would-

“Perhaps I could offer you something.”

You snap your head up at the voice. What? Lifting your eyes from the floor, your heart stopped dead in its tracks.  

Ta-dah! Sorry its long haha 

outsideratc  asked:

HC about how Mystic Messenger members(+Searan if u can) would react to finding out the MC is cutting/self-harming hersef and how would they try to help her? :)

i know this is a sensitive topic, so proceed with caution!

-female MC

P.S. me and the RFA are here for anyone who might be dealing with something like this! fighting! <3

~headcanon requests closed for now~

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cyzuutan  asked:

hello~ i was wondering if maybe you could write a fic with jumin and mc who is afraid of cats.. but MC loves elizabeth of course its just she always gets nervous when she plays with her; like she's afraid of getting scratched or if they bite... and when she tries to pick her up and hold her, she's afraid of hurting them or something;v; im sorry if this is too long and thank you

This isn’t too long don’t worry, and I’m happy to do the request! Have a wonderful day! :)


You stood with Jumin in the living room of the penthouse, cheerfully talking. 

He spoke with a gentle voice, a sort of loving glimmer in his eyes. 

However, you began to notice a familiar shape approaching the two of you.

Elizabeth 3rd. 

It wasn’t that you didn’t adore Elizabeth, but it was just that you couldn’t help but be nervous. 

You were always just a bit uneasy that she would hurt you.

Moreso, that you would hurt her.

You always feared that you may, so you made sure to be extra delicate when petting her.

You hadn’t even tried to lift her up yet. 

So when Elizabeth began rubbing against you, vying for attention, you may have been a bit apprehensive. 

“I think she wants to say hello.” Jumin chuckled, kneeling down to stroke her fur. 

“Yeah…” You leaned towards her, lightly patting her. 

She purred as you showed her the attention, stretching against your legs. 

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say she likes you.” He grinned softly. “In fact, I think she wants you to hold her dear.” 

“Hold her…?” You furrowed your brow. “Are you sure? I don’t want to do something wrong.” 

“Would it help if I showed you?” 

You hesitantly nodded, a bit of embarrassment making its way on your expression. 

“If that’s okay…”

“Of course darling.” He replied, scooping up Elizabeth in his arms, one wound beneath her lower legs and the other pressed cautiously against her back. 

“Just like this, you see?” 

She let out a delighted mew, her tail flicking from side to side. 

It seemed simple enough. 

But what if you messed up?

Would she bite you? 

Would she scratch you?

How would Jumin react?

You could guess not very well.

But who it would be aimed at you weren’t entirely sure. 

“It’s not something to worry yourself over.” He reassured you. “It’ll be fine.”

“I don’t know…” You scrunched up your nose.  “W-What if I drop her o-or something?” 

“You’re going to be fine, I promise. I know you’ll do wonderfully.” He hummed, tenderness weaved in his words. “Would you be willing to try and hold her now?”

You thought for a moment, before giving a deep breath, nodding. “I think so.” 

He carefully handed you Elizabeth, watching as you quickly wound your arms around her as he had done. 

And it went just as he said. 

She lay comfortably as you held her, a joyful rumble erupting from your throat as she buried her head in the crook of your neck. 

You couldn’t tell if you were shocked or relieved.

Yet a smile still crawled to your lips nonetheless. 

“Just as I thought,” Jumin exclaimed, coming closer to place a tender kiss to your forehead. “You did excellently. It seems Elizabeth certainly believes so.” 

She was comfortable beyond belief, a tranquil glaze glossing her eyes. 

“Thank you.” You laughed. “I must’ve seemed so silly.”

“Nonsense, I think it was very cute.” He admitted. “It’s very endearing to see you doing your best with Elizabeth 3rd. I’m sure she appreciates it, as I do.” 

“Do you think she’d want to be set down now?” 

As though she understood you, she sank into your hold more, letting out another content meow. 

“I don’t think she’d be very happy about it. She seems to like you quite a bit” 

“I’m pretty sure she likes you more than me, though.” You tipped your head from side to side in consideration. “But maybe that’s why we both get along so well.” 

“What do you mean?” He raised a curious brow before you fondly pressed your lips against his. 

“We both love you very much.” 

gabbieconklin  asked:

Hi~ I was wondering if you could do MC babysitting a kid with the bæ (RFA guys and Jaehee ^_^) and the RFA's reaction to them being asked where babies come from. I have no idea how I thought of this. Please tho lol I can only imagine...

<ahhh this is a really really cute idea, honestly babies plus the RFA is just too much cuteness in itself. thank you for the request darling!!> 


  • “Wait we’re what?”
  • “We’re babysitting my little nephew!”
  • “I thought we were playing LOLOL!”
  • as soon as your little nephew came through the door you could barely get your hands on him, all he wanted was Yoosung
  • Yoosung turned red, but always included you in whatever the two of them were doing
  • it was about time for you three to wind down, your nephew was spending the night so you decided to watch a movie
  • “Hey, Uncle Yoosung?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Where do babies come from?”
  • he turned red real quick
  • “W-Well, uh, b-babies they come from…the stork. Yeah, the stork!”
  • he was so proud with pulling that one out of no where
  • you laughed as Yoosung told your nephew “the story of the stork”, ending up with the two of them passing out
  • you definitely took photos of them and sent them to the RFA

Jaehee Kang:

  • “A tiny child? Here? Now?”
  • “Yes, Jaehee, my mom’s dropping off my little 5 year old sister.”
  • “I need to baby proof this place!”
  • after 5 hours of baby proofing, your little sister came over and fell in love with Jaehee
  • “Hands off her, girlie, Auntie Jaehee’s all mine!”
  • Jaehee swore she melted once you called her Auntie Jaehee (even tho she wasn’t your sisters aunt just roll with it okay its supposed to be cute!!)
  • at the end of the day, Jaehee sat with your sister on her lap, as she asked her questions about life
  • “Hey, Auntie Jaehee, where do babies come from?”
  • “…oh dear lord Jesus.”
  • you heard her mutter prayers as you laughed from the other room
  • “You’re too young to know that, little lady, but you’ll learn one day.”
  • from then on, whenever your sister saw Jaehee she asked if she was old enough to know where babies came from, and Jaehee always told her no


  • “You want me, to help you babysit your niece?” 
  • “Yes!”
  • “I’m not good with kids!”
  • “You’ll be fine!!”
  • next thing you know, your niece showed up, and was very shy of Zen at first
  • “Aunt MC, that guy over there’s really cute…”
  • “Yeah, I know, and that guy over there is Uncle Zen, why don’t you go talk with him and I’ll get the three of us a snack, alright?”
  • she slowly nodded her head as she shyly made her way to Zen
  • when you came back with some pretzel sticks, grapes, and juice pouches you saw Zen singing along to her favorite cartoon show as she sloppily braided his hair
  • as she got more comfortable, she began asking questions
  • “Uncle Zen, where do babies come from?” 
  • “Oh boy..uh, babies come from the heavens. They’re a gift from god!” 
  • You could see Zen sweating as he tried to explain that god just made women pregnant and that’s how babies were born
  • she said she understood and believed him, she didn’t cause she asked you privately 5 minutes later if what Zen said was true
  • “Of course it is, Uncle Zen speaks only the truth, you know!”

Jumin Han:

  • “Will this child abuse my Elizabeth?”
  • “Jumin!”
  • “What? It’s a valid question!”
  • when your best friend dropped off her son, Jumin scooped up Elizabeth and put her into her cage
  • “I’m sorry princess, it won’t be long.”
  • your best friend’s son tried so hard to talk to Jumin, but he was so out of his norm he didn’t know what to do
  • once you left for a bit to go to the bathroom, you came back to Jumin finally sitting on the ground with the boy, playing legos with him while talking with him
  • “Hey, Uncle Jumin?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Where do babies come from?”
  • he instantly turned pale, eyes nearly coming out of his sockets before you started giggling, causing him to clear his throat and roll up his sleeves
  • “You know, babies come from the baby factory..”
  • you literally laughed, really Jumin…a baby factory
  • the little boy was intrigued, causing Jumin to pull an entire elaborate story about how babies are made in factories before being given to a mommy and a daddy to take care of
  • once your best friend came and picked up her son, you began to laugh
  • “That’s the first time I ever heard of a baby factory, darling.”
  • “Well..maybe we should stop by the place sometime? I’m sure they’ve got something special for the two of us..”


  • “You’re trusting me to help you watch your little niece?”
  • “Uh, yeah. You seem like you’d be good with kids, since you practically act like one every day.”
  • “HEY-then again that’s true..”
  • the instant your niece walked in, Seven took her from your hands and she fell in love with him
  • “Auntie MC, can I marry Uncle Seven?~”
  • “Sorry darling but he’s already taken, you can’t have him.”
  • after throwing a temper tantrum since she couldn’t have Seven, you calmed her down by putting on one of her favorite movies, then let her use your makeup on Seven
  • “Hey Uncle Seven?”
  • “Yeah sweetheart?”
  • “Where do babies come from?”
  • “You’re way too young to know that honey.”
  • “But Uncle Sev-”
  • “Nope, you’re too young!”
  • you laughed, telling her that once she was old enough he’d tell her
  • “You know what? No, I’ll tell you now.”
  • you panicked, seeing the smirk on his face
  • “When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much-”
  • “They hold hands, kiss, and bam! There’s a baby!!” 
  • you interjected, making Seven laugh before he gave you a kiss
  • when you let go, you looked at your niece who’s in shock
  • you groaned, as Seven laughed
  • “Yes, but now it takes 9 months before the baby arrives, you can’t use Amazon Prime on this delivery.” 
  • ..and that’s how your niece basically made you and Seven start a family.

<gahh this one was so super cute to do! I loved it, and honestly seven’s was my favorite HAH! thank you for the request, darling! hope you enjoyed!♡>

foogooberries  asked:

Hey, would it be okay if you wrote a diddly about mc being terrified of thunderstorms and hoe the rfa+unknown would handle it? Thanks, and your writing is incredible💕

This took me longer than I’d like to admit.

-Mod T


The moment he walks into your shared apartment he knows something is wrong. Normally you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner, or curled up on the couch with a nice book. You always greet him when he walks in, your eyes crinkling with a smile as you’ll run to give him a hug.

Today the lights are off.

Yoosung feels a twist in his gut thinking through all the possibilities, memories of a hacker and searing pain in his eye flash through his mind. He checks the light switches as he sets his bag down by the door, and sighs when the lights don’t so much as flicker when he pushes the switch up. He pulls out his phone and dials your number, glad you’re on speed dial even though he’s sure he has it memorized by now. He hears it ring once, twice, and he prays that you’re alright, that you’re safe.

He’s surprised when he hears your ringtone go off, the LOLOL theme he downloaded for you surprisingly loud in the stillness of the apartment. He makes his way down the hall, footsteps light, keeping the phone close to his ear in case you pick up.

A flash of lightning illuminates the room just as your figure runs toward him, and Yoosung only has a moment to open his arms before you’re colliding into him, knocking his body back a few steps with the force. His arms automatically wrap around you, picking you up only to balance your feet over his own.  He answers your questioning gaze with a grin, ignoring your tear stained cheeks for the time being as he lifts his feet up- bringing your own with them.

It isn’t easy, walking backwards with the added weight of your own feet on top of his, but somehow Yoosung manages to backtrack to the hallway, bringing your still shaking frame with him. When he reaches the door he grabs his bag from the ground, grabbing his headphones from a pocket with a grin. He holds them out for you, and you place them in your ears obediently; the music comes a minute later, after Yoosung finishes fiddling with his phone. It’s not loud enough to drown out the sound of thunder, but it softens it to the point where you can bear it.

Yoosung grins and begins walking you back and forth, keeping his arms wrapped around you as you listen to the music flooding through the earphones and feel yourself drift off to sleep.


He’s just finishing rehearsals when he sees that he has over twenty missed calls from you. He doesn’t bother listening to the voice mails as he calls you back, and  with every ring that passes the grip on his cell phone tightens.

“Zen…?” Your voice is shaky and rough and he feels a wave of guilt pass over him; you’ve been crying.

“Babe what’s going on? What happened?”

“Oh no, I worried you didn’t I? I’m sorry Zen I-” he hears the crash of thunder in the background, and winces when he hears the yelp that follows from you, “They said it was only supposed to be a light shower so I didn’t want to worry you.

I knew you were working, and I know you keep your phone on silent- but I just wanted to hear your voice, and listening to your voicemail was the best I could do”

“You wanted to hear my voice?” his heart is soaring, knowing you’re not in immediate danger lifting a weight from his chest. So you weren’t calling to tell him what a horrible boyfriend he was. “Did it keep the thunder at bay, love? Nothing bad can happen when your prince charming speaks.”

“You can’t see my face but I’m cringing.” he laughs at your deadpan response and his grin only widens when he hears your own giggle through the line, “When I talk to you, even like this, it makes the sound of thunder bearable.”

“Should I come home and help drown out the thunder then?”  You sputter and Zen knows your cheeks are heating up in that way he just finds too adorable.

“Just get home safe,” is your response and Zen gives a mock salute even though you can’t see him.

“Anything for my princess.”

“Such a dork.”


“Jaehee…?” you keep your voice quiet, not wanting to wake her in case she’s asleep. She hums in response as she rolls over just as a crash of thunder strikes outside, and you yelp as your eyes squeeze closed.

You half expect Jaehee to question you, to ask you what’s wrong, but instead she simply tugs you toward her, resting her chin atop your head. Her hands trail down your back, rubbing gently against the worn cotton material of your shirt with her nails. Your eyes close as you feel the warmth radiating off of her body, and the smell of coffee beans and the new floral shampoo you bought her, and a scent entirely Jaehee fills your senses.

Then she begins humming.

It isn’t strong or particularly loud; a soft tune, something you recognize from one of Zen’s musicals. Jaehee’s voice is sweet as she continues to move her hands along your back, and it almost makes you want to keep your eyelids open when they begin to droop closed.

“Jaehee…” you mumble sleepily, and she pauses her tune only for a moment to hush you before she continues.

You can feel her smile as she presses a kiss to the crown of your head.


You’re about to leave Jumin’s penthouse for the night when it happens; you slip your shoes on right when the first bolt of lightning strikes outside the large glass windows. Your body freezes, mind filling with dread at the thought of driving home in this weather.

Jumin must sense your distress; he places a hand on your arm and you jump at the sudden contact, which only seems to worry him further. His brows are furrowed, eyes unmoving as he studies your panicked expression; he’s told you before he’s no mind reader, he needs you to tell him when something’s wrong or he won’t get it.

So you make eye contact with him and smile sheepishly as his hand moves down to grip your hand instead, fingers lacing together. You take a breath to steady your voice before you speak, not wanting to cause Jumin too much anxiety.

“I’m sorry, I’m…well I get frightened when there’s thunder.” You know better than to get nervous when telling Jumin anything personal, he’s told you time and time he loves everything about you, including your faults, but saying this out loud seems…childish.

But Jumin doesn’t laugh, or give you the stare he preserves for when you’re acting ridiculous; if anything he looks more concerned than before, and he’s giving you that look, his overprotective stare, which normally means he’s about to do something that more often than not involves copious amounts of money. So before he has time to call someone, probably Jaehee, at this time of night you’re wrapping your arms around his back.

“Can you just, hold me, Jumin?” You ask quietly, knowing full well he can’t refuse a request from you.  He presses a kiss to the crown of your head before he’s lifting you up into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist and your arms locking around his  neck.

His kisses move to your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, but they never change from sweet and comforting as he walks you both to his bedroom. When he sits you on his bed and you instinctively slip under the covers. Jumin is just about to join you when you both pause at the distinctive meow at the foot of the bed.

He smiles, one of those rare bright, almost grins, and he leans over to scoop Elizabeth 3rd off the floor and placing her on the bed. The cat immediately moves for you, brushing her silky fur against your cheek as she curls up beside you and begins to purr.

You don’t even notice when Jumin curses out of frustration for not being able to take an unblurred photo, already half asleep.

Seven (Spoilers for Seven’s real name)

You would think living in a bunker would muffle the sound of the storm raging outside.

You were wrong. Very very wrong.


“Hm?” his fingers don’t stop moving, and his eyes remained glued to his computer screen; even though the freelancing jobs he’s picked up aren’t as dangerous as the agency work, Saeyoung still spends so much time in front of a screen.

You open your mouth to speak but another burst of thunder breaks through your thoughts, a squeak escaping your lips as you jump. Saeyoung stops typing as he swivels his computer chair around, his eyebrows raising in concern as you stand shaking in the doorway.

“H-Hey what happened?” He’s out of his chair before you can open your mouth, his arms wrapping around your waist as he pulls you toward him. You relax in his arms as he rubs circles along your back, the thunder momentarily forgotten in the hazy scent of honey budha chips, phd pepper, and home that is so uniquely Saeyoung. Your arms wrap around his neck as you rest your cheek on his shoulder, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

“Can’t sleep, thunder.” Is all you have to say and Saeyoung is smiling into your hair, his arms tightening as he pulls you up into his arms and walks backwards towards his computer. He sits down with you straddling his lap and begins typing again, and the tap of keys is oddly comforting as you focus on just breathing against Saeyoung’s neck.

“After I finish this, we can build a blanket fort,” he whispers, already knowing your eyes must be drooping, “I won’t let anything bad happen to you, not while God Seven is here to protect you.”

You hum in content, and drift off to the sound of Saeyoung’s fingers gliding over his keyboard.

Unknown (Spoilers for Seven’s route and name)

“The flood watch will likely remain until morning; people are advised to stay indoors until further notice.”

God, Saeran wants to hit something. Or someone. His brother is looking more and more like a suitable punching bag with every moment that passes.

You were supposed to be back an hour ago, having left to pick up the takeout you ordered, as Saeyoung seemed to think he could survive on nothing but honey budha chips the rest of his life. You told him you would be right back, and he wasn’t about to lose another important person this way.

So ignoring Saeyoung as he types away at his computer, hacking into street cameras and store security feeds to find you, Saeran moves to grab a coat by the front door. It’s easy to slip out undetected, Saeyoung is far too focused on the monitor in front of him, and he’s never been much of a multi-tasker.

The rain is pounding outside, and Saeran leaves the gate open slightly as he leaves because there’s no way he’s going to say ‘Saeyoung is the best big brother in the world’ in Arabic when the two of you return.

He calls your cellphone again only to groan in frustration as it goes to voicemail once again; you were normally so careful with your phone, what could have happened? Saeran feels a twist in his gut at the thought of harm coming to you, and his overactive imagination conjured up thousands of situations.

Saeyoung notices he’s gone after ten minutes; the annoying spaceship tone making his phone spring to life and Saeran sighs as he pulls it out. His brother no doubt just waiting to tell him off for leaving without saying anything

“I couldn’t just sit and wait around for you to-”

“I found her.” Something in his twin’s voice makes Saeran freeze up, it’s not reassuring or happy, it’s worried.

“Where is she?”

You’re so cold, and you don’t know how long you’ve been sitting here. You know the twins will be worried about you, you know if Saeran were here he’d call you an idiot for not thinking rationally, but your body won’t move no matter how much you tell it to.

And each time you think you’ve made progress in moving from your crouching position another crash of thunder echoes and you’re back to curling in a protective ball, hands over your ears as you try to block out the sound.

You don’t hear when Saeran shouts your name, and you barely feel the warmth that he radiates when grabs your hands away from your ears.

“-at the fuck were you thinking, I knew you were stupid but I didn’t think you would be this big of an idiot!” You knew he would be mad, but his eyes are almost wild as he meets your teary ones.

“Saeran…” you whimper as bolt of lightning strikes through the sky, bracing yourself for the following boom, but Saeran’s grip on your hands only tightens as he keeps you from curling in on yourself again.

“No!” He begins, and you realize with a jolt that his voice is quivering as he speaks, that his hands, as warm as they are, are shaking almost as much as your own.  “Did you realize how worried I was about you? How many things I thought might have happened to you?”

He pulls you forward into a hug, his hands gripping you almost too tightly, but you decide that his presence is enough to ground you in the moment where your fears have taken control. His breath is shaky against your hair as he just squeezes your body to his own.

He ends up giving you a piggyback ride to the bunker, your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms hanging loosely around his neck. He doesn’t speak, but every time you hear thunder his grip tightens just a little bit against your thighs, keeping you from panicking.

“So what happened to your phone?”

“Dropped it in a puddle.”


“I forgot to get the takeout,” you mumble against his back, and for the first time that night you hear him snort in laughter.

“One more night of chips won’t kill us.”

The Carters

A million years ago, I wrote an AU Sam/Jack fic for SG-1 called String Theory. When I finished it, I had every intention in the world of writing this really awesome, involved sequel. Of which I have about 15,000 words. And clearly I have never finished it. But I promised some people I would at least share the bits that are readable. It’s sad, but it’s time to release these poor words out into the world. Ficamnesty. I suppose this will probably make no sense without being familiar with String Theory.

Someone is poking Sam’s shoulder. And in the exact spot that sends an annoying twinge down her whole arm. She slaps wildly at the intrusion, feeling a smug sense of accomplishment when her hand connects solidly with flesh.

She’s not really a morning person.

Now her tormentor is calling her name in a low, singsong manner, perfectly calculated to drive her insane.

“So help me, Jack O’Neill, if it is before eight am, I will not lift a finger the next time you get a chip in your brain.”

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anonymous asked:

what is your ideal Phantom/Christine/Raoul? not like which actor, but what makes up the traits of the perfect one of each?

Hmm… do you mind if I try and answer this by picking out favorite bits from favorite actors? That’s sort of what I’m getting out of your question. In which case:


  • Take a nice helping of Hugh Panaro’s voice
  • With a sizeable portion of Gary Mauer’s voice
  • A bit of Alexander Goebel’s haunting eerieness
  • With some of Yoon Young Seok’s emotive abilities
  • And Jonathan Roxmouth’s trained but rock-ish quality, and mold the Phantom into his likeness
  • A good heap of Earl Carpenter’s vulnerability
  • A pinch of Ethan Freeman’s Leroux accuracy
  • Some small doses of Flemming Enevold’s mannerisms
  • Sprinkle with a little of John Cudia’s rage tendencies
  • And simmer with Ian Jon Bourg’s overall consistency and tendency to just better and better with age
  • Bake for a couple of weeks, let settle, and serve to audience


  • Start with Gina Beck’s looks and detailed acting
  • Add Anna O'Byrne’s distressed, Leroux-accurate tendencies
  • With a mix of Rebecca Caine and Elisabeth Berg’s voices
  • A good heaping of Jennifer Hope Wills’s active Christine
  • A nice dollop of Elizabeth Welch’s sunshine expressions
  • A pinch of Inneke van Klinken’s complexity
  • With another pinch of Julie Hanson’s child-like naivete
  • And a nice big scooping of Elizabeth Southard’s sympathy
  • A teeny bit of Sarah Brightman’s old school acting and her dancing skills
  • Mix and serve to audience


  • Kidnap Sean MacLaughlin
  • Imbibe him with Michael Shawn Lewis’s adorableness
  • Add some of John Cudia’s nobility
  • And Alexander Lewis’s grounded qualities
  • With the superhero touches of Tomas Ambt Kofod
  • Serve to audience and watch the Raoul-haters disappear

M.M. One Shot #6 - Jumin Han; Happy Birthday, Baby!!

You finished putting up the finishing touches on yours and Jumin’s home. Streamers lined the halls, balloons at the entrance, and a large happy birthday sign in the living room. You bent over and placed a tiny party hat on top of Elizabeth the 3rd’s head before putting one on yourself.
The RFA had already thrown Jumin a small birthday party during the day, but you wanted to make an extravagant one for just the two of you. You had his favorite dinner planned out, along with his favorite dessert and wine all ready for him to come home and find.

“Daddy’s gonna love this, isn’t he Elizabeth?~” You purred, petting the cat. You heard the front door open, so you scooped Elizabeth up in your arms and ran to the front door.

“(Name), what all of this? We already celebrated my birthday.” He asked, a puzzled expression painted across his face.

“Well, little Lizabeth wanted to do a little private birthday party with just her, Mommy, and Daddy, didn’t she?~” You said, petting Elizabeth under the chin so she’d purr. Jumin smiled, placing down his brief case that he always took with him, walking over to you to put his hands on your hips and hold you close.

“What’s with the hats? You’re both too adorable.” He smiled, placing a kiss on the top of your head. A blush spread across your cheeks, as you looked up to him.

“I had them custom-made for the two of us, come on yours is on the dining room table!” He smiled, watching you excitedly walk down the hallway. That’s the girl I married, he thought, that’s the girl I fell in love with.

“Juju come on! Dinner’s already prepared and I’ve got your favorite wine!!” You said, pointing to the table. He walked over and still sat you first, being the gentleman that he is, and then sat himself. You made small talk during the entire meal, he secretly snapped a photo of you that didn’t look that bad, of which he decided that would be his new phone background. After you both finished the full meal, dessert included, you headed into the living room, where he and you both cuddled all night. You began to get a little sweaty, you were nervous about what you were about to give him.

“Are you alright, (Name)? You look flustered.” Jumin said, a confused look on his face.

“Yeah, I just have something I want to give you. One second.” You walked out of the room to pick of a wrapped box you had ready since last week. Here goes nothing, you thought. You walked back out, seeing Jumin peacefully petting Elizabeth, his glass of wine in his hand.

“Here you are, darling.” You handed him the box, as he straightened himself out. As he slowly opened it, you could feel your heart pound faster and faster. He pulled out a tiny photo, and a stick. His eyes got wide, happiness fueling the light behind his eyes, something you haven’t seen since your wedding day.
“Does this mean you’re…we’re….” He said, not being able to put the words in the right order.

“Yes, Jumin, we’re pregnant.” You smiled, as he engulfed you in a hug. Let’s just say that this birthday was his all time favorite for a long time.


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Big Trip

Santana made a face down toward Elizabeth before scooping her up into her arms. The little girl smiled widely and giggled some as she wrapped her hand around part of her shirt. She shifted her a little bit in her arms, careful of her head still as she grabbed her bottle to feed her. “I’m starting to get nervous about this trip.” She glanced toward her wife. “It’s going to take us a few days to get out there. And I’m going to miss this little one so much.” Her attention went back toward Elizabeth then as she watched the girl suck on the bottle.