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Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her family Spam [22/50]

Very few dresses of Elizabeth has been preserved.  This dress isn’t shown to the public for reasons of conservation, however a copy was made ​​for the Sisi Museum of Vienna. She wore this gown at her farewell to Bavaria, April 20, 1854. Dress and shawl were entrusted to the Institute of Arabic Language at the University of Vienna. It is in fact a « Tugra » an ancient seal of Sultan which translates: « Oh Lord, what a beautiful dream ». Surely it was bring back from one of the numerous journeys of Duke Max, Elisabeth’s father.


Get to Know me Meme, Royalist Edition

[7/7] Royal Dresses/Gowns - Empress Elisabeth’s Hungarian Coronation Gown

This gown was worn by Elisabeth of Bavaria, popularly known as Sissi/Sisi, to the coronation of herself and her husband, Franz Joseph, as King and Queen of Hungary in June of 1867. The bodice of the gown resembles a laced vest, and this is a traditional part of Hungarian costume. The “laces” on the front of the bodice are actually ropes of pearls. The bodice is trimmed with lace and the lace also goes down the front of the skirt and down to the train. A replica of the gown, shown in the top picture above, is currently on display at the Hofburg Palace.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her family Spam [28/50]

In 1858 Sisi fulfilled her most important duty as Empress: after two daughters, Sophie and Gisela, she gave birth to the longed-for Crown Prince Rudolf. All three children were taken from the supervision of her mother and given into the care of Archduchess Sophie, who wanted to give them an adequate educational background. But Sisi’s relationship with her mother-in-law thereby deteriorated noticeably. And all her life she had complicated relationships with Gisela and Rudolf.


Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her family Spam [8/50]

Helene “Néné”, Elisabeth “Sisi” some say it is not Sisi but Mathilde, Sophie Charlotte “Sopherl”, Maximilian Emanuel “Mapperl” and Ludwig Viktor “Louis” at Possenhofen.

“Based on the letters written during their engagement and marriage (cited extensively in the memoirs of their daughter, Marie-José) the young couple appear to have been deeply in love. The letters express a deep mutual affection based on a rare affinity of spirit.[3] They also make clear that Albert and Elisabeth continually supported and encouraged each other in their challenging and difficult roles as king and queen. The spouses shared an intense commitment to their country and family and a keen interest in human progress of all kinds. Together, they cultivated the friendship of prominent scientists, artists, mathematicians, musicians, and philosophers, turning their court at Laeken into a kind of cultural salon”

King Albert and Queen Elizabeth were literally the best monarchs. Like seriously they actually really cared about their country(and Elizabeth’s adoptive country) rather than just took advantage of their situation as monarchs. Both of them visited the front lines during WW1 while Albert fought and Elizabeth sponsored a nursing unit. Albert also brought about Universal Sufferage in Belgium and also was more concerned about the wellbeing of other countries along with his own to the point where he “ strongly advised against a harsh, punitive treaty against Germany that would eventually provoke German revenge” after options to use German funding to restore Belgium after the war were poke about at the Paris Peace Conference.