elizabeth macleod

So this show is kind of old but it’s one of my absolute favorites, it ran from 1992-1998 and was an urban fantasy series based off of the 80′s movie of the same name staring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery with the same premise but ignored the movie’s ending and continued on as though Conor (Lambert) had not won the game. Anyone who’s seen the movie knows it’s about an immortal Scotsman who fights other immortals in a quest to win a mystical “game” of beheading. The show was about another Scotsman from the same clan but a few generations younger named Duncan MacLeod (played by Adrian Paul). The opening theme is Queen and while the show feels very 90′s it holds up exceptionally well. Generally each episode deals with Duncan fighting another immortal and is punctuated with flashbacks to Duncan’s past. The show was very popular at the time and had several fun side characters including Richie, a novice immortal, Joe: a mortal who belongs to a secret organization of Watchers who monitor and record the histories of immortals, Amanda: a fantastically witty and stylish immortal thief,  Methos: the oldest immortal alive who primarily offers jaded commentary and sarcastic remarks and others including a penitent priest named Darius, a pompous and lively immortal named Hugh FitzCairn played by Roger Daltrey of the rock band The Who and many others. Often the show dealt with moral issues and social problems but did so without being preachy, the characters were complex and well acted and while at times it is very 90′s feeling I would recommend it to anyone in a  heartbeat.  It was funny and poignant when it needed to be and had a wonderful cast and many fantastic stories. If you’re ever in need of a good show to watch and you like fantasy shows give this one a try!