Tom Keen, doing whatever it takes to bring his family back together.
  • Alexander Kirk:Who is this?
  • Tom:that doesn't matter. You have a little girl, and her mother. I am coming for them, and not just army. You hear me? An army is coming for you.
Episode 03 x 18 - Lizzington and Epic Reunion Coming Up

This was indeed a heart-breaking episode but keep the faith! I think Lizzie’s death was a fake one.  And I will get into that as we go along. There was lots of Lizzington here too, more than ever. And we definitely want to go into that too. Well maybe well start with that first.

Okay so Lizzie was extremely bitchy at Red throughout most of this episode. She was definitely blaming him for all her problems. People take stuff out on the ones they love the most and that is what Lizzie was doing. The worst part was when she told Red to get out and leave. He was so hurt. And he started to leave - but that’s when she started to crash. He peeks in to the ER room and she beckons him to her. She grabs his hand and apologizes for kicking him out. 

She knows he was only doing what was best for her.  And he wouldn’t hear of it. He tells her it’s the children whom the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.. She said she didn’t want her daughter to experience that. He said he was talking about her.

And now comes the most incredible thing. She calls him Raymond. She has never, ever done that before. Raymond is so much more intimate than “Red”. And she tells him “I do love….” and then passes out.  

Here is what one of the Blacklist Writers said on this line

Lizzie told Raymond she loved him. She said it first, not him. That was incredible. His initial reaction was one of hope. He had longed for her to say that to him.  

He then sets her hand down and gives her one final look.

While we are here let’s put DaddyGate to bed forever. Producer Kat Goodson re-tweeted this gem originally tweeted out by Daniel Cerone who wrote this episode.

Also this one. Paternal love does not have a “worth it” component

Back to the story. The final scene in the ambulance killed me. Red begging Lizzie not to die.

And Red kissing Lizzie in the ambulance was one of the most loving and intimate things I have seen. First her hands:

And then her face:

Poor Red at the end can not even stand and collapses into the car. He totally broke my heart. 

But this is not the end, just can’t be.

“There was a woman I loved. She was my life” Red in Global Promo for next week.

Moving on to why I don’t think Lizzie died. It all revolves around Mr. Kaplan.

Mr. Kaplan is forming a plan. So she speaks with Nick and says “It’s a risk to all of us, but it’s possible, right?” Then Red walks in asks “What is possible?” and Nick changes the subject to talk about Lizzie’s placental abruption  - which is only a risk to her, not “all”.

Then later Mr. Kaplan interrupts Red who was taking his frustrations out on Dembe: “Stop it Raymond… she’s been telling you for months that you’re a danger to her baby. This is on you, Raymond, nobody else. You were wrong to make her believe you could keep her safe. You made us all believe”.  

This was key. Mr. Kaplan at this point is determined to take matters into her own hands. She and Red are super close and she knows she has to do whatever she has to keep Lizzie safe - because Red couldn’t do it. His connection and emotions with Lizzie are too strong.  And at this point she knows she has to hurt Red to do it. But she will take this burden.

I believe one reason Mr. Kaplan was crying as Lizzie was giving birth is she knew she was going to have to hurt Red and she also knew she had to separate Lizzie and the baby.

When Red asks Lizzie to see the baby, she gets mad and kicks him out.  Mr. Kaplan asks Red to leave and says she wants to talk to Lizzie privately. She speaks with Lizzie. Tom was there too but I don’t know if he was part of the conversation as Mr. Kaplan was leaning close to Lizzie. 

Mr. Kaplan has a plan in place to fake Lizzie’s death. To pull this off she had to get everyone to believe that Lizzie died, including Red. That was the only way to keep Lizzie safe because if Red believed it, then everyone would believe including whoever was after Lizzie.  And Red needs to be able to deal with Solomon’s team and whoever else is involved while Lizzie is hidden away safely.

When Lizzie dies, Nick had to call her time of death. Of course he is in on the plan with Mr. Kaplan. Look how he calmly turns around to look back at the ambulance after he pronounced Lizzie dead. He seemed very upset just a few seconds before while in front of Red:

Mr. Kaplan takes charge of the body immediately after Lizzie “died”. She knew Red would ask her to. He told her to take care of everything. She knows him so well. 

Anyway, she takes a long look at Lizzie on the gurney before zipping up the bag and loading Lizzie into her van.. Mr. Kaplan has it all covered.

So what other clues do we have that Lizzie didn’t really die?

James Spader’s interview with EW for one.  Notice the very careful wording here (a very wordy answer to a simple question):

Yes Red thinks Elizabeth Keen is dead. And you know what? She is. Because Lizzie is going to come back as a different person ( Masha Rostova). Look at the quote below from Megan Boone in an interview several months ago:

Megan Boone: “I think in the future you’ll start to see less and less change in her physical appearance, as she starts to mature into who she’s ultimately supposed to become.”

I found the above statement somewhat curious when I first read it. But now it makes perfect sense.

What other clues do we have? Well Megan Boone did not tweet anything about saying goodbye.. You would think she would say goodbye to the cast and her fans. Same thing the other way around - the cast did not officially say goodbye to Megan.  And even if they do at this late date - I wouldn’t believe it. 

In addition we have the following tweets from the writer of this episode:

There is a plan for Red and Lizzie. And killing a member of that pair off does not make any sense in light of his above statement. But he can’t comment officially about whether Lizzie is really dead or not.

And we have this quote from TVGuide:  There remains a lot of unanswered questions, including as to why Elizabeth’s death happened off-screen. But, perhaps more interesting is that, according to a report in TVLine, NBC isn’t commenting on the news. Instead, the report speculates Liz’s “death” is actually a way to conveniently write Boone out of the series while she’s on maternity leave.

Nothing about the end of the episode felt definitive, and the “death” did happen during a commercial break, so there is reason yet to remain hopeful.

Bottom line, Lizzie is not really dead.

And I just want to say this. When Red finds out that Elizabeth is not dead there will be an incredible reunion. Can you imagine? Now that he knows that she does indeed love him now he can be honest with her. They can finally finish their incomplete love sentences.

You know why I think it was done this way? As a way to get the audience comfortable with a Red and Lizzie romance. I was on one of The Blacklist Facebook pages last night and people were commenting “did Lizzie just tell Red she loves him”? So now they are getting used to it - except for the hardliners who will probably never get there. So by the time Red finds Lizzie alive, well they will know what is going to happen.

Source: iloveredmorethanever