elizabeth jmw


Just to be annoying, I’ll be at the Other Worlds Zine Fair next Saturday 23rd May, at Glebe Town Hall from 11am to 4pm. I’m hoping to finish the picture story I’ve been working on for 3 years for my friend and author Elizabeth JMW of her grandmother. She’s just the best and will be publishing a new YA novel soon. I will also have copies of two of her fairy tales available on the day.
Hope you can make it.
I’ll be reminding you all this week.


The Boy Who Owned The Forest - a story by Elizabeth JMW, and illustrated by me.

Now available, the first of many by the looks of things we’re working on.

Buy it HERE off me, or HERE of her. I’m in Sydney and she’s in Canada, so pick whoever is closest.

The picture doesn’t do it justice as the cover is made of fancy silver paper.

Stay tuned for more collaborations with Elizabeth and others.  It’s all well brilliant. I don’t work for just anyone. I have standards.