elizabeth forrester

Lansdowne Road, Holland Park, London; 24.1.2017

Having dropped Elizabeth Figg off in Holland Park, Ernest Forrest took a drive round the West End, stopping twice for refreshment at a stall near Marble Arch. He returned to Holland Park at around 3 am expecting to meet Figg again, but she didn’t turn up. While waiting in Lansdowne Road, he was spotted by police, who asked him why he was loitering there.

Mount View Road, Stroud Green, London; 26.11.2016

Elizabeth Figg’s last known client picked her up on Endymion Road at about 11.45 pm on 16 June 1959. At her suggestion they drove to nearby Mount View Road, where there are some garages behind the houses. The driveway leading from the street to the garages must have been open then, whereas today there is a locked gate at the entrance. I had to take my photo through the bars of the gate.

Springdale Road, Stoke Newington, London; 24.1.2017

After being stopped by the police in Lansdowne Road, Ernest Forrest left the area and drove to his home in Springdale Road, Stoke Newington. Elizabeth Figg was found dead later that morning, in Duke’s Meadows, Chiswick, and the police quickly established that she had been strangled, but they didn’t know who she was, so a post-mortem photo of her face was released to the press. Forrest recognized her and came forward. He was questioned at length about his movements on the night of 16–17 June 1959, and his car was subjected to a forensic search. But nothing was found to connect him with the murder, and the police were satisfied that his version of events was the truth.