It was a large, handsome, stone building, standing well on rising ground, and backed by a ridge of high woody hills;—and in front, a stream of some natural importance was swelled into greater, but without any artificial appearance. Its banks were neither formal, nor falsely adorned. Elizabeth was delighted. She had never seen a place where nature had done more, or where natural beauty had been so little counteracted by an awkward taste.

Jane Austen ~ Pride and Prejudice

Chatsworth, Derbyshire

Ten Favorite Female Characters

I saw @bouncyirwin do this and I was like I wanna do one too! So here we go.

Ten Favorite Female Characters

- Haruno Sakura from Naruto

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- Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

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- Brenda Lee Johnson from The Closer

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Toph from Avatar The Last Airbender

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Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

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Dr. Emily Grey (Purple) from Red vs Blue

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Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean

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Lt. Ravit Bivas from The Last Ship

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Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

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Jaylah from Star Trek: Beyond

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This never ever ever get’s old

Si sus sentimientos siguen siendo los mismos dígamelo, mi afecto y deseos no han cambiado, pero una sola palabra suya me silenciará para siempre. Sin embargo, si sus sentimientos han cambiado debo decirle que ha embrujado usted mi cuerpo y mi alma, y que la amo, la amo y la amo y que ya nada podrá separarme de usted.
Mr. Darcy
—  Orgullo y prejuicio