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SPOILERS- Episode Reactions/Thoughts

This episode was so so good. This will probably be a long ass post.

-AIDA cutting the superior was a wtf moment but sort of satisfying because I hate him.
- Fitz comforting a scared Jemma, awww my heart
- LMD detection as Fitzsimmons walked through the door together. I predicted the 4th wouldn’t be Daisy but Fitz. That scene of them trying to figure out which one was the LMD is was so brilliant and intense. At one point they had me thinking it was Jemma.
- Fitz and Simmons crying = me crying
- When Fitz hit his artery I knew it was on purpose. Jemma was so caring despite the situation, that’s when it was confirmed that Fitz is was a LMD and boy was I telling her not to go near him.
- Anyway Iain and Elizabeth yet again proved how great they are at what they do.
- Fake Fitz talking about marriage, FITZ WANTS TO MARRY JEMMA I AM OUT.
- Lowkey love dark Fitz. Need more of this.
- Daisy thinking real Fitz is dead my poor child. - Did nobody in the room find it sketchy that Coulson was so straight faced ? Really?
- The Jemma + Daisy encounter was so intense, that embrace was everything. Chloe and Elizabeth killed that. Also Daisy comforting Jemma and Jemma saying she can’t lose Daisy too. Skimmons is too pure.
- Aida killing Radcliffe - Thank fuck for that, he had it coming. I wanted Fitz or Jemma to do it.
- Daisy’s fight with Mace was so goood, SHE SMASHED A IMAC OVER HIM. Guess she doesn’t like Apple or Android *da,dum,tssshhh*
- Stop shooting Daisy please
- Daisy’s special Kamehameha move was so badass.
-Suicide bomber May wtf ?
- LMD May choosing to do what she believes says a lot about May as a character. That speech was so asdfgw, May has a strong mind. RIP Philinda shippers who are getting so much at once.
- I’m glad Piper is alive
-Daisy saying Lincoln when she got the text in the Framework. My heart was beating so fast because he’d be back but part of me lowkey wished it was Ward instead. Then they just showed the arms & got the vibe that it wasn’t Lincoln. Then I saw the picture… I may have screamed “WARD!” And squealed in joy. Yes I shipped Skyeward, yes I liked Ward, cuss me watch me give one.
- Coulson against inhumans ? Um what ?
- Mack has his daughter hope, I want him to stay happy.
- Fitz a millionaire ? yes please, he looked so good.
- JEMMA SIMMONS IS DEAD ARE YOU KIDDING ME. So is real Jemma just spectating from above or just chilling in the grave ? Because technically Jemma didn’t die after she entered the framework, she was already dead. So real Jemma is okay right ? Also, why was the year of her death covered tho… Hmmm
- With May I was like oh she’s still an agent… Cool. That turned to a HOLY SHIT SHE’S A HYDRA AGENT , HYDRA IS BACK WHAT ?

The framework is gonna fuck everyone up mentally. May is probably gonna die this season. Brett is back, idk for how long but he’s back. So is Aida basically a whiny ass bitch who just wants to kill people and experiment till she can finally feel emotions ?

Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 15 - Self Control - Thoughts - Part 1

Well, this was a whopper of an episode and one of the best episodes on the show if not the best. There were so many things to love. Jed Whedon did an amazing job with the episode and set-up the final arc of the season beautifully. Rarely have I seen an episode come together so well and seamlessly without any hiccups. I’ll go character-wise so that I can cover everyone.

Also SPOILERS follow so beware. I’m going to cover the last bit of the episode in the next post since that will also involve a fair bit of speculation and meta.

First things first, I am pleased to say that I was right about Daisy not being an LMD, it was too convenient and the writers of the show hate being nice to the audience so really it was no surprise.

Now, onto Fitz and Simmons:

These two feature quite prominently this season, both as a romantic couple as well as people who work exceptionally well together. Having watched the previous episode again, I realised that the additional LMD could be either Fitz or Jemma. They were both separated from each other but the only one completely alone was Fitz because Jemma was with Davis which made it harder to swap her out. Also, just as the team regroups and Jemma informs them that they missed May, Daisy and Jemma are the only ones who still want to pursue her while the others stay mute once LMD-Coulson refuses and decides to return to base instead. But the performance by Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge were both amazing this episode.

This scene between the two of them was nothing short of amazing. There was real tension and it was played so well that it actually could have gone either way.

There was so much internal conflict and pain there that you would have to be made of stone to not be torn yourself. And then there was this:

The change in Fitz after he stabs Jemma is instant and terrifying. He is suddenly cold and brutal. That switch from terrified to cold was brilliant.


Daisy’s having a difficult day herself. Unlike Jemma, she has no idea that there are LMDs on base and that important people have been switched. I would have been really troubled if they had managed to switch her, it would been like rehashing an old story. One of the reason this is one of my favourite shows is because ALL the women are resourceful and more than capable of taking care of themselves. Seeing Daisy realise just what had happened and then think quickly on the best course of action was gratifying because she didn’t make stupid mistakes. And this is creepy, no matter how you see it:

But, the highlight of the show was easily this:

(Be still my Skimmons heart)

I loved that these two women quickly figured out that they were both human and then started working on a plan to get the rest of the team out of the base safely while also working on how to save the people who had been taken. I was starting to miss the interaction and friendship between these two and this scene makes me ridiculously happy.

I absolutely have to mention just how much of a badass Daisy is, she sees Jemma breakdown and immediately takes charge and reassures her.

She then proceeds to beat up LMD-Mace, LMD-Mack and LMD-Coulson. The fight scenes were spectacular and I loved the way Daisy was using her powers, in new and innovative ways.

May would be so proud. Also, Chloe Bennet doesn’t get enough credit, she was great in this episode. Her desperation and confusion when she finds Simmons was heartfelt and utterly convincing.


Speaking of, LMD-May was also brought into play. But LMD-May is fundamentally different from the new LMDs. In that, her prime directive was to acquire the Darkhold but everything else was from the real May which meant that she cared about Daisy and Jemma and Shield in a way that these new models didn’t. LMD-Coulson miscalculated when he placed her as the final line of defense. The plan backfired and I’m not surprised it did. LMD-May was always conflicted about her directive and just what she was. I was glad that she got her moment to shine.

Self Control was an absolutely brilliant episode with just enough twists and turns and they were executed very well. Read on for part 2 where I’ll discuss the Framework the avatars of the characters within it as well as Superior 2.0.


So we were at a fancy party last night, the EW party. “Anyone who’s anyone” is there, and it’s dressed up and very, you know, Hollywood. And Chloe and I heard a rumor there was churros.  [x#aka the most iconic thing to ever happen at sdcc


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And I look over and Elizabeth is just shivering, drenched, head to toe in this beautiful gown, and Chloe is right next to her, bent over just laughing hysterical. No sympathy whatsoever [x]


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