elizabeth (parts)

Part 2 of the shopping image

Liz is filled with glee after picking out an outfit for Michelle. She’s never been happier in her life…Ok, no that’s a lie. There is another time that been happier then this, but she is pretty happy that Michelle seems to enjoy the set of clothes she got for her.

Michelle on the other hand is kinda pulling off the Mona Lisa smile. Where you can’t really tell if she’s smiling or frowning just slightly. She does seem to like the new clothes, she guesses it suits her. She’s not sure. She don’t really care if her clothes look good or match well. She’s trying to understand why people care about something so stupid. But, Elizabeth seems to be happy. So I guess she’s doing something right.



Recordaba haber leído en alguna parte que si sonríes cada vez que ves algo, ese algo acaba por hacerte feliz.
—  ¿ y si quedamos como amigos?
-Elizabeth eulberg
After Mystic Messenger
  • Aunt: Do you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I have eight significant others.
  • Me: *shows pictures of the RFA*
  • Me: *plays an audio with V's voice in it*
  • Me: *shows fan art and canon stuff of Saeran*
  • Me: *throws in pictures of Vanderwood*
  • Aunt: ...
  • Aunt: They're not real.
  • Me: SHHHHH
  • Me: *shows picture of Elizabeth 3rd*
3 Things I’d Forgotten Until I Rewatched The Hunger Games Series

1. How Finnick never should have died.

2. How sad I was when Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heavensbee) died.

3. How much I love Haymitch and Effie. As characters and a couple.

We all know the Hayffie kiss was perfect and familiar and didn’t seem like the first time they’ve kissed. So what I want to know is, how did that first kiss happen? Did it start with some petty argument about tributes or outfits or something? I NEED TO KNOW.

At least we have fanfiction.