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“You’ll always be my lily of the lamplight. My own dear Roderich.”

Lily of the Lamplight has got to be my favourite George deValier fic. A scene in Chapter 1, where Gilbert sees Roderich in Berlin for the first time. I was listening to Vera Lynn songs this entire time my heart hurts. 

I tried to incorporate everything I learnt from last term’s classes– Mainly focal points and controlling values and hues. Most of all it’s nice to be able to paint stuff that you feel moved by. :) 

anonymous asked:

Taiwan as a Bride Liechtenstein as a Clerk and Hungary as a Wyvern Rider Kudos to you, and thanks for taking the time to draw them! ^^

(((Idk if it was the same anon three times but you guys really seemed to want Mei in the Bride class xD
Those are pretty much the classes I’d put them in as well! Though I’d make Elizabeta a Wyvern Lord
Mei’s stats are better than the other two ‘cause she’s a special class, and Elise and Eliza are both un-promoted :c))