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instead of currently being at university restlessly sitting through lecture and suffocating in the humidity with broken out skin, very little makeup, and half assed hair, let’s pretend that at this very moment I’m actually at home, in my comfy flannel with nice makeup, hair done, and clear skin. yeah. that sounds good.


Eliza "The Biggest Clexa Shipper" Taylor

In interviews: 

  • “They taught each other how to be open and how to love.” - Eliza about Clarke and Lexa’s relationship. 
  • “I think it would have been great to see them moving forward with making their relationship more public.” - Eliza about Clexa.
  • We laugh a lot. I think our main thing is doing really, really rough Australian accents to each other. ” - Eliza on working with Alycia.
  • “She [Clarke] has actually decided that Lexa is in this AI, and she is going to hopefully find a way to be in contact with her again.” - ET
  • “She’s become one of my closest friends now, so I’m really happy about that. I’m so happy to have her in my life.” - Eliza about Alycia
  • “I cried, yeah. It was really difficult. There were lots of tears.” - Eliza about her last scenes with Alycia.

At WonderCon:

  • “I love her [Alycia], I just saw her the other day, we’ve been catching up, she’s become one of my closest friends.” - ET 
  • “It’s interesting to see how she [Clarke] is going to move forward, but at the end of the day she’s heartbroken.” - Eliza
  • “She [Clarke] fell madly in love with Lexa so it’s really difficult.” - Eliza about Lexa’s death.
  • “Clarke’s completely devastated, she fell in love, and now that Lexa’s gone she’s a different person, this will forever change her.” - ET
  • “She [Lexa] died in my arms.” - Eliza about Lexa’s death.
  • “There’s only one Lexa.” - Eliza in regards of future relationships for Clarke.
  • “I feel like she [Lexa] was the one for her.” - Eliza about Lexa and Clarke’s relationship.
  • “ I don’t know if she’s going to be able to love anyone the way she loved Lexa” - Eliza about Lexa’s death and future relationships.

On “The Dropship: The 100 Podcast”: 

  • “Me and Alycia both realized that what we were doing was really having an effect on people and powerful and good.” - Eliza on Clarke & Lexa 
  • “We were like, let’s make this beautiful. Let’s make this loving because it’s so rare on the show for something to be like that.” - Eliza
  • “I hope that we did that. We don’t underestimate how much of an effect it had on people.” - Eliza
  • “[Lexa’s] never going to be lost to her. She was her love.” - Eliza
  • “It was almost like, I don’t even know if I want this to be happening but I can’t help it because you’re amazing.” - Eliza on Clarke’s POV
  • “It was fun to actually play a real relationship. That’s how it is, it’s messy.” - Eliza
  • “The scene that follows, Lexa and I… Post-coital I suppose. Having a moment of release and normalcy and peace.” - ET on her favorite scene
  • “It was the only time in that season where I smile.” - Eliza on the post-sex scene
  • “It’s just this weird pocket of happiness. It doesn’t last too long but that was really nice to be still & enjoy someone’s company.” - Eliza

At Oz Comic Con: 

  • “Eliza just fist pumped for Lexa’s return.“ 
  • ’‘Eliza’s fav scene with Alycia was anywhere where they made out.’' 
  • ’'Wellllll apart from making out ;) she’s a babe!” - Eliza about her favorite scene to shoot 
  • “She [Eliza] loves the tender Clexa moments from the finale because she thinks they provided a better end for Lexa.”
  • Alycia is a babe.”
  • “It wasn’t in the original script but I said it.” - Eliza about Clexa’s ily in the season finale
  • I love you was not in the original script but I just had to add it. She was the love of my life” - Eliza
  • “I apologise on behalf of the cast and those who were offended.” - Eliza on Lexas death
  • “It’s really hard to love that thing [the chip]. It’s like ‘God damn it Lexa” - Eliza
  • Eliza just brought a Lexa cosplay on stage
  • “She was the love of my life”
  • “The love scene with Lexa was hilarious cause we’re such good mates” “I’ve got some great selfies of that day” - ET
  • “I’ve got some great selfies of the love scene day. Trying to rip Alycia’s top off” - ET
  • “I don’t think she’ll ever love a human again” - Eliza on S4
  • “In honour of Lexa and respect to fans I don’t think I see a new relationship in s4 to be something. I don’t know” - ET
  • “Uhhhh can ya guess? All that love making.” - ET on what she thinks Clarke and Lexa’s favorite moments were
  • “Alycia couldn’t stop laughing when Clarke drew Lexa, Eliza drew a moustache on the pic and wouldn’t stop showing her”

At Oz Comic Con Day 2:

  • “If she was stranded on a deserted island she’d choose Alycia to take with her.’‘  (via @matchbox_sized)
  • ’'Eliza said the funniest moment was in bed with Lexa.” (via @alyciaftregui)
  • “She [Eliza] was genuinely upset by the loss of Alcyia.” (via @tattoojauregui)
  • “Reading the script was heartbreaking, the director was watching the scene sobbing. It was a really emotional day.” - ET abt Lexa’s death.
  • “It was heartbreaking” - Eliza about her initial reaction when she found out Lexa would die (via @StarryMag)
  • “They’re both babes.” - Eliza about Clexa (via @tattoojauregui)
  • “They were kindred spirits… and they’re both babes.” - ET about what initially drew Clexa towards each other (via @matchbox_sized)
  • “It would’ve been nice to strech out the Lexa relationship, especially that one episode should’ve been 3.” ET abt CL (via @matchbox_sized)
  • Falling in love with Lexa was her favorite part of Clarke’s development.” (via @tattoojauregui)
  • “Falling in love with Lexa. She’ll never be the same again.” - ET about her favorite Clarke development (via @StarryMag) (video)
  • Eliza signed an autograph with “Lexa, I love you” at #OzComicCon (via @wolfpants_) (picture)

DayDream Con Day 1 & 2:

  • “If you could bring back a dead character, who would it be? [implying Finn or Ontari]” “Lexa!” Eliza 
  • “Who would you bring to Brazil?” “Alycia. Not because you want to hear that, but because she’s one of my best friends.” (via @B_Dailey13) (x)
  • “The flame will still play an important role next season, but in a different way. It’s where Lexa is” (via @StarryMag)
  • “I didn’t kill Lexa guys. I would change that if I could. I tried to save her, that nightblood if tricky.” - Eliza at #DDC (via @starrymag)
  • “Which fictional character has influenced you? ’‘I’m not allowed to say Lexa, am I? But she would be.” - Eliza at #DDCon (via @starrymag)
  • “It was in bed with Lexa! We laughed so much.” Eliza about her funniest moment on set (via @starrymag)
  • Eliza has to get Alycia’s permission to post the selfies from them in bed. We will get them if Alycia agrees with it. (via @adcdinah)
  • [VIDEO] Eliza talking about getting Alycia’s permission to post their selfie during #DDCon today (via @lexatriku)
  • “Was the love between Clarke and Lexa weakness?” “No… it’s strength.” Eliza during her #DDCon panel today (via @B_Dailey13)
  • Eliza said she wants to tell Alycia about the Clexa book. She said she’d love it. Nobody asked, she just said it! (via @HumanOrToaster)
  • [VIDEO] Eliza trying to figure out the exact moment Clarke fell in love with Lexa during #DDcon (via @RHIANNONMFlSH)
  • [VIDEO] Eliza talking about her grounder song with Alycia during #DDCon today in Brazil (via @RHIANNONMFlSH)
  • Eliza has just spoke about the “Bitanic” and said she and Alycia loved to play with that (via @DanielaaRivaas)
  • “Yeah I think that was on the cards. That was a slow buil.’” - Eliza on whether or not Clarke would have fallen for Lexa if Finn hadn’t died
  • Eliza feels like she has to go [to ClexaCon] because it’s something for her and Alycia (via @Vii_Lacerda)
  • Alycia was very sad to have cancelled, she really wanted to come to Brazil (via @Vii_Lacerda)
  • Eliza said she really cried after Alycia’s last scene. And then again when she came back for the finale. (via @HumanOrToaster)
  • Eliza said that misses working with Alycia. They’re best friends and she cconsiders Alycia very special (via @Vii_Lacerda)
  • “Clarke and Lexa bonded over the fact that they were both in a leadership position and lonely” - Eliza during M&G (via @anacata90)
  • “It’s such a beautiful relationship [..] We loved doing it” - Eliza on Clexa (via @StarryMag)



Actually, sir, it was Eliza’s revelation.


Selfie ABC, Heliza Part (10/?): The Little Mermaid


Some of my favorites from Tekko 2016! I was the Ten-Dollar Founding Father: Alexander Hamilton. 

My buddy @thesnowqueer was Eliza Hamilton and Poe Dameron. She made my lovely A. Ham jacket.

Feel free to let me know if you’re in here and I can tag or remove! This was really an amazing time and got to chill with some many cool people! Thanks again to everyone!

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The Skullgirls Cast as Blogs
  • Filia: The new blogger that has no idea how tumblr works. Constantly adds commentary. Makes text posts. Takes selfies. Default blog theme.
  • Ms Fortune: Tags LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Has a hugbox approach. Makes constant self-care posts and is generally decent. Lots of selfies. Has a custom theme with neutral colors.
  • Cerebella: Is extremely sweet to everyone. Has lots of aesthetic posts consisting of cityscapes and the circus. Blog theme has soothing colors/is compact. Tags only selfies.
  • Valentine: The asshole tumblr user. Corrects misinformation on tumblr in a snobby way. Tags nothing but her selfies. Secretly likes asks. Minimalist blog theme.
  • Peacock: The asshole tumblr user: The shitposter edition. Partakes in memery. Also has a 1920/30's aesthetic, with mostly cartoons. Posts whatever makes her feel good. Occasional selfie. A blog theme with lots of purple.
  • Parasoul: No-nonsense user. Generally has a high-life aesthetic. Takes some selfies. Tags for organizational purposes. Very classy theme.
  • Squiggly: The teenage blogger who fits right into tumblr. just posts an amalgam of random things. Fandom-lover. Selfies are infrequent. Has a pastel theme.
  • Double: Lonely Girl aesthetic. Makes text posts a lot. Has a wasteland blog. Default theme. Takes no selfies.
  • Eliza: Is an attention whore, posts lots of fashion stuff. Has no time for people like Ms Fortune. Dark colored theme with lots of red. THE SELFIE GAME IS TOO STRONG!
  • Beowulf: The funny one. Constantly reblogs things that make him laugh. Also reblogs furry art. Is a nice person. Theme has lots of blue. Occasional selfie.
  • Painwheel: Tags triggers and tries to reblog funny things and dark things, making a clashing blog. Doesn't take selfies, but reblogs others.
  • Fukua: Likes to berate herself and call herself trash. Also likes to spam askboxes with shitposting. Simple theme.
  • Robo Fortune: Is sarcastic and an ass. Her blog is a mess. Changes aesthetic constantly.
  • Big Band: Has a love of music and shares a lot of it on tumblr. Generally likes to give out advice. Very clean theme.

- Continues to talk positively about Lexa and Clexa, especially whilst sat next to Jason.

- Speaks her mind about Blarke, doesn’t apologise to angry Blarke shippers and doesn’t tweet saying she really said ship instead of shit.

- Receives a barrel load of abuse from Blarkes simply because she doesn’t like their ship and a photo appears online of her with Jess Harmon with middle fingers up. I’m not saying it’s in direct response to the Blarke hate but it’s in direct response to the Blarke hate. You can bash her all you want SHE DOES NOT CARE.

- Also has to endure the Blarkes spouting shit about how she talks about Alycia. As if they ever cared about Alycia before! Saying oh I would be uncomfortable if she called me babe blah blah blah. So Eliza posts a selfie with Alycia captioned ‘found ma girl’ knowing full well that it will break the Internet and her Clexas will love it.

- Mentions how she wants Clarke to stop apologising for everything (what we’ve been saying all along) and that she hopes Clarke has a chance to grieve properly for Lexa in season 4. Basically saying FUCK YOU and your shitty writing Jason.

- Looks about ready to throttle Jason every time he talks and doesn’t hold back from showing all over her face how much she hates having to listen to his crap.

Eliza just does not give a fuck any more and I absolutely swear fealty to Eliza kom Clexakru our queen! 🙌😍

Imagine tho

Eliza tweeting pictures of her & Henry’s wedding

Eliza posting pics on Facebook from her shopping spree in Baby Gap, looking for tiny little shoes and hats

Eliza posting selfies wearing the cutest pregnancy outfits

Eliza changing her Twitter profile picture for her daughter’s first photo

Henry posting their first family pic on Facebook with Sam Saperstein commenting “Finally!”