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That Would Be Enough
Hamilton Chicago Cast 2.19.2017

“That Would Be Enough” performed by Ari Afsar and Joseph Morales.

Recorded by broadwaysoundguy.


Tekken 7: Top 10 Favorite Character Endings:

“Time to talk about the endings of Tekken 7. The main story was interesting and very well made. However, I can’t say the same about the characters endings. I’m someone who cares about the story of each character, so I was highly dissapointed to see that most characters don’t have a decent ending at all. Most endings looks so lazy and plain stupid. So, let’s see what are the endings that I "dislike” the least":

01. Steve Fox; (I’m a big fan of Tekken 4, and one of the best from that game is the stories. I always wanted to know more about Steve Fox and his connection to Nina. This is the second Tekken game where these 2 characters interact with each other. They finally talk about the fact that they are mother and son. This is one of the few endings that focus on the story of 1 of the characters).

02. Asuka Kazama; (one of my favorite characters from Tekken is Lili. Since Tekken 6 that I hate her rivalry with Asuka Kazama. I always though that both girls had a lot of potential for a good story. This ending is not relevant at all, in terms of story, and I still hate their rivalry, however, I though this final was hilarious. Is so random and so funny).

03. Eliza; (this is another random and silly ending that I like. My favorite part is the interaction between Lili & Eliza).

04. Master Raven (this is a very badass ending. I love Master Raven so much, and this is a pretty cool video).

05. Claudio (this is kind off creepy. That ending is so spooky).

06. Jack-7 (this is quite a funny ending, to be honest. I like it).

07. Gigas (this is another ending related to a story. As we can suspect, Katarina and Gigas are father and daughter. At least this video shows their connection).

08. Dragunov (his ending is brutal. Nothing special but damn dude…that’s an extreme way to finish off your enemies).

09. Hwoarang (his ending doesn’t make much sense, specially if you know what happened on the main story. However, I like the fact they gave him a reason to be wearing that eye patch).

10. Eddie Gordo (I’m sad that his ending wasn’t connected to Jin or whatever, and so they gave him a goofy finale. Is funny, I guess).

I hope you enjoyed this Top 10. Hopefully, I will create more Top 10’s in the future. Feel free to message me with sugestions.
PS: I do not own the footage of this gifs. I’ve only created the gifs and the top 10. Click HERE to check out the video. The video belongs to Zanar Aesthetics.

my fic library:

oKAY so this is what started happening when i started reading fics and idek anymore

anyways ,, a majority of the fics are lams, but there’re also some ships (hamburr (i don’t even like hamburr that much idk why it’s there), jamilton, georges x pip, etc) and there’s also a couple of DEH fics towards the end whoooops

it’s complete with a legend so it should make it easier to follow if you don’t like smut or angst n shit (DISCLAIMER: not everything will be tagged correctly but i’m almost completely sure the smutty fics or correctly tagged. some of the titles are also pretty common as they’re lyrics so just like use discretion i guess)



| ♡ = nsfw | sh = short | ch. = chapter | lng = long (duh) | !!! = fluff | angst = ™ | TW = trigger warning | - = minor | + = major | ☹ = discontinued | MCD = major character death | R/NC = rape/non-con |


-camp revolutionary -♡
-in pursuit of happiness (!!!)
-caught in the act (MeIsANerd) ♡
-Happy BIrthday, Philip ♡
-Losing Control (grump_ass) ♡
-what the heck i gotta doooo to be with you ♡
-I Will Stay by Your Side
-asshole senator henry laurens (sh)
-the Laurens interlude
-school’s bathroom (foxsss) ♡
-dr. Freckles
-john laurens saves the day (sh.)
-john laurens finds a family
-laurens, i like you a lot ♡
-redefining bravery (lng.)
-Hamilton and Laurens are adorable (!!!)
-I remain faith fully yours
-Rise Up (ohNooOOOOoo) (lng.)
-we’ll get it right eventually
-The People V. John Laurens (lng.)
-all i ask of you
-not just for the views
-wipe the years away
-show and tell (sh.) (!!!)
-marker smudges ♡
-never you, john
-dear john -♡ (™) (!!!)
-trashaholics -♡
-four ♡+
-all i want for christmas is you (sh.)
-NYE: squad style ♡+
-the place to be (CastorInTheForest) (!!!) (sh.)
-mermaid motel ♡+
-say no to this (orphan_account) ♡
-going through the unimaginable (TW: MCD) (!!!) –♡
-pretty when you cry ♡+ (sh.)
-bold strokes (sh.) (!!!)
-falling for your tendencies ♡+ (sh)
-(raise a glass to) freedom ♡+ (lng)
-(hamilton has his) eyes on you ♡+
-the elevator where it happens (!!!)
-volleyball (mihaly) ♡+
-valentine (mihaly) ♡+
-proposal (mihaly) ♡+
-in the place to be
-finding pip(o) (!!!)
-parent hood (!!!) ♡+ (lng.)
-a flower a day (keeps your feelings at bay) (!!!)
-we’ll go down in history -♡
-the first storm: approaching the eye (!!!) (lng.)
-the first storm: after the eye (!!!)
-now that you’re here (TW: R/NC) (!!!) (lng.)
-the uncanny accuracy of fate
-the patchwork quilt series
-i’m a manager (wheee!) (!!!) (lng.)
-j'ai pas envie
-my body ten thousand rings wrapped around you (!!!) ♡+
-honey between our shadows ♡+
-two hours of sleep and a whole lot of coffee
-lemon drop ♡+
-6 years (TW: MCD) (lng.) (!!!) -♡
-cornerstone (!!!) (lng.) ♡+
-#cutebaristadoodles series
-with the chance we’ve been give
-domestic life was never quite my style
-lost and found
-set my heart a flame
-on a stranger’s doorstep
-the challenges we’re facing
-when you smile, i fall apart
-always on the defense
-those three words
-i’m helpless (newtmasofficial)
-the action in the streets is exciting
- let your heart be light (our troubles will be miles away)
-you’ve won me over, in no time at all (lng.) (!!!) ♡+
-alexander, you’re the closest friend i’ve got (mishasfakeorgasm)
-complicated (™) ♡ (!!!) (sh.)
-cigarettes (!!!) (sh.+)
-sub plans (-!!!) ♡+ (lng.)
-alexander hamilton: human scandal (lng.) (!!!)
-we’re gonna talk about yosemite
-you look back at me and suddenly i’m helpless. (long.) (!!!+)
-i will stay upon your shore land
-down your throat (sh.) ♡+
-first night in new york (sh.) ♡+
-the scents thick (lng.) (!!!+) ♡
-our hollow hearts (™+) (TW: GDV)
-pass the time (lng.) (!!!) ♡+
-we have knocked on every door, and they open on nothing (sh.) -♡
-acceptance (sh.) -♡ (!!!)
-burn bright… (!!!) (lng.)
-the reynolds affair (sh.) (-!!!)
-coincidence and fate walk into a park (™) (lng.)
-You Know You’re Singing To Your Earphones Out Loud, Right? !!!+
-2’s my favourite 1
-the wicked oppressing now cease from distressing (lng.) (!!!+)
-unlike you ♡+ (!!!)
-new ideas in the air (lng.) ♡+ (!!!+)
-picking up the pieces (lng.) (!!!) ™
-silence is golden ♡+ (sh.)
-that which happens in the rain (sh.) (!!!) ☹
-burr worked next door (lng.) ♡
-and you drive me wild (lng.) (!!!)
-evoking sprits (sh.) (!!!) ♡+


Well I thought it was time to finally do it. To finally have Pepean pop the big question to Eliza. Time to create a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding that will never actually happen because I can’t make two characters on the same account get married, but hey I wanted to advance the lore of my characters. The Ceremony will be IMPLIED once its happened! XD

I was worried that Patch 3.5 would give me a reason to have Pepean call off doing this again, and while there was some tragedy… I don’t think it’s anything that he’d let discourage him. If anything he’d use it as a reason to go forward with it, as he needs some happiness in his life right now.

I haven’t done as much with Pepean and Eliza on this blog as I would have liked, but I feel I’ve done plenty so that anybody who frequents this place knows that in my character lore they’re a couple… If not then this post should certainly make it obvious. When designing a character to make Pepean’s love interest I knew that the very last thing I wanted was to make her a Lalafell. I wanted it to be an inter-racial relationship. I feel that TOO many players in this game (at least from my own personal experiences) have this hang up that you HAVE to marry somebody within your own race. I wanted Pepean to have a relationship that goes against that. The game has the option for characters of two different races getting married for a reason. While I think it might not be completely friendly to the game’s lore, maybe these two are just oddities. Maybe they want to break away from tradition. Heck, the existence of The Mongrel is proof that inter-racial relationships DO happen in the lore, however rare. She’s half-Hyur, half-Elezen, in case anybody forgot (I know plenty of people in my FC did). I know it was due to an adulterous affair and all, but my point remains. Eliza doesn’t care that Pepean’s only 3-feet tall, she can see that his heart is ten times the size of that.

The big question for most is to whether they’ll be able to have children or not. Well I have proven in the past, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Lalafell and Roegadyn can have children, so it’s not that far-fetched to assume that Lalafell and Hyur can as well. Oooh, being able to make mixed-race characters… MAKE that happen Yoshida! You’ve shown it’s possible! I’ve mentioned before that Pepean and Eliza DO have an intimate relationship… just don’t ask about the mechanics of it… they can just do it okay! But hey if it comes out that the races can’t breed, then they’ll just adopt. Simple fix.

Anyway, once I’ve got through Stormblood I’ll officially be changing Eliza’s name to Eliza Gogoan. A name she’ll proudly wear.

Hamilton Christmas head cannons

•Philip and Angie wake Alex and Eliza up really early to open gifts

•Herc, Laf, John, and even Aaron come over for a nice Christmas dinner at the Hamiltons with their families

•Aaron brought some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and Alex will never admit this, but they’re delicious

•Alex and John put themselves in charge of cooking the ham and surprisingly it turned out pretty good

•Eliza has become the master of undoing the twisty ties from toys

•Lafayette made and brought a dessert called croquembouche, and it was delicious like always

•at the end of the night they all gather around a fire and sing some christmas songs

3 Parents in a Tub

a/n: the sudden influx of elams I couldn’t resist, I hope this small drabble works. HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY. THIS ONE ARE FOR THOSE ASKS, YA’LL ARE GREAT.
summary: Thomas and Angelica show off their new home to their friends with a little house warming party. Things go south when Elams are stuck in the bathroom for a long period of time. 
w/c: 2102
warning: Borth

“And Thomas and I just redid the bathroom upstairs.” Angelica beamed while Thomas also added on.

“Best bathtub we could afford and I can’t wait to break it in.” He rose his glass to that, “thanks for coming over…most of you.” Thomas’s eyes cut through the crowd of happy faces who were gathered to celebrate Angelica and Thomas’s first home together. A house warming filled with warm hearted intentions…minus the icy glare Thomas gave Alexander who was standing in the far corner of the room with a wine glass shaking in his hand.

 “Tch.” He angrily sipped the overly expensive wine, feel a small pat on his arm from his pregnant, beautiful wife. “I’m fine, Thomas is just a dickhead like usual.”

“What else is new?” John chuckled; he wasn’t any fonder of Thomas than Alexander was. He wasn’t fond of anyone that gave his husband any issues. “I still can’t believe Angelica is willing to live with him.” Alex gave John a long sigh in agreement. Neither could imagine a relationship with Thomas was ‘simple’.  

A small and light ‘ahem’ from the back of Eliza’s throats silenced both her very opinionated husbands. “Now…having your opinions is all well and good but this is my sister and she is happy.” Eliza placed a hand comfortably on her large, protruding belly. “She was happy for me when I decided to marry you two and last I checked two men are a lot more work than one.”

“Thomas is at least 4 men hiding in a pink suit.” John cackled a bit earning a swift wink from Alexander. His smile died down when he noticed his wife didn’t seem as amused as his husband. “But of course what’s important is that she is happy.”

 “For now” Alex smiled, “I mean, amen to that.” He changed his tune for the sake of his wife and her wry gaze. The party was very low key, soft jazz played in the background. Thomas hired a catering crew to serve small bites along with wine. This party was easily pricier than Alexander’s weddings to John and Eliza. Pricier than their baby shower for.. “Pip! Get your hands out of Peggy’s cleavage” Alex spotted from afar his two year old son face deep into his aunts chest. “Peggy don’t let him do that.” He mumbled walking over to her.

 Peggy giggled leaning up against her date for the evening, Lafayette keeping it within the circle, “oh why not? He wouldn’t be the first boy to do that.”

 “Because that’s messed up, Freud did not kid about kids having issues about…stuff…”

 “Did he also name the phases of development, dick and ass?” Lafayette couldn’t contain his laughter beside his date. Alex’s eyes narrowed a bit as he peeled his fluffy, freckled son off his aunt’s bosom. He whispered ‘you’ll thank me later’ to him and immediately welcomed him to John’s arms where Pip usually stayed the longest.

 “Baby!” Pip pointed at his mother from John’s arms. “Where baby?”

 Eliza smiled running her hand down the length of her stomach, “soon, Momma will go to the doctor and we’ll bring baby home very soon.” She was ecstatic Philip was excited both his future sister. The husbands were happy that they weren’t doing any more water births after Philip. It was too nerve wrecking and the clean up was…pretty horrible. “…we still haven’t decided on a name…”

 “Joana” “Alexandria” Both men offered names then glared at each other with a small smirk.

 “Oh you too…” Eliza giggled, and then felt the sound catch in her throat. She winced a bit, her fingers tense on the peak of her stomach as John cooed and babbled to their son, and Alex exchanged heated glares with the host of the home.  “I…have to use the bathroom” she muttered. 

“Oh should we get Ang—“
“Nono, I know where the bathroom is.” She smiled her face still a bit weak looking. “Thomas updated instagram 24/7 when they were remodeling the bathroom, I feel like I’ve already been here.” She giggled distracting her husbands with a small snide remark. Eliza disappeared up the stairs, waddling slowly, John and Alex watched with small looks.

“Checkin’ out your pregnant wife? Kinda weird.” A happy, deep voice graced the boys.

“Uncy!” Pip cheered immediately abandoning John’s arms for Hercules. Her gladly took the toddler and held him up high, towering over the two fathers.

“What can we do, she’s beautiful no matter what’s happening.” John beamed a bit, wrapping an arm around Alex’s shoulder.

 The party continued with more unusually small platters of food and expensive drinks. The music was mellow, really it wasn’t anything like John and Alex were use to or liked…but they made it work. John massaged small circles into Alex’s back, both flickering up at the staircase. “Its been a while…” Alex shifted his weight a bit, his eyes at the top of the stairs waiting for Eliza to come back down. “We should go check on her…” 

“Alex she’s pregnant she’s probably trying to take a dump”
“Or she’s having trouble getting up, or she’s slipped, or she’s going into labor…”

 “Ok panicky, let’s go knock and see what’s up.” John shook his head, determined to ease his tense husband they both bounded up the stairs to the master bathroom. Eliza would have taken the guest one but Angelica, knowing her sister was pregnant and sore, insisted on her using the better bathroom all day. They entered Thomas and Angelica’s shared bedroom and made a face at the hideously bright, velvet comforter and canopy set. “Tacky…” John muttered then made a beeline to the closed bathroom door.

Alex was the first to knock fast and hard, “Hon, are you ok?” There wasn’t much of a response for a while, a few soft groans then the door opened just a crack. Alex wasn’t any less put at ease, Eliza’s face was red and drenched in sweat, and she looked like she had need running while in the bathroom. “Eliza what’s wrong…”

“Let is in, Betsy.” John urged, she groaned again opening the door slowly and just enough for both men to enter and immediately close it after her.

“My water broke…” she muttered softly, both hands clutching the bottom of her stomach. “I’m getting…pains.”

“I fucking KNEW IT. Ok…ok I’ll call the hospital, we’ll get you in the car. Herc has Pip. We are doing this, ah…fuck…ok.” Alex began to ramble and started rummaging his pockets for his phone.

Eliza shot John a worried look then glanced back at Alex finding the strength between pains to speak up, “No I…please, this is Angelica’s day.” She hated taking the spotlight from her sister. She was the first to marry, the first to have a kid, not to mention her lifestyle wasn’t ‘normal’. Angelica barely had moments where it was about herself and Eliza could only imagine that must have been hard.

“Fuck, Eliza you can’t have a baby in the BATHROOM. Who cares, all this is a housewarming, call me when Thomas puts a ring on her finger and Angelica says I do to a lifetime of dealing the Purple man and his weird metrokinks” Alex snapped verbally, then snapped his head to the sound of John running a hot bath. “John what are you doing?”

“We’re having a water birth…Look, Hamhogs” he used one of the less affectionate names on Alexander as he motioned Eliza over. “She’s already going through labor and this big ass hole is 2 hours from the nearest hospital. I rather have a baby in a tub like we did before than in the car in the middle of traffic.” He snapped at the smaller man then turned to their wife. “…you ready?”

“Yes.” Eliza nodded stripping out of her dress and slowly with the help of John’s grip stepped into the tub.

“NO.” Alexander wailed and began fumbling with the phone still. “…fuck fine, let me at least tell Herc to keep Pip busy…” Alex grumbled texting Hercules that the trio was having a ‘dilemma’ in the bathroom. If he would be so kind to keep anyone from coming upstairs as well as keep Pip busy. Hercules responded promptly with a thumbs up emoji and Alex sighed. “Ok so we’re doing this.” He rolled up his dress shirt sleeves and knelt down.

They were mildly familiar with water birth, Philip was their first. It was at their home in a kiddie pool with Hercules instructing them every step in the way. John in the pool with their wife, Alex gripping her hand for dear life. And just like the first time, Alex and John were floored by Eliza’s composure. Even in the situation she was in she had a one track mind. There was a sense of complete unity between the three of them, it was enough to calm Alex’s raising worries about the birth as Eliza pushed. Her grip began to weaken and Alex began to shake with worry.

“…is there something wrong?”

“No the baby is crowning..”

“Oh so..” he made the mistake in peeking and then made a face. “A-Ah…”

“How many times are you going to make that mistake?” John chuckled, “alright now we start pushing in ten second lengths. Ok?”

“Are you sure?”

“Fairly sure, Alex.”

“Fairly isn’t exactly the kind of thing I want to hear when we’re a tub full of blood into birthing our daughter!”

“WILL YOU TOO SHUT THE FUCK UH—AHHH!” Eliza wailed and both men immediately nodded and went into a deep silence.

Downstairs the music was soft enough to allow the scream from above to reach them. Angelica immediately turned around and within the second of her turn noticed immediately who was missing and began connecting dots. “Where is Eliza?” She blinked handing her drink to Thomas, who grabbed it fluidly. He followed behind Angelica, who was slowly flanked by Peggy. “Where are the Hamiltons?” She asked again, everyone searching around.

Hercules stood by the stairs with Philip in his hands. “Uh…oh…” Philip covered his mouth as Herc tried retreating without being seen.

“Uh oh is right, lil man.” Herc turned and raced up the stairs while Angelica began scanning for Eliza and her husbands. He made it to the bathroom and opened it without thinking. “Guys, is everything all AHHH!!” He pulled Philip out and slammed the door shut, it was an image he was all too familiar with but not prepared to see, especially here and now. Now that scream was heard and from the stairs he could see Angelica’s intimating figure come up.


“Ange, great party” Mulligan leaned against the bathroom door with Philip in one arm. “I’m just…admiring the color scheme you have here.”

“Thank you.” Thomas beamed leaning over her shoulder. “I was going for an Elegant, purple Parisian—“ He was silenced by Angelica’s finger over his lips.

“My sister, her men, where are they?” Angelica crossed her arms for a second. “Are they in the bathroom?”

“Are they, I don’t know, I didn’t even know there was a bathroom here. Weird…”

“Baby soon!” Philip clapped happily, “Mama doin’ number” he held up two fingers and won a small smile from his aunt before she went back to frowning at Hercules.

“Hercules, move right this instant.” She growled, there was a stare off between them. Hercules losing every second he tried to keep her intensity. After a minute there was a knock from the otherside of the door. Hercules moved aside and allowed the door to open. There, John and Alex were covered in water, Eliza seemingly wet from the waist down with her dress back on. In one of Angelica’s thick towels they had a baby wrapped up, who was wide eye and already examining the world. “…you had a baby in the bathroom?”

“Angelica …I …I’m sorry I …”

“You had…my niece in my bathroom!!” Angelica jumped over to her and fluttered her hands over the newborn. “Oh she’s perfect, Thomas call the doctor, tell him make a house visit.” She ordered, “Hercules you were the midwife why don’t you help with clean up. Laf make a trip to the store and bring something nice for…for…” She blinked then looked at the three. “Well what are you going to call her?”

John and Alex changed small shrugs; the name had been up to Eliza to decide this time. Eyes were on the mom as Philip clung to Angelica’s leg trying to climb up his aunt to see the new baby. “I was thinking…naming her Angelica. She seems like an Angelica…”

Oh my, we’ve never talked about our theatre kid! Jk, he’s not that into musicals, but he has a particular interest in singing Hamilton’s soundtrack through the hallways (or whispering it when he believes his master can’t hear him).

Fun Fact: Stan is from the Underworld, so we wonder if he ever got to actually meet the Schuyler sisters …

Tune in every Monday and Friday for more comics, and every Wednesday for little slices of life! Hope you like them; if you do be sure to reblog it so more people can see them ^^


Clexa Fan Art Master List (Part 2)


Seeing as I’ve been dealing with a a lot of reposters these days. I’ve decided to make a master list of the Clexa art I’ve created. This will consist of multiple posts as Tumblr only allows 10 per photoset and a text post is too slow loading and I have over 20 pieces

This is purely for reference so I can point people in the right direction.



Tekken 7: Top 10 Favorite Rage Arts:

“Tekken 7 is finally out, and everybody is talking about it. Tekken is one of my favorite series ever, so I should be talking about it as well, so here I am. At the moment, I don’t have the game but I have played at a friend’s house and my gosh…It’s beautiful. I have some problems with it, but it’s such a fun game that I can ignore it’s faults…for now. One of the new introductions in this game is the rage arts, or as I like to call them, the finishing moves. Honestly, this was a hard top 10 to make, because most characters have boring rage arts. For the most part, is just a sequence of moves that these characters already perform, without being a special. I had to make this top 10 somehow, so here’s my list:

01. Yoshimitsu; (I love this rage art so much. I know…we have seen Yoshimitsu doing this moves before, but I think it’s such an epic finisher).

02. Devil Jin; (this is such a badass rage art. The dude has wings, so he better use them for something sick as fuck).

03. Dragunov; (this is another simple rage art that works so well. It’s so creepy and epic).

04. Kuma; (this rage art is so funny. It’s so simple, but it works so well. I love it).

05. Alisa; (it’s wild and over the top. Perfect for Alisa).

06. Master Raven; (It’s a decent rage art. However, I expected something crazier for her).

07. Eliza; (you have fire and witchcraft of some kind, which you should expect from Eliza. Pretty decent).

08. Nina; (this is one of those rage arts that looks like it can loop for a really long time, because of all the circles she’s making, lol. Many people aren’t a fan of it, but I think it suits her very well).

09. Lili; (this is a pretty basic rage art, to be honest. All of the moves in Lili’s rage art are attacks that you can normally do. I decided to include it on the list is because of how pretty it looks. Really dig the hearts all over her).

10. Lee. (It’s a fun little rage art. It’s kinda goofy, which fits Lee very well. Other than that, is nothing special).

I hope you enjoy this top 10. I have some top 10s planned, and they are also related to Tekken 7. I’m planning to make a top 10 favorite endings (which won’t be easy neither…) and I’m seriously thinking if I should make a top 10 for the rage drives.

PS: the footage does not belong to me. You can find the original video in HERE. It’s by the user "Shirrako” on Youtube.


Wanted to save this until Father’s Day, but given that’s only two days before Stormblood’s official release (and by that point I’ll be playing it on Early Access anyway), I decided to release this early.

So just like with Heavensward, I wanted to do some character lore stuff in the build up to Stormblood. While there are plenty of canon reasons our characters are going to Ala Mhigo (and Doma, I know, I was there when they announced it, but in lore they don’t know that yet), I also wanted to give personal reasons to my characters other than “It’s the right thing to do/It’s our duty as the Warriors of Light!” This is obviously a followup to the post I did just before 3.5 arrived. I’ve mentioned a few times when talking about my characters’s lore that Eliza was initially trained in martial arts by her father, however he died when she was young. I decided to expand on this a bit and say that she only heard that her father had died, she never actually saw him die. I don’t know how lore friendly it is to say that he left Eorzea to help the Ala Mhigans when they were invaded, but surely it’s… passable right? I know Ala Mhigo holds resentment towards Eorzea for turning its back on them, but this is one individual we’re talking about, not the whole nation. My thought process is: Eliza’s father always taught her that she should always help those in need, which is exactly what he intended to do when he left to help the Ala Mhigans. That lesson shaped her entire life and is what motivates her to carry on as a Warrior of Light.

Obviously Stormblood’s not out yet, so I don’t know how well I’ll be able to tie this in to its canon story when the expansion does come out, but I’m sure there will be a way. If not, I’ll MAKE a way! XD.

In any case, I’m very happy with how these images turned out. I do so much interaction between Pepean and Eliza, so its nice to show her talking to her other friends here as well. It’s also nice to show more of Selaine’s personality than just “she has a yandere obsession with Pepean”. I imagine Eliza’s the one she finds the most irritating, seeing as she’s Pepean’s lover. Green with envy and all that. As you can see: I’ve already given Eliza and Selaine their new hairstyles. With R’athona and Terry their new hairstyles will be Stormblood ones, so I can’t use them just yet. However I did shave off R’athona’s beard. As I said: I want at least ONE of my Warriors of Light to not have any facial hair.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed this little interaction between my characters. Hopefully I can get some more stuff like this done if work doesn’t keep me too busy.