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If last season’s episode “Demons” played out like a mini-horror movie, “Gimme Shelter” is a claustrophobic thriller, dark as the name of the rain that will wash away more than one character’s attempts to hide how they really feel.
—  Previewing ‘The 100’ season 4, episode 7: Survival requires sacrifice by Selina Wilken

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Hi, I’m so sorry for this, but I saw this post and I couldn’t help but write a not-so-little fic for it!

I love this AU so much please keep it up!

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One of the first warnings Ms. Jackson got when she started teaching was “Watch out for show-and-tell day.” She had nervously laughed as she stirred her tea and asked why.

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  • Me: I would LOVE if my maid of honour sang Satisfied at my wedding!
  • Also Me: My maid of honour better not sing Satisfied at my wedding, because that would mean she's in love with my future husband and it would be hella awkward.

Every now and then I feel a slight pang in my heart when I think about Eliza Taylor and her place in the aftermath of The 100 fallout. She was so proud of playing a character like Clarke Griffin and so proud to be on such an interesting and progressive show. She probably still is proud to some extent, which she should be because it seems like she pours her heart and soul into her work and for that she should be very proud. But the current state of the show and negativity surrounding it must really break her heart. I feel bad that a show that was once highly praised is now blacklisted by so many, including a large majority of its fanbase, popular news sites and critics. No, I do not feel bad for the show or its creators - fuck them and the disgusting horrible shit they pulled and the way they handled it (except for Javi, who took the time to truly listen when it mattered). I feel bad for Eliza, who had no say in where the story was taken and is probably extremely disappointed in both the direction the show took and by the fact that she was a part of something that had such a negative impact on so many people’s lives. I feel bad that a majority of the show’s remaining fans are so disrespectful to her and go out of their way to post inappropriate and mean things about her (and to her) on social media. I feel bad that a cloud of negative energy will continue to surround her as long as she is starring in that show, regardless if that negative energy is directed at her or if she’s just caught in the crosshairs. I’m projecting here as I obviously don’t know her personally, but it seems like she is someone who truly cares about her work and her fans, and it must be awful to put up with all of the crap she probably has to put up with on a daily basis. Yes, I know she’s an actress and she gets paid well for it, but it can’t be that much fun anymore to be the face of a blacklisted and problematic show. I want to thank Eliza for being so honest and sincere in her interactions with her fans, for being such a beacon of light and positive energy for so many, and for always going above and beyond to make others feel important and their voices heard. Stay awesome Eliza. Stay proud. And stay you. 

Thought y'all might appreciate this Hamilton cross stitch I just completed :)

Wowza! Check this awesome cross stitch out guys!

It’s so cool! I wish I had the patience/skills/time/money to do these. 

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