A Bet

( Based on a rp with @salmicka1 )

Her heart fluttered with excitement as she peeked around the corner. Armando was pacing around the hallway, polished boots creating an intimidating echo. He was muttering over various documents and shaking his head; rubbing his face with a sigh. Not in the best of moods, but then again, this bet was too enticing to avoid jumping for it. Eliza had been waiting for an opportunity like this, a chance for a little payback with a nice payout.

The shifter breathed in deep, and went around the bend in the hallway; casually and with purpose so as to not arouse suspicion. Armando glanced up.

“Bruja, you are late with the chores in this area…what is your excuse this time?”

Eliza halted her journey and smiled sweetly, relaxing her shoulders.

“Honestly sir, I have no excuse at all!”

Mando quirked an eyebrow and set the small stack of papers next to a vase.

“Really, chica? None? How odd….and are you feeling alright? You seem giddy…have one too many cups of coffee perhaps?”

Eliza continued to smile and laughed lightly.

“Actually, I’m giddy because of this!”

She stepped towards him and planted a kiss firmly on his lips. He blinked at her, utterly astonished. But it rapidly turned to annoyance and indignation. Armando shoved Eliza away from him.

“Are you crazy?!”

She only laughed more, turning away and winking at him over her shoulder.

“Maybe a little!”

Another servant poked their head out from behind a plant, and handed her a gold coin and some chocolate.

“I didn’t think you’d go through with it!”

“Hey, money and chocolate are perfectly good reasons!”

Eliza waved at Armando as both humans disappeared around the corner.

“Just a friendly little BET between friends! Like how you and Miguel pulled the same shit with me! Now you know what it feels like!”

The captain stood there dumbfounded, and curled his lip. Ooh….that little wench….had the nerve….the gall….to do the same to him…well, he had to admit it was both courageous and stupid, and Eliza was certainly both of those things.

“I do NOT appreciate this bruja!” he snapped.

Armando had heard of “karma” where one does something, and the exact same thing, or at least something similar, comes back to them. He hissed and flexed his claws. He didn’t like this “karma” one bit, oh not at all. But…he felt he did sort of deserve it. The bet with Miguel had been rather cruel; toying with Eliza’s emotions. Though, Armando was very loathe to admit it.

He growled deep in his chest before chuckling at what had just transpired.

“I’ll let you get away with this….but perhaps this is the start of a little game, chica? Round two goes to you….now it’s time for round three!”

first burn ended my life for so so many reasons and here’s just some of them
  • “i see how you look at my sister” explicitly states that alexander loves/longs for angelica as much as she does for him and clearly he hasn’t done that good of a job of hiding it because
  • eliza fucking knows
  • “i know about whispers” implies that either it’s because she’s seen the quiet moments between them, or that others have gossiped about it around her, thinking her naive enough not to notice
  • eliza is even more angry in “first burn” and some of the subtle changes are interesting, and so is her relationship with angelica in this song affected too
  • “do you know what angelica said, when i told her what you’d done?” emphasizes eliza as a narrator, but seeing as she hasn’t come into this role and writes herself out, it makes sense to omit this
  • it does make angelica’s reply of “you have married an icarus” feel less sympathetic, and not like an i told you so, sort of way, but not said in heartbreak the way the broadway “burn”
  • and then when she brings back the sister line, the fact she brings it up shows her immense anger, that hamilton hasn’t been getting away with it as well as he thought
  • possibly even that if eliza ever worried he’d do anything beyond flirting and  would actually cheat on her, she thought it could have been with angelica
  • but it is important that eliza calls alexander out on his behaviour; there’s not hint of blame towards angelica, which given how “the reynolds pamphlet” went—put what we had aside, i’m standing at her side / i love my sister more than anything in this life—makes perfect sense and shows eliza’s love for her sister. the problem isn’t that angelica loves him; that doesn’t bother her. it’s that alexander loves her back, which as his wife, is admittedly far to think. and the fact this is the only instance she shows it bothers her is a test of her character, and shows how much this has broken her, honestly
  • “i’m rereading your letters and watching them burn” unrelated but holy shit
  • “your enemies whispers so you have to scream” is similar to “congratulations” in calling alexander out: “so concerned with what your enemies will do to you, you’re the only enemy you ever seem to lose you,” in that alexander makes a bigger fuss than he needs to, and in jefferson’s words from “the reynolds pamphlet”
  • you ever seen somebody ruin their own life? and “first burn” still shows that it isn’t just his life he’s ruined, but eliza, and she really lets him have it in this song
  • we are your legacy” makes it all the more savage when she destroys her letters because not only is she erasing herself out of the narrative, while demanding alexander to tell their children what he’s done to her, but she’s also purposefully destroying his legacy
  • Hamilton: No stress, my love for you is never in doubt
  • We’ll get a little place in Harlem and we’ll figure it out
  • Narrator: They did not figure it out.
wow look the stars are just so beautiful

˚ hamilton .   ✦      ✦                
✺     .   was

 ✧ not     ⋆  ✷

˚  .  ·     a . 
  ⊹   ˚ ✵       .
✫ victim  ✧ ˚   ˚
*  .          *
· *   dont 
blame    + ·
✵  .  *   · .    
 maria        ˚       
✫     ✧      ⋆  ✷