I’m uploading this here because I’m sure ~Elixirmy didn’t receive the card I sent her on Christmas. I didn’t receive mine, either ;__;
This girl is amazing, seriously. She and only she got me into Portal. And her Wheatley is amazing. And her Rick. And her Spacey. AND HER EVERYTHING. ALL MY LOVE, WOMAN.

So, this was supposed to be folded in a half, inside a Companion Cube envelope ;w; I asked her via Tumblr if she had received it, but I’m afraid Tumblr ate my question. Or maybe I just missed the response .__.

Anyway, I hope you like it! Keep on with your amazing art, I admire you so much! And thank you for getting me into Portal!


Happy Valentine’s Day Samy! ;w; <3

Sorry these are a bit late~ I hope they arrive in the mail safe and sound cause the first one is a bit… bigger than the rest… :o

Anyway, thank you SO much for everything you’ve given me and all your kind words and support! I appreciate it all fdgkhfd 8D Also, I wasn’t sure whether to draw your Wheatley or mine, so I hope that’s ok fdhjghdno

I hope you like them regardless ;u;

To one of my most favorite artists, elixiroverdose.


You’ve inspired me so very much over the years. You’re one of the first artists I’ve looked up to since I was about 11 when you had your first deviantART account. Of course, I couldn’t talk to you since I was too young to have an account. But now I can actually communicate with you, and start conversations about stuff and what-not. Sadly, I haven’t been because of how extremely shy I am and how I keep thinking that I’m not worthy to speak with such a talented young lady, and I want to overcome that badly, especially after all of those years. You’ve introduced me to many different fandoms, and because of that, I made a lot of new friends. I also learned how to love the cartoony style, because all I ever drew was anime. Even though I still sometimes draw anime, and watch anime, I thought it was about time to try something different, and since then, I was able to find my own style which would still change regularly, and I began to study a bit about cartoons. I probably would never find a passion for drawing if it wasn’t for you. I would like to thank you for being extremely sweet and loving to all of your followers, and for inspiring me and many others. 


btw your hair was so much fun to draw fhfdshjkashl


Gifts for Samy =D ♥

Pic 1~

I absolutely love drawing perkins and elixir xDD unfortunately i had to improv with color combos since i dont have the right prisma markers~ lol it sucks being poor~

Pic 2~

Portal 2 is one of my favorite things~ I decided to color it xDD and my room is so dark I accidently picked the wrong orange for chell~ bah! xDDDD goodness

I hope you like them Samy~ You are awesome =)


Paralyzed, fear is in your eyes
But your cries will go unheard even if you try
Struggling is futile so get tangled up in me
Cause to survive I think you’re gonna have to pay a little fee

More Undertale tunes! Just finished a vocal cover of “Spider Dance” recently! I love Muffet’s dialogue and battle theme, so this one was super fun to work on and sing. It was a challenge writing lyrics for that crazy rhythm and tempo, but I hope you guys enjoy what I came up with, as well as the music box instrumental I made for it! ♥

(The artwork featured in the video image is by Samy / Elixirmy – check out her original post and the rest of her gallery to support her talent!)

My mom said to never apologize unless I meant it….so I’m not apologizing. I kinda sorta drew this out, and found a little shading tutorial on Elixiroverdose’s tumblr and well…

HOLY MOTHER FUCKIN CHRIST ON A CRACKER IT LOOKS FANTASTIC! needless to say I shall be utilizing this method once again, maybe not the shine…not a fan of the shine.

So ya…this is a little fan piece for Elixirmy, Little Red Elixirmy…gonna chop down some trees…to make her hood, cause they don’t just grow on trees…HA HA HA HA

I’ll stop now