late night sketchdump from twitter; meet Bunny (actual name: Elivia Justin Kravitz Taaco), the Taakitz baby @twitteruseradhdtaako and I made. They’re awful and I love them.

Bunny facts:

  • very blasé about death and dead things. Catch them in the backyard, performing a funeral for a dead bird.
  • living animals aren’t very fond of them; they got that death stank.
  • very not smart, just like their Taako-dad.
  • “What has Bunny got in their mouth?” a daily game in the Taaco-Kravitz household. Hint: it’s probably not edible, possibly still alive.
  • 50% ear
I’m a mom!

Ahh!! Yesterday was so insane I didn’t have any time to write any sort of posts! But I’m officially a mom to a baby girl, Elivia Rose, who is so perfect I can’t even handle her adorableness. I’ll make a separate post of my birth story shortly but a quick summary is that everything went so amazingly smooth.

Story Time

I’m sitting here, listening to the dog snore, watching Netflix, and cuddling with my little pumpkin who’s laying on my chest. I think it’s as good of time as any to finally write Elivia’s birth story. I can already feel myself losing some of the details in my mind so I need to hurry and write it out.

So. First of all, in the week prior to October 31st, I did everything I could to try to start labor naturally so I wouldn’t have to be induced. I ate 3 entire pineapples (after buying an awesome tool that cut, cored, and peeled it all in one step), bounced and rolled on the exercise ball, ate spicy food, did the dirty deed, went for a walk (with my favorites from work and my hubs)… I did as much as I could and nothing worked. However, I did go from 1cm to 3cm dilated by the day of my last appointment before the induction. I had experienced a couple of contractions but never multiple at once and they weren’t very intense. Anyway, I had hope that at very least, my body was going to jump into labor on its own once they induced me.

Thankfully, I was right. I went into the hospital at 7 am with my husband and my mother and got all checked in. It was very strange to walk in so calmly since I’ve been expecting so much more chaos before knowing I’d be induced. At 9:30am, my water was broken and fifteen minutes later, I felt my first contraction. We walked the halls to try to get things going and I quickly had to stop and was bent over in pain. We worked through them as a team with the tools we learned in class. I didn’t want to walk so I tried the ball, it hurt too much so I tried a few other positions. Eventually I was laying in bed because they wanted to monitor the baby (I think that’s why I was on the bed?) and I actually found some comfortable positions while laying down and then they hurt too bad for me to even stand up anyway. Which is really not what I expected. The pain was so strange. I was expecting it to be high or at least all over, similar to the few little ones I had before I was induced but this pain was really low and so much stronger. I couldn’t lay still enough for the monitors to stay on the baby every time I had a contraction. I was gripping the sides of the bed so hard I joked they might come off. All that pain escalated so fast, my nurses could barely keep up. My mom and N tried so hard to support me, they were a really great support team. They massaged my back when I asked and other than that I basically yelled at them to just stay away. During one of the contractions, the nurse told me something and they both started talking to explain or support me or something and I yelled “everyone stop talking, only she can talk!” (Talking about the nurse) I’m pretty sure they were telling me I needed to lay on my back because the pain made me feel like I was going to throw up so I ended up on my hands and knees on the bed and then the pain prevented me from turning back around. The nurses really handled me amazingly. There were about three contractions (that I remember) where I yelled that I didn’t think I could take it and I needed medicine. I thought that if I was still in the early stages of labor, I’d never last all day like this. But once the contractions were over my mom and N reminded me not to make that decision at the peak of the pain and I refused medicine any time the nurse asked. After those three contractions (or so) it was like my body just took over for my brain and told me to start pushing. So I did. And it felt so much better. I think I grunted and a nurse heard so I was quickly surrounded by a ton of people rushing to figure out how dilated I was and where the baby was. There was a break in contractions and I laid on my back like they told me to and they felt that I was fully dilated and it was time to push (my body already had figured that out but it was such a relief to know that it was okay to do so and that I wasn’t still in the early stages of labor). I pushed a whole bunch, but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I expected! I didn’t get any ring of fire- I actually stopped pushing at one point saying I was scared and that’s what I was scared of. All of a sudden I was being told to reach down and bring my baby to my chest. Elivia Rose was born at 12:19 pm and I’ve never been so in love. You can see in my husbands eyes every time he looks at her that he feels the same way.

I now have a hungry baby so hopefully that all makes sense because I gotta go!

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Introduce your family!

Mine has recently grown by 6 pounds! There’s my amazingly sweet husband, N, who has been so supportive and great with my crazy attitude swings. He’s so adorable with our new little pumpkin, he’s careful and even though he needs to get some practice to gain some confidence, he’s doing so well. Then there’s me, 25 year old ftm as of October 31, 2017! I’m tired but I’m so happy and I can’t stop staring at the bundle of baby we made. Which brings me to the final one, my baby pumpkin, Elivia Rose! She’s so perfect (even if I’m a bit biased). I couldn’t ask for a better family.