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Summary:  Henry’s not actually sure if they own rubber bands – Mary Margaret’s always had a thing for bullclips and Tupperware and somehow the obsoleteness of rubber bands had been translated over to her daughter’s household as well – and, also, because he’s not wholly sure Killian knows exactly what a rubber band is.

remember how Many Moons Ago i promised kristen i’d write her captain cobra and i started a four-parter fic and never finished any of the scenes except this one yeah that was cool anyhoops here is the Only Finished Scene bc if i had to see it sitting in the wip folder one more time i might have cried. also its probably not canon compliant bc i dont know WHAT theyre doing anymore but!!! hope u enjoy ur re-read @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

“Okay, okay. Get this – a rubber band.”

Killian frowns at the upside-down video game controller in his hand.

“Or we could just use one of Mom’s hair ties,” adds Henry, because he’s not actually sure if they own rubber bands – Mary Margaret’s always had a thing for bullclips and Tupperware and somehow the obsoleteness of rubber bands had been translated over to her daughter’s household as well – and, also, because he’s not wholly sure Killian knows exactly what a rubber band is.

Oh, wait, there it is – his eyes are lighting up with recognition.

“You mean something akin to a spring mechanism,” he says thoughtfully, propping his arm up on his knee so that he can inspect the controller more closely. Henry is mostly sure that Emma would be chill with them borrowing one of her hair ties. Mostly.

She kept complaining about losing them all the other day, though, so it’s really a hit-or-miss sort of thing.

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I found these while continuing the long, tedious process of cleaning out my hard drives. This was when Neopets was moving out of the Viacom offices after the company was purchased.

I want to make it clear that I had no involvement in this tomfoolery. I just stood by to document the scene… and laugh hysterically… and cheer them on… and possibly yell out word suggestions… but no direct involvement whatsoever.

elivent  asked:

Hi! Can I ask you to write something canon compliant about FS moving into their double bunk or their new apartment?

Hi @elivent! Thank you so much for the prompt! This one turned out a bit different, style-wise, but I hope it’s still what you were looking for.

Here is day three of my week long celebration of my blog anniversary! A huge thank you to everyone that’s sent in prompts - I now have enough to post one each day this week, so keep an eye out for them! 

As always, enjoy!


The first time they move in together, they’re nineteen, fresh out of the Academy and in a hurry to become SHIELD’s top scientists. There’s about a week between the time they graduate and when they’re set to start at Sci-Ops, so the hunt for a decent flat and the actual moving in are done within just a few days.

It’s not much, a space just big enough for the two of them, and most importantly, it’s a fifteen minute walk from the Sci-Ops facility (the key deciding factor, really). They don’t have much between the two of them, and it isn’t long before they’re unpacked and suddenly this is what they call home.

Things aren’t always easy – though they’ve been attached at the hip for the past two and a half years, they’ve never lived together and there’s an adjustment period. There’s arguments over who gets to shower first or who’s turn it is make dinner that night, Jemma is eternally frustrated by the dirty laundry Fitz seems to leave everywhere, and Fitz can’t stand the fact that there only ever seems to be ridiculously healthy food in the kitchen.

But, at the end of the day, they’re still together, and after watching friends and partners at the Academy assigned to separate SHIELD facilities after graduation, they understand how lucky they truly are.

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1K Appreciation Post
↳ ❝You’ve got a friend in me.

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of my followers and all the amazing people here in the AOS fandom! I would have never imagined that I could reach this milestone and yet I have, all thanks to you guys. :)

It’s definitely rewarding and for it to coincide with my birthday made it that much better! Everyone here has been so friendly, kind, humble and super funny. I love to read all your hashtag humor which always makes me happy. Also thanks to all the friends I have gotten to known here, sorry if you had to listen to my endless vents. 

Last but not certainly not least I would like to recommend following these babes (in no particular order) simply because they are amazing souls with a great heart and a crazy amount of talent : 

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Have a good weekend everyone! <3

Remember to Keep Up With Your Training Logs!

Hey guys! I wanted to give a quick reminder of how important training logs are if you are owner-training a service dog. If you got your dog from a professional training program, the program will have in-depth records of your dog’s training (and usually some form of “certification” on top of that). If you owner trained your dog, it’s extremely important that you have these logs as well! If an issue ever arrises with your service dog, they will serve as one of your only proofs of training.

While proof of training cannot be used as terms for entering a public establishment, they can be used as terms for receiving service dog related benefits (such as free county or state dog registration, discounts from certain companies, etc). They will also serve a very important purpose if you ever wind up in court due to your dog. 

Even if your dog is already half-way through his training and you didn’t log anything previously, you can still start now! Here’s a sample log to fill out each week. 

Sample Service Dog Training Log

Owner Trainer’s Name: [jamie doe]
Dog’s Name: [kennel’s my shining star “jack”]
Breed: [golden retriever]
Gender: [male]
Age: [2 years, 4 months; your best guess if you have a shelter dog]

Week of: [19-25 Nov 2017]
[8.5] ([6] On Site) + ([2.5] Outings)

Health: [bath & nails trimmed in tuestday, heartworm preventative given on saturday, brushed daily, and vet appointment scheduled for next week. diet remained the same. no health concerns.]
Problems: [barked in the hospital room when a nurse knocked on the door]
Outings: [.5 hrs spent in walmart with permission on tuesday, 1 hr spent at the hospital with permission accompanied by (trainer name) on thursday, and 1 hr spent in intermediate obedience training class with (trainer name) at (training facility) on friday.]
Socialization: [dog was exposed in a positve mannor to tile floors, grass, gravel, men with beards, children, other dogs, stairs, elivators, rubbinc alcohol, etc. use the blow socialization shart to give you ideas. he was nervous around metal slat stairs, people with hats, revolving doors, and escalators.]
Obedience: [practiced CGC behaviors at home and in the local park under moderate distractions. broke long distance down stay when a child ran up to say hi. his heeling was slightly distracted.]
Service Dog Tasks: [practiced brace indoors and on park benches around the community. still needs work in holding his stand stay for londer durations. practiced panic attack alert at home, and he alerted in public for the first time on tuesday in walmart.]
Manners: [worked on impulse control around food and open doors. still needs work in not jumpin up on guests when they enter the home. still likes to dart out the door if left open.]

Comments: [enrolled in a novice trick dog class, cgc test scheduled for next saturday, and purchased a new “in training” vest for jack from indistrial puppy.]

Keep these logs in a binder along with certificates of your dog passing the CGC exams, public access test, etc. It’s also a good diea to have vieos of your dog on hand (video of the public access test, and videos of him tasking).

I hope this helps 
~ Lex (& Faith…. & Defiance)

Hello and Happy (almost) New Year to all of my wonderful followers. This year has been one of many ups and downs (thankfully, more of the former for me!) and I’m happy to have experienced it with all of you. Joining this fandom three-ish years ago was a bit nerve wracking for me, but the people I’ve met since coming here have been nothing short of absolute exceptional and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. Thank you to everyone I’ve met along the way and I wish you all the best in 2018. 

(I also wish FS the best in 2018, but, ya know…… lmfao)

Royalty ♕ (at least in my books)
(AKA Some special mentions to people who have made my 2017 better)
@jemmannesimmns​ - olesya, probably one of the best people i’ve met in 2017. you listen to my constant bitching, whining, complaining, whatever is on my mind no matter what and I thank you so incredibly for all of that. you are one of the most wonderful people I’ve met without a shadow of a doubt, and you always push me that extra step that I need. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put it in words how much it means to me that you have chosen me as your friend, but I am glad for it every day. Thank you for all that you do, and for being my inspiration on the driest of days.

@softdeckerstar - veronika, my literal rockstar. we’ve been friends for years and somehow keep winding up in the same fandoms without actually meaning to. thank you for, quite honestly, being my voice of reasons in the moments of sheer fandom-related panic. I’m not always the easiest to get along with, but you have done it this long (lmao.) thank you for your beautiful blog, and your insightful opinions on txf and lucifer in general, and listening to me jabber on without any question. you’re truly a gift and I can never thank you enough. ♥

@leopoldjamesfitz -TEGAN (or so my autocorrect would insist), you’re, along with adrienne, one of my newest friends, but as you both have so eloquently put in your posts, it’s hardly felt like that at all. (like christ, I still can’t believe the trash group we run is literally just a week old) I’ve been following you since your days at your old tumblr, and the content you bring forth is just absolute outstanding. painful most of the time, but truly outstanding. I’m very lucky to have met you and adrienne both, and I look forward to getting to know you more in 2018. (if y’all both don’t kill me with all the day-to-day feels i’m subjected to)

@fitzjemma - adrienne, beautiful, pain-loving, adrienne, easily one of the nicest people I’ve ever met with no questions asked, although I am learning that there is an evil side of you that comes to frutition when we’re talking about angst and that person is my nemesis but also my bff?? (i guess I should thank you for all the pain but that seems a bit masochistic) as I said to tegan above, we are still fairly new to one another, but it definitely doesn’t feel that way in any shape or form. it feels like we’ve been talking and ruining each other’s lives on the daily for years, and while there are sometimes when my only form of communication may be reaction pics cause y’all have literally murdered me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your blog and your personality are absolutely stunning, and I look forward to 2018 with you and tegan by my side. I love you both ♥♥

@whatlighttasteslike- mel, my darling, my life ruiner. we don’t speak often, but I’m always on high alert when a post of yours comes because, without a shadow of a doubt, they always astound me. I mean, after they come into my house and murder me, but nonetheless. You are such an amazing advocate for this fandom, and every little piece you put into it is an absolute gift. Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do, and have a wonderful 2018, dearest. 

@jewishfitz- sarah!!!!!!!!!!!! my light, my stars, my saturn pal! aslkfhsa no one appreciates that song as much as you and I do. thank you for being such a wonderful person in this fandom. your posts are always so Relatable and honestly, I love nothing more than interacting with you when we both get the chance. you have such a sparkling personality and your love for fitz and strong willed mind are two things I can both appreciate and admire in this fandom. Happy New Years, lovely, and I look forward to speaking more to you in 2018. 

@jemmasimmons - and last, but surely not least, maggie! one of the first people that I can recall speaking to on a personal level on this site (in terms of the AOS fandom at least), and by far, easily one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the blessing of speaking to. maggie, while we don’t speak as much, I would like to personally thank you for all that you do for the FS fandom at large - monitoring TFSN is not an easy feat, on top of the other blogs you manhandle, and you do it with such grace and style. Thank you, mostly, though, for making me feel welcome in the fandom. I was fairly new when we first spoke, and the courage you gave me to start talking to others has wound me up here. Your personality is worth millions, babes, and never let anyone tell you different. ♥

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hey there i’d like you to imagine, for a moment,,, now jsut imagine for am  in,,, 

someone (loki) puts a curse on tony two weeks before crhistmas,, and the nerd has just read A Christmas Carol so of course it’s ghosts ahahahaahahaaah a

And it starts out with Tony’s mom and it’s okay because he cries every time he sees her but it’s cuz he misses her and he avoids the rest of the team but they endersand and then he emergest on day and its not just her following him around but his dad too and then slowly his mom fades and his dad grows stronger and every time they see him he’s hissing in tony’s ear until one day tony’s walking through th eliving room and his dad just shoves him to the floor and starts kicking him and tony just Takes It and they dnt understand and rush to hel p him only wait theres a new figure there now

it’s Ty and hes Grinning and 

okay but just imagine sorry for the misspellings ive got a bunch of baindaids on my fingers and its like 11 pm i should be writing a paper im not

For Old Times Sake

@xx-multi-fandom-imagines Pairing: Loki x reader ft. Avengers
Content: humour, fluff

The Avengers and you have gotten pretty close ever since the attack on New-York. You were sent by Odin to take Loki back to Asgard to a prison since Thor requested your help with it. So along with Thor (about two months ago now) you took him to Asgard where he is still locked up. Instead of staying in Asgard Thor offered to take you to Midgard with him and you gladly agreed hoping to learn about their culture.

Oh no. But today, you were pissed.


Because Thor, that bloody idiot, has decided to bring Loki back to face his mistakes.

“This time he truly is different! My fellow Avengers, I promise you, the moment he causes trouble (Y/N) and I will send him right back to Asgard.” Thor pleaded at Tony.
“Fine Goldielocks, but if New-York gets destroyed again destroyed again it’s on you.” Tony said.
“Thank you Man of Iron!” 

So now, you and the rest of the Avengers were standing in a line in front of the elevator in the Avengers Tower, waiting for Loki.
The elevator door opened reveling a regularly dressed Loki looking handsome in simple black jeans and blue T-shirt, with Thor, also regularly dressed.
“Hello mortals.” He greated with a cocky grin, reveling perfact white teeth.
“Brother, be nice.” Thor remided him, Loki instantly frowned.
“Also, I’m not a mortal.” You dryly said as you passed right through him to acces the elivator on your way to your room.

A few hours passed, you were on your bed pratically falling asleep when you heard a knock on the door.
“Come in -” You lazily called thinking it was probably Clint coming to complain about the entire Loki thing. He suffered more than everyone on that attack, surprisingly Loki came into the room. You tensed and got up quickly.
“Relax, I am not going to do anything.” He pointed out. “I just wanted to know what you meant when you said you weren’t mortal.”
By this point you were sitting, waiting for him to laugh or admit he was joking.
“Loki. I am from Asgard. I took you there with Thor.” You tried to remind him. He paused for a moment.
“Doesn’t ring a bell.”
“WHAT?! We useds to play together all the time as kids!”
“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)… I think I might remember you..”
“You can’t not remember me, you kissed me when we were 13. And then when I started training we lost touch.” You blushed at that statement.
“Yes, I definetly remember now. I really liked you at the time, but then you became a what, valkyrie?” He sat next to you on the bed at that point.
“I am better than a valkyrie actually. My training was a lot better and I just sort of did special missions for Odin.”
”You showd a lot of determenation as a child, you grew up to be a fine woman as well.” That compliment made you drop your gaurd down and made you feel comfortable with Loki that night.
You and Loki ended up staying up all night bringing up memories. You have truly thoughgt Loki has changed and old feelings from back when you were a child sparked up again.

By now it has been a month since Loki came back. It all wewnt smooth and the Avengers have stopped hating him so much as well, and you even developed a crush on the misunderstood Asgardian. Of course though he didn’t like you back, he only picked you when you were 13, that was so long ago. Life with him became comfortable and it was like… You nerver left.
“Hey (Y/N),” Loki greeted you gladly in the morning. “What are you doing today?”
“Well I was planning on going to the library today.” You said smililng.
“You are not.” He leaned on the counter. “You are going to a resterunt with me this evening.” He slyly smiled.
“I’m… What?” You turned red as a tomato.
“Rsterunt, with me. Tonight.” He repeted, stepping closer to you.
“Gladly, but why?” You stuttered.
“When you left, I kissed you. I’d like to finish where we left off.” He leaned in, and your lips touched.

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So hi there ;) I’m your secret Santa! ^^ Hope you enjoy this one-shot!

Package for Mr Wayne

(I’m so sorry it took so long.) Prompt: hurt me don’t hurt them x batboys (platonic) I should warn you this is angst, not my best story and it has violence and it think violence is considered graphic

The cold November rain poured into your determined form as you stood before Talia and the League of Assassins.
    “Step aside child. I mean no harm to you.” Her tone was cold, colder than the rain, but you weren’t afraid. She wanted to hurt the boys to prove a point to Bruce, but this time you wouldn’t just sit and watch as they barely made it home to survive through stitches and gazes.
    “No Talia!” You yelled and Shiva moved from Talia’s side, ready to attack you. “I’m here to make an offer!” Talia’s hand stopped Shiva’s movements and she walked towards you.
   “Tell me” She smirked.
   “You want to hurt the Batman but it never worked when hurting the boys. Hurt me!”
    At the begging, Talia laughed, thinking you couldn’t be serious.
    But on second thought, she decided to speak. You and Bruce had always had an exceptional bond of a father and his daughter. Maybe this time, she’d hurt him for good.
    “ You’re offering yourself, little one. What do your brothers have to say about that?” She said and pet your wet hair.
    “No.” You swallowed some spit that had gathered in your mouth from your anxiety. “No they don’t”
      She laughed more, calling the situation too interesting to drop.
   “Tell my why I should take you”
   “Because… Bruce will be more hurt. He’s gotten over you hurting the boys. So hit me, torture me, kill me, deliver my head to his door if you want, hurt me, don’t hurt them!”
     You could remember this moment as the last moment you stood on your feet, as Talia signaled to the league to be on you. You could remember the fresh smell of the rain.
   You could not guarantee that Talia would stop attacking the boys, but maybe your death would make Bruce protect them more.
  You wanted your death and your torture to mean something.


The manor’s door bell rang, and Dick jumped at the sound, preventing Alfred from heading straight to the big, heavy door. His eyes fell in the brown box at the ground and he picked it up, hoping jt was something from you.

“What is it Dick?” Tim questioned as Dick’s steps made their way to the living room, full of worry.
“I don’t know Tim, by it stinks!”
Dick said as he set the box in front of them.
“It says it’s for my father” Damian said.

Once Bruce’s company was filling the cream colored living room, Bruce opened the box, the stomach becoming even worse.
Tim, who had his fingers crossed and his heart beating so fast, hoping it was an evidence that you were still alive, felt a tear slipping down his cheek.
Inside the box was a mini DVD player with the note “play me” on top, and a big black plastic bag, that probably was stuffed by a dead animal.
“Jason, is that a prank?” Bruce stiffened before he pressed the play button.
“What?” Jason’s eyes widened at Bruce’s words; the last thing he wanted to do was prank anybody, especially with you missing.
“I’m asking if that’s a prank. Why did you send us a dead animal?”
Jason looked at Bruce in disbelief and gathered the words to his comeback, though they never exited his mouth.
Dick had pressed play and the boys had gathered around the small player.
“Who are you?”
“I’m (y-y-/n)”
they heard your stuttering voice, but they couldn’t see you. Not yet.
“And who did you give yourself to, beloved?”
now the screen actually showed something. It was you, your hands tied up in a rope that hang from the ceiling, and tour face was dirty, bloody.
“Why did you do that, (y/n)?”
“F-f-for B-batman. To pr-pro-ot-tect th-the b-b-boys”
“And what did you say I could do, child?”
“D-eliver my head t-to their door.”

Tim did not wait for the video to finish to snatch the plastic bag. He wanted to open it so bad. To prove Talia was lying, cause you would never do that without telling them. To prove that you were alive, because there were feeling left unsaid between the two of you.
“fuck!” He yelled at the sight of your pale, cut head. Your lips, that were once pink and plump, were now white, half parted in pain, and your beautiful (e/c) eyes were almost black. That horrid image scattered everyone’s brain.
But Tim, oh Tim.
He couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t - he wanted to cry, to shut himself in a hole away from the whole world and never crawl out. Despite Dick and Jason screaming to him, he didn’t move, he couldn’t listen to them. All he could listen was his heart beating so fast, so sad.
He San into Bruce’s chest and cried, still holding your head, muttering about revenge.
He didn’t care about the world, all he acted about was that Talia had crushed his family and he wouldn’t let it go like that.
Even if that meant he’d get himself killed.

anonymous asked:

Why does it seem like fans just forget canon facts wen it comes to explaining the last movie?? Instead of coming up with a unique theme for NH to justify the content that has given by the writer in manga, the last just decided to retcon and destroy the core themes of Naruto to elivate NH.. it just pissed on narutos bond (his genuine like/love for Sakura by turning it into a competition) , his traits by showing as if Naruto is a monkey who can't tell the diff b/w food and people :(

I think you’re making it seem much worse than it actually was. The core themes of the series weren’t destroyed due to the mistakes of one movie, Naruto’s bond with Sakura as a whole wasn’t pissed on because there was far more to it than just his crush on her, and there’s also far more to Naruto’s character than just his apparent obliviousness.

Now, I certainly agree with the core elements of your point - the movie did indeed do a disservice to Naruto’s feelings towards Sakura, and it made little sense to depict him as someone who was too dense to decipher between materialistic and romantic affections. But I think the way you’re describing it is going a little overboard. It’s not like the entire series, or even Naruto’s relationship with Hinata was ruined due to how the movie was done.


Here is the sheet music for I Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. I’m horribly obsessed with this cover by Twenty One Pilots. This song is just so beautiful, every time I play it, I cry a little bit. This could be very easily transposed as a solo for almost any instrument, so let me know if you want me to do that. Enjoy! 

**I am not Elvis Presley, and I didn’t write this song. I did, however, make this sheet music, so please give credit if you’re going to use it for anything**

Deep Thoughts Part One

This is a short series that @iwillbeinmynest and I are collaborating on! We hope that you guys will love it and enjoy reading it just as much as we have enjoyed writing!! :) 

Originally posted by ninja-spacenerd


Constant beeping is what Bucky first heard. Then constant whispers. His eyes fluttered open and he saw that people were all around him. Not just people, strangers.

 Bucky felt his body tense up. He didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what was going on. The last thing he remembered was going into cryo. He didn’t know how long ago that was. It could’ve been weeks, months, or even years. Bucky had been through a lot in his lifetime. What he wanted now was peace.

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