I found these while continuing the long, tedious process of cleaning out my hard drives. This was when Neopets was moving out of the Viacom offices after the company was purchased.

I want to make it clear that I had no involvement in this tomfoolery. I just stood by to document the scene… and laugh hysterically… and cheer them on… and possibly yell out word suggestions… but no direct involvement whatsoever.


Sometimes I think about how it’d be if everything was the same but some colors were switched

Please only like and reblog. Note: these aren’t supposed to be according to ships, just color switches I wanted to see ha

Part two here

11/4/16: So just another update on Sylvester. For those of you who don’t know in January of this year he was diagnosed with kidney failure but he managed to pull through but about 2 months ago he got a really bad infection. His chest cavity was full of pus but his last x-rays showed no more visible fluid in his chest which is good but his blood work indicated that he was still fighting off the infection. The vet also saw that he was anemic and his kidney levels were a bit more elivated than before. He has his ups and downs but he has been stable for the most part. From his last blood work he showed some improvement, not a lot but he isn’t going in a bad direction. I am taking him to for a check up tomorrow 11/5/16 or sometime next week just to see how things are going so please pray for him and send good vibes his way so that hopefully everything is okay. I got my financial aid a week ago so I have enought for couple vet visits but everytime I take him to the vet I end up paying $100 - $300. I was going to save up my financial aid money to get him stem cell therapy for his kidneys which is around $2500 - $3000 which will have to wait a bit longer. My family is still tight on money and so I’m on my own when it comes to vet bills. If you guys could help me out by donating here or just reblog this post I would really appreciate it. For more updates on Sylvester go here. Thank you <3