elitsa and stoyan


Bulgaria 2013

‘Samo Shampioni’ (Only Champions), performed by Elitsa & Stoyan.
Composition: Elitsa Todorova, Kristian Talev.
Lyrics: Elitsa Todorova, Kristian Talev.

As Malmö 2013 dawned, Bulgaria had made only one appearance on Saturday night since debuting at Eurovision in 2005. So the smart thing to do was to call back the singers of ’Water’ in the form of Elitsa and Stoyan.

Unfortunately Elitsa and Stoyan decide to carry the 'same again please’ attitude. They managed to navigate ’Samo Shampioni’ through the 3-song national selection… complete with all its echoes of ’Water’. Mixing in a ridiculous number of drums, and the occasional skril of bagpipes, it feels more like a greatest hits medley from the duo rather than a new track.

Samo Shampioni’ lacks the coherence that ’Water’ had. The various elements work against each other and it’s a curious feeling to describe.. .the song doesn’t feel comfortable to me, and I suspect that the jurors and televoters agreed.

Following the non-qualification, Bulgaria would withdraw from Eurovision until it decided to call up another former champion.

Semi Final - Points: 45. Placing: 12th.
Grand Final - Did not qualify.


This so so catchy and I love it