elitsa and stoyan


oh gosh they’re too cool I can’t even think

Decade of Success and Failure 2017 - Number 1


Average score: 461 points
Placing 2007-2016: 2nd
Change in placing with 2016: +1
Dearly departed: Water - Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov; 158 points - 5th place

Bulgaria is the leader of this year’s ladder with two exceptionally good entries. They dropped their 2007 entry and it had to be replaced with something of an equal size; it surpassed it in a big way. 

Bulgaria is another country with a short Eurovision history with only three final qualifiers. To their credit each of them has landed in the top 5. Last year’s entry by Poli Genova was an exception well executed performance with choreography, clever lyrics and a message of unity. This year’s song was a different with different emotions and a much more mature sound. Both highly favored by the viewers and the juries on the night. 


This so so catchy and I love it