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In a recent ‘exchange’ I had with somebody they accused Spidey of being a an egotistical dick and an example of ‘toxic masculinity’ in the above interactions he had with the Avengers. I want to revisit this because I find that reading so utterly nonsensical.

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people need to stop ripping each other apart, or publicly defaming them with callout posts, especially if it’s without just reason ( someone is being harmed, safety is at risk, etc. ) people make mistakes, and only GROWN MATURE ADULTS know how to forgive, and forget. instead of hating one another, or calling someone an elitist, jerk, asshole, etc, how about we start looking out for each other? we’re all people, we’re all united by a love to write, so why not look out for each other? why not be kind? the community is only going to get better if vague blogging, anon hate, and callout posts stop. it takes effort to change, but being kind should not be difficult, we are all people with lives, and things we’re going through. so lookout for each other.

So I heard that there’s this thing that says that listening to classical music increases your IQ and sounds like the most elitist circle jerk pseudo science I’ve ever heard

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Hey Lucas, so I have my first con were I'm dressing up granted it like a casual cosplay, but I still made pieces for it, and I'm suddenly having cold feet. I was so proud of what I did and now I'm worried it will look bad in front of others, how do you deal with this sudden feeling if you've had it?

Hello there!

Getting cold feet or feeling self conscious about cosplay is a pretty normal feeling. It’s a lot to put yourself out there in such a vulnerable way especially if it’s your first time doing so!

I always try to remind myself that, at a con, I’ll be with other folks who may be new to cosplay or who were new to cosplay at some point. I’ll be with people who would want others to support their costume pieces, and so I’d hope they would give that support they expect themselves to others. Sometimes there are jerks, or elitists, or weirdos on the street… but those people are going to be mean REGARDLESS of how I look… if you’re put down because of your cosplay it isn’t that your cosplay is. As, it’s that the person putting you down has some insecurity/social issues they need to work out.

Find your allies and go for it! Being surrounded by folks you trust can be immensely helpful :) also perhaps try bringing a change of clothes in case it all gets a little overwhelming.

I hope you have a great time!!

Lets make a list of safe players

Okay, with competitive play now a thing in Overwatch, we’re now getting a lot of toxic players showing up. The kind of players that don’t care about making friends, being a good sport, trying to enjoy the game or raise the moral of the team. Instead they yell, use racist/ableist/hateful language and brings down the team when the team isn’t winning. I’m seriously over that kind of crap. If I got a dollar for every swear or ‘R’ word said by my team, I would be able to buy Blizzard, take control of the Overwatch franchise and perma-ban their asses.

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So I feel that we need to start a list. A list of players of all kinds. Low levels, high levels, those familiar with shooting games, those who are new to them and those who wants to try them. A list of players who are safe to play with. Players who respects the game, their team and their opponents. We should help one another, to give a safe place for those who wants to play. To give them options of players who are more than happy to lend a hand, help train and give an enjoyable experience in the game.

My user name is Nelvana#1487

Who’s with me?

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Unpopular opinion: Jim and Pam from the office aren't even that great of a couple, they are elitist jerks who think they are so great and "normal" compared to their coworkers, but their coworkers are kind and actually interesting instead of being stale-ass rice cakes like Jim and Pam.


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There's this couple on alliance, who from what I've seen, run their own guild of elitist jerks. The green gem and their druid bitch run around all day just shit talking whenever they can, saying how the whole server hates them and i dont doubt it??? Or am i wrong and no one knows who these two idiots are??

Morning Baby

May I have a Draco imagine, where he starts actually acting very cute and playable and ends up proposing?

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to Ms. J.K. Rowling. 

Visuals denoted by (x)

Visuals list (x)(x)

Masterlist Here

“Morning baby ,” a velvet voice whispered in your ear. Slowly you opened your eyes, only to realize that you were in Draco’s flat yet again. “ If you stay here any more days, I’m going to start charging you rent.” It had been several weeks since you had slept at your place. Now it seemed that you only returned to gather clothes, which made your flat pointless in Draco’s opinion.

“You wouldn’t dare,” you replied as you tossed your pillow at him. Just as you were about to toss another pillow, Draco put his arms up in surrender.

“ Ok, I won’t charge you for rent. Being with you is priceless,” he purred as he kissed you. “I made you some of your favorite tea Y/N and a couple of scones.”

“ These are too good for you to have made them. I’ll thank your house elf later,” you smiled.

“ Baby, I already thanked her by giving her the whole day off,” Draco answered.”Did you have any plans for this glorious Saturday?”

“ I think my only plan was to stay in bed all day,” you yawned.

“ Did you plan on sleeping or staying in bed with me,” Draco pulled you closer, his cool skin causing you to shiver.

“Depends,” you mused. “ What are you suggesting we do in bed together?”

“I had one thing I wanted to try,” Draco began. The fact that your boyfriend was still nervous to do things with you, always caused your pulse to quicken with anticipation. There were a few of his past suggestions that you had been unwilling to try, but most of them had turned into some of your best love making memories with Draco.

“ Just tell me what it is Draco. I can’t agree or disagree if you don’t explain it to me,” you sang.

“ Play truth or dare with me?” Draco pouted.” It’s been ages since I’ve played it.” It took everything you had not to burst out laughing.

“Alright Draco, I’ll play this game with you,” you answered. “No need for you to be embarrassed.”

“I was hoping you would say yes to my game,” Draco smiled. “Ok truth or dare Y/N.”  You thought long and hard about what possible questions Draco could ask you. He couldn’t be that mean to you in the morning if he gave you a dare could he?  

“I’ll do a dare,” you suggested.

“Alright, I dare you to kiss me passionately for the next minute,” Draco purred into your ear. You bit your lip; you couldn’t help but flush at the idea of arousing your boyfriend. Gingerly, you placed a light trail of kisses down Draco’s neck, making sure to leave extra kisses at the nape of his neck. You felt him start to tense as you bit down on his lower lip before placing your lips on his. Before you could deepen the kiss more, the timer went off. As you started to pull away, Draco pulled you back.

“Don’t you think we can kiss for 5 more minutes?” Draco whined.

“That’s not how the game works mister. Now, Truth or Dare,” you asked.

“I think I’ll take a truth,” Draco replied and you rolled your eyes.

“Alright, when did you know that you liked me,” you inquired. Draco looked away and ruffled his hair before cupping your face in his hands(x).

“I think I knew when you were the one when you were the only girl who stood up to me when I was a complete idiot. Without you, I would’ve been some elitist jerk,” Draco began. “ You were always there when I felt emotionally drained, especially my 6th year. I was able to escape the shadows of my mind with you. ”

“You couldn’t be mean even if you wanted to. You’re an absolute sweetheart Draco,” you kissed his forehead.

“It’s all for you,” Draco confessed. “Speaking of which I have one last dare for you.”
“A dare? You didn’t even give me the option of truth.”

“Fine fine, truth or dare?” Draco asked.

“I’ll take a truth this time since you obviously had a horrible dare in mind,” Draco chuckled to himself before speaking,

“If I asked you to marry me, what would you say?”

“Are you seriously asking me this?” Draco nodded. “ I would say yes of course.”

“Good, because I am asking you to marry me,” Draco reached over to the nightstand and pulled a small box out. When he opened the box you gasped at the beauty of the ring as he slid it on to your finger. (x)

“Oh Draco it’s beautiful,” you couldn’t stop smiling. “I guess now we’re at the end of our games for today.”

“ No, I was thinking of a new game we could play,” Draco murmured as he rubbed his thumb over your hand, “What other ways can I make you stay in bed awhile longer.”

“I can think of a number of things,” you winked before pulling your new fiancé close to you.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — Act One Scenes 10-19

Last time on the Harry Potter sequel we didn’t need but got anyway: all your favorite heroes have turned into mediocre adults who taught their children to internalize the same prejudice they supposedly fought against and generally disregarded said children’s wants and needs!

Also Albus Potter is a moody teenager, Rose Weasley-Granger is a snob, the plot has nothing to do with these new characters and instead relies entirely on the old protagonists’ issues being forced upon the new generation, and we met Delphi “totally not an important character” Diggory.

I know the question you’re all asking. What else can go wrong this time? Let us find out.

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i have zero tolerance for cosplay sticklers.  if someone wants to alter an outfit bc they think the character would wear that so what?  if someone wants to add a unique element to their costume for fun who fucking cares?  getting real tired of people pointing out variations and snubbing them for not being canon.  lt’s not hurting you so gtfo if you don’t like people putting creative twists on their cosplays.

I’m tired of hearing “nu goth is totally ungoth” “you can’t be goth if you’re black/not thin/under 18”…
Who the fuck are you for claiming what is goth or not? Please just stop being a fucking elitist jerk and try to remember that gothic is not only a way to dress nor a type of person, but a philosophy, an art.
We are goth in our souls, beyond our clothes.


Hey there, thought I’d contribute my old 86 fox body. Paint job was done like like a Blackhawk helicopter from my time in the military. Aka the blackfox.

I like it. Certainly better than my multicolored coupe that gets called “clown car” by the elitist jerks that think everything needs a high gloss coat of paint or it shouldn’t leave the garage.


Black tie affairs were all too familiar to Noah. And by that, he meant they were the most boring, repetitive wastes of time he had to deal with. It was just a circle-jerk of elitists trying to one-up each other on their daily lives. And of course, his parents would always try to find someone to introduce him to, which grated on his nerves most. He finally managed to escape to the balcony, glass of champagne in hand. He looked out, taking in the city landscape and exhaling deeply. At first, he didn’t notice the girl that’d stepped on to the balcony, but then gave the vague greeting of “Some party, huh?”

I’m going to make a kind of random connection here that I don’t think was intentional but is kind of interesting to me. 

OK, so do you all remember waaaay back in “Lars and the Cool Kids” when they’re trying to figure out what to do with the moss and they need to keep humans away from it so Pearl produces that police tape (with a very showy dance which probably has some ties to a Pearl being meant for show) and is very excited at finding a ‘solution’ to the problem. Her reasoning being that police tape is meant to warn away humans so when humans see the police tape, they’ll just walk away and not investigate further

But aside from just being a silly alien misunderstanding of how humans operate (people do avoid police tape, but not everyone does and they’re less likely to do so when they’re just tied around rocks), we can also see this as kind of ‘Gem logic’. Gems are more or less “rule-driven robots” (when Connie says she’s “not some rule-driven robot” in “Nightmare Hospital”, one of the Cluster Gems burst out from behind the curtain. As a narrative device, this usually indicates the thing that popped out IS what was just described) and even though the Crystal Gems have more autonomy and are more individualized, it does seem like they struggle with this idea. Following ‘rules’ is innate in their ‘programming’ and they’re essentially rocks, something that isn’t exactly known for easily changing. 

If humans operated like Gems, then some kind of police tap warning them away would, without fail, deter them from going somewhere. Because it seems Gems, in their ‘natural’ state, will be compelled to obey the commands of someone in authority, even moreso than humans do. Of course. humans are prone to rebelling, and that’s exactly what happens in the episode. The Cool Kids see the police tape and just go “I’m above the law!” and walk right through.

Now you might be thinking “Well, the Crystal Gems don’t just follow the rules. They defy Gem authority and follow their own path, or at least try very hard to, just like the Cool Kids did”. And you’re right! So it’s pretty interesting, then, that for whatever reason the Cool Kids have been designed to deliberately ‘mirror’ the Crystal Gems and that the show has even gone out of its way to pair them up to make sure you notice their similarities

and anyway, I just thought this was interesting. The notable thing about the Cool Kids in “Lars and the Cool Kids” is that you think they’re going to be elitist jerks, but they end up actually being very chill dorks and accepting of Steven, because he’s just being himself, but more critical of Lars’ attempts to suck up to them (although Lars does eventually become friends with them)

So, in a way, the Crystal Gems are the Gem version of Cool Kids. They probably seem elitist and self-important from the outside, but their entire viewpoint is just allowing people to be whoever they want to be regardless of what Gem society wants them to be (and, y’know, also not want Gems to destroy the Earth).


For all you wanna-be elitist jerks on the Internet who think they’re so smart when they criticize people over meaningless typological shit instead of the actual content of their posts, here’s something very simple that you rarely ever get:

When someone uses “your” to mean “you’re,” it is a typological error, not a grammatical one. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are,” and is pronounced exactly the same as “your.” The user means to use “you are,” but the brain confuses the two homonyms for completely understandable reasons. While it is technically grammatically incorrect to use “your” in a sentence in the place of this verb conjugation, the intent of the user is clear, and it does not go against standard grammar, as it does not cause a conflict in person or number. The error occurs in the transference of linguistic output from the brain to paper, not in the basic linguistic output. A true grammatical error would be the use of “you is” or “you’s,” but it’s funny how nobody makes that mistake. 

Unless your post is some scholastic work or other such entity that is bound by the expectations of standard grammar, which serves only as a structure through which to facilitate and improve general communication in certain contexts, you don’t make yourself sound all nice and awesome when you bitch about this shit: you sound like a giant prick.

It’s the Internet. What you read on the Internet is, for the most part, colloquial speech, which has never been (and never should be) bound by such expectations. Record yourself talking and you’ll realize this pretty quickly, or you could grow some balls and fess up to the fact that your superior typing skills don’t make you a better logician or debater, only a more annoying asshole.

How Elitist Are You?

1. Have you ever lived for at least a year in an American neighborhood in which the majority of your 50 nearest neighbors probably did not have or were not obtaining college degrees?
(probably not)

2. Did you grow up in a family in which the chief breadwinner was not in a managerial job or a high-prestige profession (attorney, physician, dentist, architect, engineer, scientist, or college professor)?
(for the first half, yes)

3. Have you ever lived for at least a year in an American community under 50,000 population that is not part of a metropolitan area and was not where your college was located?
(hell no, Lubbock was bad enough)

4. Have you ever lived for at least a year in the United States at a family income that was close to or below the poverty line? You may answer “yes” if your family income then was below $30,000 in 2010 dollars. Graduate school doesn’t count. Living unemployed after college doesn’t count.

5. Have you ever walked on a factory floor?
(yes, many a furniture and textile plant)

6. Have you ever held a job that caused something to hurt at the end of the day?
(besides my ego? yes)

7. Have you ever had a close friend who was an evangelical Christian?
(no, but I’d like to know Linda Evangelista)

8. Do you now have a close friend with whom you have strong and wide-ranging political disagreements?
(yes, family too)

9. Have you ever had a close friend who could seldom get better than Cs in high school even if he or she tried hard?
(not one that I didn’t want to just fuck)

10. During the last month, have you voluntarily hung out with people who were smoking cigarettes?
(no no no)

12. Choose one. Who is Jimmie Johnson? Or: Have you ever purchased Avon products?
(I have a bottle of skin-so-soft now)

13. Have you or your spouse ever bought a pickup truck?

14. During the last year, have you ever purchased a mass-market beer to stock your own fridge?
(If that means bud or coors, no)

15. During the last five years, have you or your spouse gone fishing?
(I went bass fishing once when I was a teenager, so no)

16. How many times in the last year have you eaten at one of the following restaurant chains? Applebee’s, Waffl‚e House, Denny’s, IHOP, Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, T.G.I. Friday’s, Ponderosa Steakhouse.
(Chili’s, but full disclosure: my step-uncle is the CEO of Brinker. I only eat at Friday’s when I’m in San Antonio)

17. In secondary school, did you letter in anything?
(hahaha…no. I did win two state drafting ribbons though)

18. Have you ever attended a meeting of a Kiwanis Club or Rotary Club, or a meeting at a union local chapter?
(those things still exist?)

19. Have you ever participated in a parade not involving global warming, a war protest, or gay rights?
(I went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade once; no elitists there)

20. Since leaving school, have you ever worn a uniform?
(not for work)

21. Have you ever ridden on a long-distance bus (not a school bus) or hitchhiked for a trip of 50 miles or more?
(yes, Greyhound from ATL to Birmingham once)

22. Have you ever owned a car that could be described as a piece of junk?
(not at first, but several have wound-up that way)

23. During the 2011-2012 television season, how many of the following series did you watch regularly? American Idol, Undercover Boss, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, Survivor.
(only American Idol, mostly on fast forward)

24. Have you ever watched an Oprah, Dr. Phil, or Judge Judy show all the way through?
(yes to one: love Judge Judy and I’ve met her twice)

25. What does the word Branson mean to you?
(two words: Yakoff Smirnoff)