Quick reminder that you’re totally allowed to like things without diving completely into knowing everything about them

you like 2 or 3 songs by a band and never listened to more? that’s perfectly okay

you like the Marvel movies but have no interest in reading 50 years of comic books? totally fine

you only play one or two videos games, mostly on your cell phone? they’re fun!

you read and enjoyed the Harry Potter books but don’t care about looking into crazy theories and clues planted in the stories? It’s not for everyone!

You don’t need to meet a requirement to enjoy something and anyone who claims you do is an elitist and an asshole

You want the goth subculture to continue existing? Then accept that not everyone can be an 80s goth and a 90s goth. Those times are past. There will be 2000s goths and 2010s goths and hopefully goths for many, many years to come. And there will always be differences and the scubculture is going to evolve. Stop shitting on current goths just because you you can’t change and are suffocating in your stagnation and elitism.

Sheldon Cooper might be #autistic, but he’s an autistic asshole. And he gives everyone with #autism a bad name. He is an asshole to his friends, who never call him on it because apparently that’s just Sheldon’s neurotype; he is an absolute monster to Penny because she’s a woman, uneducated, and doesn’t have a desirable job; he’s an asshole to people with only MAs; he’s an asshole to colleagues and students; to working class people; to his poor girlfriend (who has her own problems - with consent).

Nowhere in the diagnostic criteria for autism does it say, “tendency toward assholery.” Because the show does not explicitly state Sheldon is autistic, characters can’t clarify: “That’s not his autism, that’s just Sheldon.” And so autism and assholery become merged.
Merged in the minds of poorly-educated allistics and in the minds of asshole autistics. Verbally abusing friends? Autism. Misogyny? Autism. Disrespecting the working class? Autism.

I’ve know a lot of autistic assholes. “Oh, Paige, you’re not really autistic because you weren’t diagnosed until you were 27.” White cishet privileged males bragging about their IQ. The same looking down upon people who have trouble in school. Those that think they’re above allistics because they think the autistic neurology as it visibly plays out is some cool affectation, those who insult women who don’t like them - not because of autism. I had an autistic friend who had Nice Guy Syndrome and blamed my not liking him on his autism, after explicitly stating that I owed him for all the nice thing he did. THIS IS NOT HOW MOST OF US AUTISTICS ACT - NONE OF THESE EXAMPLES ARE.

Sheldon Cooper is giving us a bad name. In a perfect sitcom, he’d be called out for his behavior. But I guess Chuck Lorre doesn’t know shit about autism.

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do people today really love shakespeare or do they go along with it because it's cultured and a theatrical institution? i mean a shakespeare play can be entertaining depending on the production and cast but like if i had my choice between a dry old shakespeare play or a fresh new work i'm going with the new work always. but you know it got me wondering if people really adore these shakespeare plays or if they are acting all fraudulent to be sophisticated.

I think the man’s a classic for a reason. He’s written beautiful, complex works. Sure, there will be people who may say they like Shakespeare because he’s considered an erudite person’s preference, just like theater in general is*, but people do the same thing with Infinite Jest and Bach. While there are people who genuinely love them, and they are quality works, there are also people who will throw those names out as signifiers of being elite and cultured. 

There’s room for both in your appreciation of theater. I can appreciate the use of language in both Moliere and Branden Jacobs Jenkins. I can swoon in the romance of both Shakespeare and Sarah Ruhl. They’re all theater. It’s the people who think Shakespeare is the only kind of theater who are putting themselves in a sort of lonely room.

*Look, you and I both know that theater can be cheap and messy and lowbrow (even Shakespeare can be lowbrow!), but for many people, theater is a rich person’s art. 

I thought I was clicking with someone on OkCupid and then I checked out some of her profile question answers and she said, both, that welfare was mostly bad and that she was the type to tell a homeless person to get a job. Holy shit, no fucking thank you.

I’m going to be honest, metal elitism really bothers me. I remember seeing posts which put metal ahead of other genres and I used to find it funny. But now it’s overdone, and just insulting. Just because you listen to one genre of music, doesn’t make you any better than someone who doesn’t. And if someone listens to top 40 pop, then it does not make them less important, or dumb. Why can’t we just listen to what we like, without needing to compete over what music is best?


Not everything is what it seems….

elitist metalheads
  • what they think they sound like: *very educated on the history and subgenres of metal, seem impressive and intelligent*
  • what they actually sound like: lmao u listen to [insert random subgenre here]?? lmaooo poserrerr thats not even REAL METAL lol are u 12 REAL METALHEADS like ME only listen to dark blackened black extreme technical progrssive super grind porn core shit brutal stuff death heavy stone dog diddly doodly penis metal but i bet you dont even know what that is because its super underground and a POSER like YOU could never know that loool poser
‘Aristocracy’ is an indeterminate concept. Literally speaking, 'the best ones’ is a relative term. 'Best’ in terms of what? There are indeed 'best’ gangsters, 'best’ technocrats, 'best’ demagogues, and so on: thus, it is obviously necessary to specify the basis of the values shaping a society or a civilisation and giving it its specific character. In different cases, then, we are going to have very different 'aristocracies’ and elites.
—  Julius Evola

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Do you have any thoughts about Calitin Snow's classism elitism or prejudice? With Lisa and Jax. I don't mean in a 'let's bash CS way' I mean I think it is real character flaw that is part of her. Flaws are good because they for complex character. They only become bad if they are never address. CS classism showed up Lisa with drives license & her prejudice of life criminals are bad cause her miss Lisa trying tell them her father abused her. Elitism & classism cause CS betrayed with Jax

Yeah it’s not a bashing thing, it’s acknowledging a character flaw, one that’s no doubt deliberate on behalf of the writers with how consistently it’s been played. And the majority of the characters have some consistent and similar biases of some nature or another so it’s actually something I think the writers have done well?

But yes, she’s classist for sure. Caitlin has a ridiculous amount of privilege - she’s white, presumably grew up fairly wealthy (I mean, look where her mom works, and her education), is well education, is attractive, is (so far presented as and implied to be) straight, is able bodied, etc etc.

So her classism comes, most likely, in part from that, in not acknowledging that many people haven’t had the same opportunities as her and that doesn’t make them lesser in any way. 

And I mean, you hit the nail on the head with the best examples of it. When Caitlin was surprised at what Lisa had to offer to the team and then pouted about it, and the way she asks in 2x03 if it physically pains Lisa’s family not to steal things?

Caitlin sees criminality as a choice that people make, and probably on some level (though not consciously, I imagine, but more implicitly) believes that people choose that life if they aren’t smart or ‘good’ enough as people to get ‘respectable’ work. She doesn’t acknowledge the systematic elements at play or how it’s really not an inherent reflection of a person’s worth.

Her classism showed up again with Jax and Henry Hewitt, like you mentioned. Jax is a young mechanic who hasn’t been to university and Henry is a scientist, educated and working in a field that garners more social prestige. So Caitlin not only assumes that Henry is more compatible with Martin (which, on the face of it, scientist to scientist, is a reasonable assumption) but pretty much shuts down the possibility that Jax could be compatible, or that a young mechanic could be anything but underachieving and un (or even anti) intellectual. The possibility of Jax being a ‘fit’ with Martin genuinely runs contrary to her worldview.

And it’s good that her worldview is being challenged, ultimately. Like you said, character flaws are bad when left unchallenged or unchecked. Caitlin’s classism ends up putting her in situations where it stands out in a negative way and where she can learn from it. The narrative doesn’t reward her for it? 

I think exchanges with Lisa Snart and meeting Jax will help challenge her to grow as a person, and hopefully she’ll get to a point where she starts to challenge her own classism. Where she’ll look at fit tall blond (white) men like Hunter Zoloman and won’t associate their outward presentation and career (science) with “goodness”, and won’t look at the career and choices of a mechanic and make assumptions about morals or intellect or opportunities. 

She’s not there yet, but there’s absolutely room for her to get there in the narrative. Because she grew up that way but I don’t think she wants to be that way. Killer Frost aside, Caitlin has no desire to harm others, and classism is harmful.

(Actually, Killer Frost is classist too. Her comment at Central City University when they track down Tracey, something like “admission here is so easy, they let anyone in” is elitist as hell. So, more growing to do on all fronts yet.)

Why I cannot do that.

I’m reading a lot of posts about Donald Trump and how Americans should support him because of his presidency. Let me just calmly tell you WHY I CANNOT DO THAT.

Donald Trump is not an ordinary president. He is not an ordinary Republican. I personally might have voted Republican had there been another candidate that was opposing Hillary just for the time being(in an extreme situation only) But that wasn’t the case.

Donald Trump is not a Politician. He has absolutely no experience for the job that he has won. He bought his presidency with his billions because be did not win the popular vote. But people ignore this.

They blatantly ignore the fact that he has sexually assaulted multiple women, degraded women, been openly racist to Americans of color, openly mocked a handicapped man at his rally, called wounded veterans “weak” and has removed our healthcare because of his vendetta against Obama.

Donald Trump spends so much time stroking his own ego and having immature Twitter battles online. Why do you all ignore these things? How can you respect a man who hasn’t shown respect in return? I don’t respect that man simply because his position..That would be called Blind Nationalism which is absolutely anti American.

Donald Trump pretends to be a Christian, but what sort of Christian sexually assaults people? What sort of Christian promotes violence and then promises to pay the legal fees for people who do? Is that what your Jesus wanted? No, absolutely not. He is not a Christian, he is not a man of God. He is a man for himself and his bank account.

You people sound like a broken record. You fear Muslims but you fail to realize that the extremists are just a drop in the bucket. They’re are MILLIONS of Muslims in the world who are just regular people. You are terrified of an entire religion because of hate mongering and racism preached by people like Trump. Yes. There are the extremists, but do not assume that ALL Muslims are terrorists. Do not assume that because then the same could be said for white people all being KKK, or Nazis. You cannot generalize like that because you are the one who looks stupid.

Gay marriage is legal because your religion is NOT IN CHARGE OF AMERICA. We are a country of many religions and we are under no orders to abide by a god we do not believe in. If YOU personally don’t want to get gay married, then DON’T. But you have no place telling other human beings what is wrong or right in their own life. It doesn’t matter what you feel about it because it has no effect on you. You shouldn’t try to ruin other people’s lives simply because your own religion doesn’t like it. That’s not how a free country works. You don’t get to do that.

Illegal immigration needs to stop, but building a wall is not the way to handle it. How about making the immigration process more straightforward and cheaper so that families in need of refuge can actually move here legally. How about reforming immigration process to accommodate people that aren’t rich? Why do we need to build another Berlin Wall? That only preaches hatred and otherness. It tells our children that Mexicans are to be feared. It teaches the wrong message. Yes, illegal immigration needs to stop, but it will never stop unless we reform out policies rather than building a plastic bubble around our country.

I don’t hate Republicans. When I talk about Trump I’m not talking about hating everyone. I’m talking g about one man, one man who is about to make things really dangerous for a lot of people.

And I say this to you… If you are a white , straight middle to upper class person, Trump might not seem so bad.you want to know why? Because it won’t effect you personally. You will be fine because you are his target audience. But your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors etc…They don’t have that luxury. My Muslim and Mexican friends have expressed their absolute terror for what is to come and they were born here. People who aren’t in Trump’s ideal demographic are going to be hurt.

He has already started by taking away healthcare without a suitable replacement. I can understand repealing Obamacare..But if there is no backup..Lots of sick people are going to die. And for some reason, Trump supporters are just okay with this.

You think this man is going to “make America great again”… Tell me, at what point was it so great that we want to return to? We are still striving every day to reach that greatness. We have made tremendous strides with civil rights and gaining our freedoms..But now we might take giant leaps backwards. We are going to lose rights rather than gaining them.

So I ask you, how can you support this man? How can you wake up and support such a monster? Are you that uncaring for your fellow Americans? This isn’t a liberal versus conservative thing. We are way passed that. This is a freedom versus tyrant thing.

When Hitler first came to pow, he was popular, he was joked about and media outlets mocked liberals for being afraid of him. They told people that they were babies for fearing mean words. They treated him as a mockery but many supported those mean words. And that how it starts. It starts with words and then grows to actions. Trump already proposed tagging Muslims even if they were born here, and entering them I to a database…That was one of the first things Hitler did to the Jews when he rose to power. This is not some liberal conspiracy. Tyrants never begin as a fearsome monster..They start as a boisterous, radical leader who commands the attention of the rich and powerful. And you are blind to it.

I am just so utterly baffled by the fact that his followers seem oblivious to all of these things. I am so angry that this country sank so low.

You tell me to give him a Chance, innocent until proven guilty…..He is already guilty. Before he even took office he already did unspeakable things. He has no chances left. You have him chance after chance but your hatred for the left made you blind . You. Ant see passed your own pride. He is a bad man. He is a cancer on this nation.

I don’t condone violence and riots. I don’t agree with vandalism. But I can understand the anger behind them. Protests aren’t supposed to be sanctioned and ask nicely..Thats not what a protest is. And not to mention that the rioters are only a tiny portion of the protests that you for some reason choose to link together with everyone else. There are thousands of peaceful protests going on but you ignore that and only point out the small riots instead.

I think a lot of people need to take a minute to really think about why it is that they are alright with ignoring Trump’s racism, homophobia, sexism and just general nastiness. Why are you okay with this? Why am I labeled as some liberal hippie tree hugger because I happen to care about people outside of my own demographic? I dont intend to feel bad anymore. I’m tired of tiptoeing around the feelings of everyone else. We need to remove this man from office , even if another Republican comes to power I could welcome he or she with open arms for now. This is urgent and incredibly important and I seriously can’t stress that enough. You want me to respect a tyrant? I just gave you more than enough reasons why I cannot do that.

I'm salty here.

There seems to be a lot of censorship in the pagan community. That annoys the fuck out of me. Paganism is partially about having that choice to distance yourself from societal ideologies that you disagree with, whereas something Abrahamic you need to conform to said ideologies. But in those societal groups, and norms, there is communion, and a sense of family. The censorship only goes as far as taking the lord’s name in vain, in Christianity. (Ex. “Jesus Christ!”), but when you’re part of a community that seems to propagate censorship, and political correctness, you can’t say anything that deviates from the societal norm associated, without coming under fire. People can disagree, and be cordial, without getting triggered into the ground, believe it or not. That’s what we call “ freedom of speech ” in non-draconian parts of the world. Let people say what they want, feel free to disagree, but don’t try and censor them. We have mouths, and brains for a reason. If we choose to put our foot into our mouth, so be it. I’m tired of infighting over tiny political disagreements about some social issue. Especially when what seems to be the majority of pagans (anecdotally speaking - AKA, in my personal experience), are hardcore leftists. Believe it or not, Fascism isn’t a rightist belief. It’s neutral. People from either side of the political spectrum can be fascist. Communists? Leftist fascists. Hitler? Believe it or not, he was a leftist fascist (the political spectrum has to do with economics. He was a socialist and communist, and therefore a hard left fascist.) By trying to impede freedom of speech, especially in your own minority community, a community as minority as paganism, you are exhibiting fascist beliefs. Let people be the free thinkers they were meant to be! That paganism once held on a pedestal. Let them vocalise their beliefs. It’s their choice. Not yours.
I apologise for this tirade. Its done now. Sort of. I’m just tired of the infighting and political censorship of a community as marginalised as ours. We should be coming together, be it with fellows of our path, or pagans from many paths. Emulating that abrahamic sense of family, and communion. That isn’t to say that many don’t already. But just as many seem to want to inhibit that freedom of speech, thought and opinion, and drive a wedge, rather than tie a knot. I apologise if this sounds generalising, it isn’t meant to be. I’m well aware that many(if not most) pagans ignore the political aspect, and I try my best. But I’m sick of censorship. Not just in the pagan community (an especially strong sickness of it there though), but in general.