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Sheldon Cooper might be #autistic, but he’s an autistic asshole. And he gives everyone with #autism a bad name. He is an asshole to his friends, who never call him on it because apparently that’s just Sheldon’s neurotype; he is an absolute monster to Penny because she’s a woman, uneducated, and doesn’t have a desirable job; he’s an asshole to people with only MAs; he’s an asshole to colleagues and students; to working class people; to his poor girlfriend (who has her own problems - with consent).

Nowhere in the diagnostic criteria for autism does it say, “tendency toward assholery.” Because the show does not explicitly state Sheldon is autistic, characters can’t clarify: “That’s not his autism, that’s just Sheldon.” And so autism and assholery become merged.
Merged in the minds of poorly-educated allistics and in the minds of asshole autistics. Verbally abusing friends? Autism. Misogyny? Autism. Disrespecting the working class? Autism.

I’ve know a lot of autistic assholes. “Oh, Paige, you’re not really autistic because you weren’t diagnosed until you were 27.” White cishet privileged males bragging about their IQ. The same looking down upon people who have trouble in school. Those that think they’re above allistics because they think the autistic neurology as it visibly plays out is some cool affectation, those who insult women who don’t like them - not because of autism. I had an autistic friend who had Nice Guy Syndrome and blamed my not liking him on his autism, after explicitly stating that I owed him for all the nice thing he did. THIS IS NOT HOW MOST OF US AUTISTICS ACT - NONE OF THESE EXAMPLES ARE.

Sheldon Cooper is giving us a bad name. In a perfect sitcom, he’d be called out for his behavior. But I guess Chuck Lorre doesn’t know shit about autism.

My Amazing Theory (Tye/Legend spoilers)

Right so I’ve been getting a ton of people not asking to hear my theory on how Marie Lu’s books are connected, so just to appease the crowds I will explain.
So let’s start with the Rose motif. That showed up in Champion on the cover and in the Rose Society as (surprise surprise) the name of the Rose Society. But the thing is that the only actual place that the rose shows up in Champion is in Day’s nightmare about Eden, where his sick younger brother (the one that he’s supposed to protect) is taken away from him and he is faced with this origami rose. So I was thinking: maybe there’s some connection between Day and the Elites in TYE (like some kind of trace of psychic connection). But then also Adelina just kind of came up with the name ‘the Rose Society’ kind of out of the blue, so I was thinking that maybe this is a connection between mortals and the gods. The gods in TYE seem to like fucking with people at least a little bit, i.e. Adelina spent her years taking lives and the only way she can get what she wants (her sister back) is by giving her life. SO THEN if this is the gods being sadistic shits then it would fit well with the end of Champion when June is literally praying that Day will survive, saying that she would give ANYTHING to let him live, and then ends up with a living Day with the catch that he doesn’t remember she exists. Both of these situations involve a higher power giving you what you want but with a painful twist, and in both situations what they want is for a loved one to be alive.
So I’m saying that I think there’s the same gods in both stories. And on the topic of the rose motifs kind of popping up in the minds of different characters, I think that maybe the rose has some sort of meaning to the gods which gets transferred to the Elites, but then even after the Elites are destroyed there are still traces of their of divine power left over that get carried to certain individuals in the future (Day in this case). Also this would make sense because in Warcross, Day’s ancestor makes an appearance. So maybe this is being passed through bloodlines of some sort. I have to wait until Warcross comes out to see if it also has a Rose motif as well, but I’m pretty certain it will.
Also just another thing I’m noticing is the parallels between Day and Adelina. Both are criminals and cast outs from society with younger siblings who they are supposed to protect. Both siblings get horribly sick (Eden with the plague and Violetta with the weird Elite sickness in TMS). Both Day and Adelina end up sacrificing themselves for their younger siblings at the end of their series. Both were subject to a failed execution attempt. Finally both ended up rising from being criminals and cast outs to having considerable power by the end of their trilogies

Although Gym Leaders are often strong enough to hold their own opposite Elites, they rarely utilise their full potential against amateur trainers. This is because Gym Leaders aim to advance their students’ capabilities, something that cannot be achieved through obliterating their team before it can land a hit. By battling a student in a downplayed manner that specifically exploits just one of their weaknesses, the student can recognise that weakness and learn to rectify it. 

For example, if a young trainer with a fast, hard hitting team showed up to a Gym, the Leader might focus on crippling said team with paralysis and then taking them down. This would show the young trainer that they had to devise a strategy to cope with status effects. Once they did that, the Leader would battle them in the same way and see if their student managed to defeat them. 

A good Gym Leader is one flexible enough to challenge trainers of a variety of strengths. They must be able to target the weaknesses of an accomplished trainer, but also to show a complete novice where they need to improve. There may be occasions where Gym Leaders go all out against students - some pupils may even request that they do so, to see how well they can cope in an honest battle - but the majority of Gym matches are considerably less intense than official ones. The way a Gym Leader would battle against students and the way they would battle at the PWT would be wildly different.

This is one of the reasons why the gulf between challenging Gyms and taking on the Elite Four is so wide. Elites are not teachers, and their reputation hinges solely on their number of victories and how they achieve them. They never accommodate their opponent’s battle style. For this reason, many trainers seek honest matches with a number of Gym Leaders before requesting a battle with an Elite. If you aren’t prepared, they will wipe the floor with you.

(This is also my fancy explanation for why the Gyms get more difficult as you progress through a region. It’s not that the Leaders increase in strength, but that they fight harder against those with greater ability.)

Gym Leaders, Elites and Champions

The processes of becoming a gym leader, Elite Four member or Champion all differ greatly from one another, and each job demands a different attitude and approach to battle. Strength is not the only determining factor as to which job is best suited to a trainer. 

Gym Leaders:

Being a gym leader has two primary requirements: that you can battle and that you can teach. All gym leaders within a region are supposed to be of a similar standard (not ascending in difficulty as they are in the games) but variation is always present. Being a gym leader does not necessarily place a limit on your strength; some are even stronger than Elites - Volkner, leader of the Sunyshore City gym, is of almost champion standard, but elects to be a gym leader out of desire to teach. Blue Oak is of the same calibre, but took up the Viridian gym position after losing his Champion position to Red. Nontheless, gym leaders of this skill level are fairly uncommon; for the most part, the Elite Four is more challenging.  

Gyms are primarily run by the gym leader, who is in charge of conducting both general lessons and one-to-one tuition sessions with those who book them. However, most gyms - primarily those in cities - attract legions of trainers per day, so type experts are employed to demonstrate and teach where the gym leader is unable to. It may also be worth mentioning that matches with the gym leader usually have to be booked in advance - as in, you cannot simply turn up at the gym and demand a battle in the brazen manner that Ash Ketchum does in the anime. Leaders have busy schedules. 

Anybody can apply to become a gym leader providing that they are of substantial skill and maturity. There are no strict age requirements attached to the job, but it is rare that a gym leader be any younger than sixteen, as anybody below that age usually lacks substantial experience and responsibility. The only real factor that may count against an applicant is their type specialty, as League officials wish to maintain diversity and always avoid appointing two gym leaders of the same type choice.

If a gym leader receives multiple complaints from students or fails to meet certain standards of strength (all leaders are expected to win a certain percentage of battles per year), they can be placed under observation for several months. If their teaching and/or victory rates do not improve within this time, they can be dismissed from their job. I imagine that Jasmine would be placed under observation at one time, hence why she visits Sunyshore City (to be trained by Volkner, I believe), but would manage to improve and keep her position at her gym. I cannot imagine the same thing happening to Whitney, who would eventually be sacked after she failed to recover.

Gym leaders below the age of eighteen are treated with slightly more leniency, as they are not expected to be as polished as those with more experience. Newly appointed leaders are also regarded in the same manner, so as to give them a few months to find their feet.

Gym leaders achieve international fame the moment they take up their positions, but are usually better known in their own regions. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they can visit an airport without being crowded by the paparazzi; they’re definitely considered to be high profile celebrities.

Elite Four Members:

Being an Elite requires a different kind of attitude to gym leading, and the appointment process is completely different. Whilst certain Elites may hold occasional education workshops so as to offer expertise to those specialising in their type (something I can imagine Karen, Sydney and Grimsley doing, due to the severe shortage of dark gym leaders), teaching is not a part of the job description. Being an Elite is best suited to powerful trainers who purely enjoy battle, ones who can handle the intensely busy lifestyle attached to the position.

Unlike applying for gym leading, there is no free-for-all auditioning process when trying out for an Elite position. When a member of the Elite Four steps down, the League officials make a collective decision about what kind of trainer would be best to take their place, usually contacting three or four potential candidates and having them audition before making a final decision. Either way, appointed Elites are usually very successful trainers already renowned in their field, not unknown members of the public. You could say that it works on a  'don’t call us, we’ll call you’ kind of basis. 

Elites tend to be stronger than gym leaders (though this isn’t always the case), therefore they cannot be challenged until a trainer has collected all eight badges. Whilst casual trainers may make it their goal to defeat all of the gym leaders in their region, only serious ones try their hand at defeating the Elite Four, as it is enormous step up. Matches have to be booked in advance and are often attended by the public, with tickets going on sale in the weeks before it takes place. I can’t imagine that challengers would have to defeat each Elite Four member in succession (that may have once been a tradition, but is no longer practical), but they would have to conquer all of them before they could challenge the Champion - a difficult feat.

All Elite Four members are all household names, even in overseas regions. More so than gym leaders, their job requires international travel, as they don’t have gyms to manage or teaching commitments. It’s all about the battle.


Becoming the Champion is an enormously difficult task, but it is, in a peculiar kind of way, almost easier to attain than an Elite position. Whilst the skill required for the job is higher than any other battling occupation in the world, it works on a similar basis to gym leading in the sense that anybody can take up the position if they are strong enough. The only requirements are that you triumph over all of the gyms in your region, beat every member of the Elite Four, and that you win against the existing Champion in a 6v6 battle. No previous credentials or establishment is needed, as is the case with becoming an Elite.

Champions typically take up influential positions on the League council, having an involvement in the appointment of new gym leaders and Elites and as well as an overall say in the running of things, but that isn’t always the case. Lance, even Gold took his place as Champion, would leave the battling aspect of the League but remain on its council, as he would have been a long-standing member, whereas Gold himself would have a more minor role. There is more to being Champion than battle, but the extra demands do depend on how willing the Champion is to take them on. 

Champions are obviously the most famous trainers of all, known worldwide by even those with little to no interest in battling. Any matches in which they compete go on sale to the public and sell out rapidly, as well as being televised to those who cannot see them in the flesh. The prestige of Champions, even those who have incredibly short reigns (like Blue) or disappear without a trace (like Red), isn’t something that ever fades away. They are always welcome at tournaments, namely the PWT.  

Hate is not the only problem we have.

Hey guys, Yes we have been dealing with some problems regarding people sending hate for others because of drumming videos, elitism, anti theories etc etc.

But lets not forget that there are people suffering from their art being stolen, or their edits being reposted somewhere. I have seen blogs dedicated to stealing art not only from tumblr but also from twitter, instagram and deviantart. REPOSTING IS NEVER OKAY. Even if you mention “Credit to whoever drew this“ It is not okay! Always directly credit the artist or do not post the thing at all.

Secondly people still think its okay to fuck up captions for other people in videos. For example again the drumming video, I’ve heard someone say that the captions there were absolute garbage, luckily they’ve fixed it but that doesn’t go for all the videos. The older the video gets, the more likely it is to be incorrectly captioned. YouTube’s system isn’t the best out there, and I’m super glad there is a solution.
But the solution is not going to be working unless Jack allows us to fix it. That’s the simple truth, YouTube works that way, there is no other way around it.
Please Jack, acknowledge there is a way to fix captions. You do not burden us by putting the load of work on captioners who want to do it in Premiere Pro for you. It is literally our job to do that, if we thought it was a burden we wouldn’t be doing it.
As a freelance captioner I know how much work it is to caption a certain thing but you do not burden us with it. If we didn’t enjoy it, we wouldnt make it our jobs.

Sending positivity is a solution, tackling one problem at its roots is better in my opinion, but I can’t do that alone.

  • Teren: You take things too personally. You should be focused on the job, but you're too busy holding a grudge
  • Adelina: I don't hold a grudge. I cradle it. I coddle it. I feed it fine cuts of meat and send it to the best schools. I nurture my grudges

Sometimes I think about a strange theory about the 5th book.
What if there’s a rift in the palace and Eadlyn is almost killed by a rebel (I know that rebels don’t exist anymore, but maybe the “new” rebels could be some people who hate the monarchy), but Kile saves her and die?
And WHAT IF MARLEE SAYS “I never thought the most dangerous place could be his home.”

shitty theory

elite #1 has his shields on

elite #2 also has his shields on

jul ‘mdama has his shields off

so its either

a: Jul forgot to charge his batteries

b: bad writing (wich is rather common in halo 5)

c: this is only a doubleganger who was supposed to get killed off to cover up the fact that Jul is still alive, chilling somewhere