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Random ORAS Headcanons
  • May likes to give her adversaries demeaning and rather vulgar nicknames. They’re often preceded my a military title for no explicit reason. For example: she calls Archie “General Dick Biscuit” and Maxie “Admiral Ass Donut”, and only stops once they’ve redeemed themselves after the Sootopolis incidents. Brendan acts like it annoys him, but, really, he thinks it’s hilarious.
  • Brendan is normally the calmer of the two, but for some reason gets extremely violent, angry, and competitive when playing video games. This includes innocent and calming games such as Yoga games and Tennis games, leading to comments like “I swear to Arceus, I will bludgeon you to death with this racket if you hit that!” Thankfully, he’s ludicrously good at almost all video games, so people rarely win and incur his wrath.
  • Although normally rather sweet and nice girls, May and her mother (in a world where she’s Norman’s kid) have an odd habit of making supremely perverted jokes for no particular reason without their innocent smile so much as faltering once. It’s the reason why Norman rarely eats around them; they have a habit of making people lose their appetites.
  • Maxie is actually almost legally blind without his glasses on; he legitimately can’t see a thing and will bump into things/trip/run into walls because he simply can’t see. Since he can’t have his glasses on 24/7, he has memorized the layouts of Magma base, Aqua base, and a few other key locations, and he’ll sometimes move around them at night in the dark. Occasionally, he’ll be in a room already and someone will turn on the light and get the crap scared out of them.
  • As part of their redemption, May made a mandatory agenda for Maxie and Archie which included spending time with each other to “build a bridge and get over it”. Maxie always wants to be reading and Archie really has not a lot to do, so Maxie usually sits on Archie’s weights and has the Aqua leader bench-press him along with the usual weight while he reads. It worked surprisingly well.
  • Wallace and Sidney like to troll Steven a lot by doing some of the classic pranks, like putting things in his shoes and the like. Once, they jokingly stole and hid his Metagrossite while his Pokemon were being healed at the center. Steven practically had a nervous breakdown and they had to give it back while talking to him like a 3-year-old to keep him from going insane. They’d agreed never to mess with his Metagrossite again, and also avoid his Mega Pin just to be safe.

Some more additions to the Teacher AU…

-Maxie is a geography teacher, however unlike Steven he’s extremely lazy and just sits his students down in front of a laptop and tells them to browse the internet because he really doesn’t want to have to teach.

-Lysandre teaches politics and he’s a preachy hipster who very obviously has a tumblr account. His whole class follow him and he follows them back.

-Ghetsis is that one terrifying, decrepit old ancient history teacher who never leaves his classroom and absolutely everyone in the school is scared shitless of him.

-Cyrus teaches physics and he’s actually a really good teacher, and always leaves his class either in shock horror or hooting with laughter due to his “I hate everything” attitude. He drops the biggest, meanest insults without batting an eye.

-Giovanni teaches economics. God knows if he’s actually good at it (because economics was always that one easy subject that even the most brain dead moron could get over 90% in.)

-Malva is the lazy sarcastic music teacher who hates children and her life and everyone thinks she’s really funny because she brutally mocks everyone and everything. Probably keeps vodka in a water bottle on her desk.

-Sidney is a perpetually bored English literature teacher who gave up on giving a shit long ago and now spends his days dryly insulting the commentary on every book he’s forced to teach.

-Drasna teaches ancient history and even though all her students love her to bits, they all still fail her class because her method of teaching is just “give ‘em 100000 pages of notes and hope something sticks.”

-Pryce is the 300 year old biology teacher who at one point during the school year will have to teach all the 14 year olds about sex ed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Those are all for now… expect more soon!