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Plenitud en el Fandom

▪Sniper Elite.
▪Se viene nueva serie de GTA.
▪Mermado el tema de las novias.
▪Salidas Wigetta (aun cuando solo nos lo notifican y no nos muestran fotos de ellas)
▪Deseos de viajar juntos.
▪Contando sus vidas personales amenamente y con detalle.
▪Wigetta extremo después de APM5
▪#Karmaland3 después de Wigetta extremo.

▪Fan arts hermosos y creativos.
▪Fics de variedad: algunos nacidos de momentos Wigetta recientes.
▪Con más convicción que nunca: gente tóxica no nos afecta.
▪Armonía por la boda. Por Septimus, por un futuro Zeus.
▪El Museo del suscriptor que a algunxs nos ha hecho fangirlear mucho.
▪Post recordando el Wigetta de años anteriores sin deavalorizar el Wigetta actual.
▪Post diarios, efusivos, personales, argumentales, de opiniones. Con respeto.
▪Ustedes. Nosotros.

Este fandom ha pasado por mucho. Pero esta es una buena época.

Unconventional shipping time

Neha and Tyler. 

He paints her in beautiful dresses, presuming she isn’t looking… she makes dresses based on his paintings but doesn’t say a word to him about it.

She catches his eye one day, a free day when there’s not much going on and sees her wearing this dress that he swears looks just like the ones in his paintings.

He asks her where she got her inspiration from. She simply smiles at him cryptically as they pass by in the hallways. He is confused for a moment but then a lurch in his heart suddenly tells him; she knows

Callout post: Sweet Elite fandom, this is unacceptable

Im here to warn you that the Sweet Elite fandom is VERY PROBLEMATIC because:

1-they leave all these super kind comments on your posts every time you post art and then I have to go back to my other bigger fandoms after being spoiled there and I can’t get used to the lack of positive feedback on my posts😢

2-There’s a ship called mEGATRON (????)

3-So much shitposting. Holy cow.


Here is my Sweet Elite oc! Here are some facts about them 

1) Hyo-Jin is their first name, Lee is their last 

2) they are nonbinary, so goes by they/them pronouns

3) Hyo-Jin is in the fine arts department for paining, it’s their dream to be a great modern painter

4) They are pansexual

5) Hyo-Jin is mixed race, father is Korean, mother is Scandinavian descent (from denmark) 

6) they used to be teased and ridiculed for their mixed race and light eyes, however after a while, they embraced their different looks and even dyed the tips of their hair light green

7) they like to put on dark lipstick, such as dark red or mulberry 

8) they also dabble in witchcraft, mostly kitchen magic and gems 

9) they like to wear stockings a lot, unique ones are their favorites 

10) they were originally from Seattle, Washington 

I tried really really hard to do a korean like face, i dunno if i succeeded

i do know i gotta work on lips, got same mouth syndrome -v- 

if you wanna know more about them, send me asks ~! 

anonymous asked:

What is Andy's major going to be?

Hello dear anon!! ^^
Andy is majoring in Fashion as she creates clothes ( she even has her own fashion label that is quite famous muahahhaha), hairstyles, make-up, etc.

Meanwhile she also takes an extra class in the Performing Arts department, which is writing lyrics~

Our Scholars!

Hello everyone!  I thought it would be nice to share some aesthetics I did of @ashes-wind‘s and my scholars!  Shantel and Forrest are her kiddos and Kun is mine.  Thank you for taking a look!

Shantel Bello - Performing Arts - Singer

Fun Fact - Do not give this girl money.  She is awful at saving money and always ends up spending it on makeup, clothing, blue hair dyes, and accessories.  Her uncle gives her a strict allowance of $10 a month, trying to teach her to save money.  It doesn’t work 9/10 times.

Hye-Rim “Forrest” Choi - Pure and Applied Sciences - Astrophysicist

Fun Fact - His cat is named Haneul, which means Heaven/sky, and she has made the freezer part of the fridge (the drawer part at the bottom) her home.  It is always turned off so she doesn’t get cold and it’s always a little open so she has fresh air.

Kun (KOON) Chang - Athletics Department - Gymnastics

Fun Fact - Despite being in gymnastics at school and at the Rio 2016 Olympics (he represented China despite living in America at the time and won gold), Kun is actually a paid acrobat and does gymnastics as a side activity.  He also does ballet and judo!