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Happy Valentine’s Day! Have some YAlentines:

Curse Workers by Holly Black

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Legend by Marie Lu

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

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I found a huge debate going on about whether liberals should reach out to rural white working class, like coal miners, in the wake of trump's election. A lot of users were understandably pissed that they voted for him, and felt they were a lost cause. Others pointed out that it was important to help them, since his policies are going to hurt them, too. I'm sure there's some really nasty stuff in that debate, but what I saw is certainly pretty interesting.

Oh yes, I have participated in this debate quite often. I firmly believe that liberal elitism has alienated a huge chunk of these people. It isn’t a coincidence that the usually blue rust belt states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania went red this year. People are sick of being accused of being bigots before opening their mouths and having their problems dismissed as “white tears”.

for @arhkamknights - you like star wars, and you like the batfamily, so here we go. :3

  • there’s roy harper as one of the best pilots in the resistance; adopted son of oliver queen. 
  • oliver queen is now an advisor to bruce wayne, who commands the resistance. 
  • there’s the resistance pilot jason todd, bruce wayne’s son, disappeared during combat several years ago, MIA and presumed deceased. 
  • there’s a completely totally unrelated stormtrooper designated JY-2707 who can’t remember anything before a few years ago, but never thinks to question that until JY-2704 dies and a resistance pilot is taken into custody. 
  • there’s talia al ghul, daughter of the leader of the first order; in charge of the interrogation of prisoners and reasonably strong in the force. 
  • JY-2707 makes a decision, and learns that the pilot’s name is roy. he also learns that he likes roy’s name for him - jay - right before they crash. 
  • there’s a scavenger called kori who knows she could leave jakku, but chooses not to, because her sister promised to come back for her. 
  • kori makes a decision, and tries to get jay off of jakku, but they don’t have a lot of options for transportation, and they end up in the robin
  • there’s tim drake and dick grayson, bruce wayne’s other sons, who were looking for their ship. they found it, but they also found two unexpected surprises on board in the form of jay and kori. 
  • there’s talia’s son damian al ghul, who is responsible for hunting down the escaped prisoner roy harper - or he would be, if his cloaked ship hadn’t gotten stuck in the same tractor beam grayson and drake used to retrieve the robin. he’s currently being held against his will by the traitor JY-2707, timothy drake, richard grayson, and a good-for-nothing scavenger. 
  • they find that jay knows an awful lot about the resistance’s aerial strategy and is a surprisingly good pilot, even though he worked sanitation and has never flown a ship. at least, as far as he can remember. 
  • (and tim drake, who never interacted with jason todd but saw him from afar, begins to wonder whether “presumed dead” should really be in general wayne’s file on his missing son. and dick grayson, who was on a deep undercover mission for the years that jason was around, tentatively believes tim.) 
  • dick spends a lot of time with damian. for information at first, trying to figure out what damian might know about the first order, but it becomes clear that while damian is a soldier, he’s also young. terrifyingly so. dick had assumed he was at least thirteen. damian’s nine. 
  • dick grayson follows the example of his adopted father and claims damian as his own. 
  • then there’s takodana and maz kanata, and while following kori damian picks up a metal cylinder that’s heavy for its size and sees something he didn’t expect to, that he didn’t really want to, and - he starts to wonder, because he used to wonder about the identity of his father. he used to, until he pushed it to the back of his mind in favor of the first order and being a perfect heir, but now he suspects that his father is part of the resistance and that’s…. 
  • it throws damian off-balance, and he runs and kori follows, and talia finds them both. 
  • jay’s not fast enough. tim’s not fast enough. dick’s not fast enough. roy is fast enough for tim and dick and jay, but not for damian and kori. 
  • roy guides them back to the resistance. bruce wayne’s not there, but oliver queen stares at jay for an awfully long time. 
  • turns out kori’s an alien princess with incredible power, so… oops? they should probably get her back?? 
  • good thing that damian’s accessed some records that he probably shouldn’t have and determined that bruce wayne is his father. good thing that damian wasn’t immune to stockholm syndrome when he was on the robin. good thing that damian knows a lot more about the weapons of the first order than the resistance does. 
  • good thing that damian decides to free kori and help dick, jay and tim destroy the starkiller base. never let it be said that dick grayson’s not convincing. 
  • except when they return, they find bruce wayne waiting for them. and jay doesn’t believe anything he’s saying. 
  • (he can’t. jay knows how his mind works, its limitations, and attacking the wall that hides his old memories is… not a good plan. it feels like madness lies behind that barrier. it feels like whatever happened to him is not something he wants to remember.) 
  • (talia is good at what she does, especially when it comes to tampering with memories, and jay doesn’t want to fuck over his own sanity by remembering something terrible, thank you very much.) 
  • but bruce insists, and jason yells that he’s wrong, he’s wrong, bruce needs to stay the fuck away from him - 
  • they run again, jay and kori and roy. they call their ship outlaw. 
  • roy tells them about a man named j'onn who knows minds like jay’s. roy tells them about a man named clark who wields incredible power like kori. 
  • “might as well do this together,” jay says. 
  • so they do.
Catalyst (Trixya) - Boleyn

AN: This is off the prompt where Trixie gets upset about the video of Katya grinding on Violet. Turned into a mess of angst but with a fluffy ending! This is my first time writing this pair so apologies if the characterizations are a bit rocky! I use their drag names but male pronouns. Also, BNYC should be updated soon. I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I am in the midst of finals and this chapter is fighting me, but I promise it’ll be ready soon! Much love, xx

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nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay lu

This home grown bot is so dispossessed of the essential Bene f its, its anthropocosmic ties have become so slack, that we do not feel their first victory against the evil galactic Empire.During the battle, rebel quarterbacks managed to steal secret plans to the empire’s ultimate weapon, the home run, an athletic feat with enough power to destroy an entire planet.Pursued by the empire’s sinister agents, princess Leia races home aboard his cadillac, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy….

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It makes me sick when people go around calling all vets babykillers. My uncle was a vietnam vetaran who was drafted against his will. Leftists actually called him a babykiller back in the day. He was a poor black man. What did these fucktards expect him to do?Move to canada even thou he couldnt afford it? Go to jail ,get a criminal record and make his future job opertunities even slimmer?

Exactly. My dad was a poor Vietnam draftee too. Even if he was willing to risk everything and flee to Canada, he didn’t exactly have the means to do so. This “THEY COULD HAVE AVOIDED THE DRAFT!!1!!” justification is an excellent example of liberal elitism. What did they expect them to do, go out to the money trees growing in their backyards?

And I wonder if the social justice crowd is aware of the fact that black men were disproportionately targeted by the draft?

When I’m stressed... I make lists.

Here are some of the things that I enjoy and things you might see on my blog. Let me know if you also like something so I can follow you.


The Selection Series

Percy Jackson (and other Rick Riordan books)

Harry Potter

The Chronicles of Narnia

TV Shows:

The Originals (+TVD)




Amazing Race





Dear Evan Hansen

Book of Mormon

Music Artists:

Jack and Jack

Ed Sheeran

other than that I mostly listen to indie stuff

Romance and Sport in Yuri on Ice... from the perspective of an actual sportsgay

I am a sportsgay–bikesexual, as I say often. And I love Yuri on Ice, not only because it’s awesome to see two out athletes in media (even if it’s a cartoon rather than real life, but I digress…) but because it depicts a relationship that is so familiar to me as an athlete: the coach and the competitor–and makes it gay. Actually, the whole series is pretty awesome about capturing just how gay sports culture is as a whole.

Full disclaimer: I am not an ice skater. I ride bikes. I work at a bike shop. I am a coach. I’ve been doing this for more than a decade. While I am nowhere near a professional cyclist, and never was, not even at my peak, I live a life that is absolutely bike-centric, even though my involvement is on the amateur level. If there’s one thing I can tell you about being an athlete, it’s this:

Sports are gay.

Yes, it’s true about all sports once you get begin to seriously train with the goal of competing. You can be the straightest bro ever, and if you pursue any kind of sport at a competitive level, you will experience a level of homoeroticism you will never experience anywhere else. Unless, of course, you are actually a gay athlete, in which case, your involvement in sports makes your life exponentially gayer than the average gay.

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I travelled interstate this past weekend to race the first race of the Australian National CX Series with a bunch of teammates and general mates. On Saturday was a state series race that we couldn’t get any points from, and then Sunday was a national round that was the main reason we had travelled over for. This was the first Elite race of the season. Last year was my first season racing Elite, thrown in the deep end after racing 1 (one!) A grade race. New year, new team, new team bike, new team skinsuit, and new anxieties about my place racing elite. I’ve always tried to be honest about the racing process and how I work through it, and will be putting some writing together about this year. In summary, it was a fantastic weekend. We were blessed with ice cold sunshine and rad course conditions. The women’s field has nearly doubled from last year and is SO strong. Sunday’s Elite race was an absolute blast, I held some wheels, dropped some wheels, and fought for my position all race and proved I earned it winning a sprint finish, even if it was for 16th place (I don’t think I’ve ever sprinted before, I didn’t think I even could!) I discovered my heart rate when standing on the start line is over 140bpm, I’m learning to rip the corners, I’m the least smooth at riding the pumptrack, and I’m still awful at post race nutrition. Here’s to the rest of the year of racing! 

Thanks to my teamie Jake for the photos (@lilbikenerd on the ‘gram)

So Here’s My Story

I’m here to tell you the story of one of my favorite races of high school, and I think it’s a good story for everyone to hear. 

It was spring of my Junior Year, and I was fit as heck. I was one of the top runners in my section and I was climbing the state rankings quickly. We always kick off our outdoor season at a pretty big local invitational, it’s a chance for some of the best teams in our area to show off who they’ve got for the year. I was entered in the 1500, one of my favorite races, and it was the “elite” race of the meet. The top 10 girls in the seeding list would get special recognition before their heat and the top 3 get trophies. It was a BIG deal and a lot of my favorite girls to race were also entered.

When the list of seeds was released on line 2 days before the invitational, I immediately knew something was wrong. I was seeded 13th, when I should have easily been seeded in the top 5. I looked at my seed time and it was 5:02. My Coach had entered me at my 1600(full mile) time instead of my 1500 time which was in the low 4:40′s. This meant I would run in the unseeded heat. My coach realized his mistake and begged and pleaded to try and get my seed time changed but the meet organizers were not budging- I’d have to run in the unseeded heat. 

Instead of becoming discouraged or upset, I simply decided I was going to win from the unseeded. I’d race alone, but I’d do it. Luckily, the elite heat of girls went off about an hour before my heat. The girl won it in 4:46. I went back to the tent and wrote the splits on my hand that I would need to run in order to run a 4:45. I calmly got on the line, and took a deep breath.

The gun went off and it was my race. Within 300 meters I had about a 20 meter lead (I later learned that the kid standing and cheering next to my mom who was not from my school said “This girl either has no idea how to pace a 1500 or is just that fast” and my mom turned around and replied “She’s just that fast, just watch.”) I hit my split for the first and second lap easy, but than it got hard. I was all alone and trying to race all out. The only thing that kept me going was my teammates going INSANE and cheering for me. The rest of the stands actually picked up on what was happening and started in on the cheering.

I kicked harder than I ever have that last lap. I was alone and had about 150 meter gap on the next girl in my heat. I came down the home stretch and crossed the line as the clock ticked 4:44. I had done it, by two seconds. I had won one of the most elite races by running by myself from the unseeded heat. 

The girls from the seeded heat immediately came over and congratulated me but I learned something important that day. Your race is totally YOURS, you decided how its going to go. You can do anything that you put your mind too, even when the cards are stacked against you. 

Track of the Day - 5.29.2017

“ Seems so sick to the hypocrite norm
Running their boring drills
But we are an elite race of our own
The stoners, junkies, and freaks
Are you happy? I am, man
Content and fully aware
Money, status, nothing to me
Because your life’s empty and bare”

Xeno Says: Damn, he was so fucking good. I’ll never be able to get over this song.