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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> I'm gonna make a hetalia Pokemon AU for aph italy where he's a coordinator that specializes in fairy types!!<p/><b>Me .5 seconds later:</b> Haha,,, nevermind,, into the trash you go!<p/><b></b> ((but no seriously I'm planning to make a Pokemon AU for him with a ton of highkey gerita, anyone have any ideas for it?))<p/></p>
The 16 types as Pokemon Elite Four Members

Each temperament is a set of four members for this, and everyone gets four pokemon like in XY.

No two pokemon in the same team have the same type combo.  No pokemon will be shown more than once (except for some dragons for ENTJ).  Every type gets a different pokemon type.

My more fave pokemon get priority.

Everyone gets at least one mega evolvable pokemon, and this is the first in each list).

The Elite Four Artisans

ISTP:  Steel Type (because machines!)

1.  Aggron  2.  Skarmory  3.  Magnezone  4.  Aegislash

ESTP:  Fighting Type (action!)

1.  Lucario  2.  Infernape  3.  Mienshao  4.  Hawlucha

ISFP: Water Type (just want to go with the flow)

1.   Gyarados  2.  Kingdra  3.  Greninja  4.  Feraligatr

ESFP:  Fire Type (ooh pretty!  others: ESFP NO!)

1.  Charizard  2.  Blaziken  3.  Ninetales  4.  Pyroar

The Elite Four Guardians

ISTJ:  Rock Type  (respect the ancient rock types RESPECT THEM)

1.  Tyranitar  2.  Tyrantrum  3.  Aurorus  4.  Rhyperior

ESTJ:  Ground Type (because you are very DOWN TO EARTH)

1.    Swampert  2.  Garchomp  3.  Krookodile  4.  Torterra

ISFJ:  Ghost Type (honor the ancestral spirits)

1.  Sableye  2.  Gourgeist  3.  Chandelure  4.  Golurk

ESFJ:  Grass Type (pretty flowers!)

1.  Sceptile  2.  Tropius  3.  Trevenant  4.  Victreebel

The Elite Four Idealists

INFP:  Fairy Type (a new type! yay!  also fiction is gr8)

1.  Gardevior  2.  Mawhile  3.  Togekiss  4.  Sylveon

ENFP: Flying Type (wheee!)

1.   Altaria  2.  Talonflame  3.  Braviary  4.  Aerodactyl

INFJ:  Electric Type (Ni could be like lightning)

1.  Ampharos  2.  Heliolisk  3.  Lanturn  4.  Rotom

ENFJ:  Bug Type (the ultimate underdogs)

1.  Scizor  2.  Galvantula  3.  Volcorona  4.  Armaldo

The Elite Four Rationals

INTP:  Psychic Type (this is the genius type, right? RIGHT?)

1.  Metagross  2.  Espeon  3.  Delphox  4.  Sigilyph

ENTP:  Poison Type (yay chemistry!)

1.  Gengar  2.  Seviper  3.  Dragalge  4.  Scolipede

INTJ:  Dark  Type (muahaha!)

1.  Houndoom  2.  Malamar  3.  Hydreigon  4.  Sharpedo

ENTJ:  Dragon Type (you will defeat everyone)

1.  Salamence  2.  Haxorus  3.  Kingdra  4.  Hydreigon

Okay I now have the general roles of everyone in the Pokemon AU so here we go…

Lucy Heartfilia - Main protagonist, trainer/coordinator
Levy McGarden - Lucy’s companion, trainer/breeder
Lisanna Strauss - Lucy’s companion, trainer/coordinator
Cana Alberona - Lucy’s friendly rival, trainer/coordinator
Yukino Aguria - Famous coordinator
Lahar - Professor who asks Lucy to fill the pokedex
Mest Gryder - Professor Lahar’s haphazard assistant
Sting Eucliffe - One half of the famous Twin Dragon Pokemon Ranger duo
Rogue Cheney - Other half of the famous Twin Dragon Pokemon Ranger duo
Nastu Dragneel - Fire type gym leader
Evergreen - Grass type gym leader
Juvia Lockser - Water type gym leader
Elfman Strauss - Rock type gym leader
Gray Fullbuster - Ice type gym leader
Gajeel Redfox - Steel type gym leader
Wendy Marvell - Flying type gym leader
Jellal Fernandes - Dragon type gym leader
Erza Scarlet - Fairy type elite four
Laxus Dreyar - Electric type elite four
Mirajane Strauss - Dark and ghost type elite four
Gildarts Clive - Psychic type elite four
Makarov Dreyar - Fighting, normal, and dragon type Pokemon champion

Team Mirage
Goal: To revive Darkrai and put everyone in an eternal nightmare to save the Pokemon of the world from becoming possessions of trainers
Macbeth - Leader of Team Mirage
Ultear Milkovich - Lead admin of Team Mirage
Meredy - Assistant of Ultear Milkovich, member of Team Mirage
Sorano Aguria - Admin of Team Mirage
Erik - Admin of Team Mirage
Sawyer - Admin of Team Mirage

I’m still trying to figure out more details and Pokemon teams, but I’ll make another post when I get that done!! Also I’ve decided not to include ships as I don’t see how they would be relevant in this AU~

Ferrose was kinda general Megido stock. Not proper at all– too slashy. Proper ladies don’t shred their way through jungles! They wear dresses and love pink fluffy unicorns (possibly those of the inclination to dance upon rainbows!) They epitomize the ideals of truth and love! And then they cut a bitch because Meenah happened ALL OVER HER FACE.

The Kawaif family

Kawaif (Fairy/Psychic) The Proper Pokemon 

“Kawaif are demure Pokemon and are unlikely to approach anything outside their herd. They psychically know whom their trainer is destined to be.”

Okay, so these little things are hard to catch. They only appear in horde encounters in the grasses of the late-game Tea Islands route, and only very rarely. Now the difficulty comes because horde encounters require you to only have one enemy left in the fight before you can capture everything. However, the whole crowd is likely to simply teleport out first turn, making this task hard. 

Dreamselle (Fairy/Psychic) The Proper Pokemon (evolves from Kawaif at level 20)

“Dreamselle are often dozing off. Physically weak, Dreamselle instead use their mental powers to avoid conflict and make friends.”

The only trainer in all of Skaia region to use Pokemon of this line is Horuss Zahhak, found in Equius’s pretend gym in Beat Mesa Town after you beat the Elite Four. 

Dreamoness (Fairy/Psychic (Dream mode) Fairy/Ghost (Nightmare mode) The Spinning Wheel Pokemon (evolves from Dreamselle at level 30)

“Dreamoness are asleep, but may still interact with the world through their psychic powers. When their powers are exhausted, they fall into a deeper sleep.”

This is where things get weird. Dreamoness comes with the ability Night Terror. Basically, when Dreamoness reaches 50% hp, it changes form into the blood-soaked phantom that kicks us all in the nuts everynight. (what, just me?) Dreamoness is normally pretty bulky in special defense, but in the new form it is all special attack and speed. If you fight a Dreamoness, be sure to take it out fast or it will become a nightmare (pun superintended.)

This line received a bit of flak from fans for being sexist. It’s basically inspired by the “proper lady” ideal and comes out looking like a sugar-coated girl’s toy stereotype. Personally, the fact that it becomes a blood-soaked avenger if you piss it off seemed kinda badass to me. 

((Oh hey, it’s also a Maplehoof mon. Damn it. Does that make it less properly Damara?))