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Lionheart NCA 2016

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Lena’s storyline is basically what would have happened had Cat still been around. Kara now has a friend who’s this rich powerful woman looking for some new question/direction. Kara needs a contact who’s amongst the National City elite? Cat would have been that. I’m looking at promo pics and thinking we could have finally had Cat in Kara’s apartment (in canon).

I know the show had to adjust to Calista’s decision to stay in LA. It’s just so much less impactful without that year of adjusting and growing behind it. It’s a perfectly serviceable cheeseburger when we could have had prime rib. I won’t comment on the difference in presence and acting ability, but that’s a factor too.

So yeah, if you’re wondering why some people are irked by the OMG SUDDENLY KARA MIGHT BE QUEER FOR A LADY WE JUST INVENTED QUEER KARA stuff that seems to be linked to this new ship, that might be part of why. Everything that ship has already existed in Supercat, and while nobody has to ship anything they don’t want to, there’s a hint of ageism and whatever else all mixed up in that too.

Let’s all ship what we want to ship, but there’s an element of don’t be a douche about it to consider too. Characters and ships don’t exist in a vacuum. 

This blog does not endorse any Presidential candidate, or even the idea of there being Presidential candidates.


On many occasions over the election season I’d been pressed to offer general remarks on the Trump campaign to my academic colleagues, some of whom would be signing off on my dissertation and all of whom understood Trump to be a Voltron made out of Hitlers.  Any such remarks would be politically acceptable by necessity, and then self-respecting if possible.  Here’s what I managed to come up with.

The most useful consequence of the Trump campaign has been precipitation of common knowledge.  The outcry over The Wall, for example, determined definitively that the entire American establishment considers borders to be beyond the pale.  It had privately held this view for quite some time, but always with a degree of plausible deniability.  By publicly departing from this private consensus, Trump dragged it out into daylight.  According to a quorum of the nation’s elite institutions, talking about restriction of movement between borders is now illegitimate.  Don’t let that Overton window hit you on the way out.

Perhaps, by your lights, this is cause for celebration.  If restricting movement between borders is indeed wrong, then so much the better that a major party candidate be vilified by other elites within his own party for proposing it. 

Either way, it seems like the sort of thing we ought to have on the record.  I think that’s something we can all agree on.

I played my violin. I took a bath. I tried to nap. I spent part of the evening sitting in a quiet room. I sat on my balcony.
None of it mattered. It was getting dangerously late in the game, and I still had nothing for my project
—  I relate to America on a spiritual level here though for reals

So this is what it’s like to be an elite soccer nation.

It means having a team that is undefeated through four World Cup matches, yet has to apologize for not winning more convincingly. It means having talking heads on television exasperated with sloppy, uncreative play that has led to the U.S. only outscoring its opponents 6-1. Game after game, the U.S. soccer faithful shake their heads as they trudge out of pubs, despairing over another unsatisfying win.

—  (x)
10 Things You Need to Know About Mallory Pugh
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  1. As you probably already know, Mallory is the youngest player on the Women’s National Team when she made an appearance in the match in February 2016.

  2. At the age of 18, Mallory is one of the youngest Americans to ever compete in the Olympics. She is the only amateur soccer player to compete on the team roster.

  3. With a height of “5”4” she knows exactly how to score by putting the U.S. back on top when playing Columbia.

  4. Ever since 2011, she has been a member of the Real Colorado of the Elite Clubs National League. She was 13 when she started playing with the elite team.

  5. Pugh will be attending UCLA in January 2017 and will play for the Bruins after she finishes up with the USWNT in November.

  6. In 2015, Mallory won 2 awards; U.S. Soccer Young Female Player of the Year and the Gatorade National Girls Soccer Player of the Year.

  7. Before all of this fame, she played a prominent role on both the U17 and U20 US National Teams, winning the Golden Boot in 2015 CONCACAF World Championship.

  8. Pugh’s first goal with the WNT was off a pass from Christen Press.

  9. As an early child, she practiced her soccer juggling skills in her garage and has been a fan of the sport of soccer since kindergarten.

  10. Last but not least, Pugh has been called the next Mia Hamm. 

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