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Do you have recommendations for a Klance slowburn fic? (Doesn't really matter if it's an AU)

Friend f r i e n d it’s been ages since I actually got to sit down and read a fic but I’ve read lots of them in the past so you definitely came to the right person :P (I actually wrote one of my own; it’s called Magic Me Some Love and is about Galra!Keith/Magician!Lance in a medieval fantasy setting, if you’re into that.)

Now. Slow burn klance fics that aren’t on pretty much every fic rec list out there already with a minimum of either 60k words or that are unfinished still:

Ignorance Is Bliss by YouAreInAComaWakeUp

As it turns out, learning that your house is haunted makes the ghosts a lot more aggressive. Who knew?
Ah, well. At least one of them is hot. And he’s the less-evil one, too, so that’s always a plus.


The Message by Shipstiel

Keith is texted by accident by some idiot one day, and honestly he’s not even sure why he responds. Or why he keeps responding. Yet somehow he finds himself drawn in, and okay, so maybe this fool is mildly entertaining after all. Who would’ve thought.

>>wrong number AU with an extra dash of angst. But if you’ve read any of the other fics this author has written you’ll know that they specialize in fluff and that absolutely shines through in the fic^^

Quest for Altea by fandomlicious

20 years after the legendary sword Voltron was drawn from its stone by Queen Allura, it is stolen and eventually lost in the dangerous Balmeran Forest. To prevent the rogue knight Zarkon, his witch companion Haggar and their army of Galra warriors from claiming the sword and conquering all of Altea, it falls to Lance, with the help of a dark-haired hermit, to embark on the treacherous journey, save his kingdom and reunite his broken family.

>>if you don’t mind OCs that you get to know throughout the fic taking on a more important role, you should totally check out this fic. It’s plot heavy and reads like a published novel :D

Foreign Scenes by bwyn

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.

>>it’s one of the few fics that I haven’t read personally yet and still won’t hesitate to recommend. lots of my friends have read and praised it, apparently it’s fluffy and fun. it’s absolutely on my to read list :D

Crossroads by manamune

When Keith crashed his Lion into a Galra warship in order to stop it from destroying a solar system, and more importantly, his friends, he was fully prepared to die for it.
What he didn’t prepare for was to wake up in an alternate universe where he and Lance were dating.

>>this one. if you haven’t read it yet, go read it. it was my fav voltron fic for a long long time!!!! it’s got it all, plot, romance, character development, realistic amounts of angst- it’s very very good. 

Drive It Like You Mean It by Zizzani

The Castle of Lions is the venue for the city’s most dangerous illegal street races where drivers come to test the cut of their tires. Lance has long defended his title as champion, but when a newcomer shows up and threatens his position things take an interesting turn.

>>not into cars and street racing AUs? neither am i, my friend, and yet this is one of the best voltron fics i’ve read. trust me when i tell you that you want to read everything written by this author.

Sharps and Accidentals by Zizzani (! unfinished!)

Keith is a talented up and coming violin virtuoso. Lance hates him immediately.
Or an AU in which Lance and Keith both attend the same music university. Keith is deaf. Lance is Trying™.

>>if there is one deaf!AU you should read then it’s this one. it’s really amazing all around - i’ve been following it since 2016 and i still always get excited over e-mail updates.

Ghost of the Future / Shadow of the Past by wittyy_name & Zizzani (! unfinished!)

When Lance is thrown through time, his future self from one year ahead is transported to the past in his place.
When Lance is thrown through time, he finds himself one year in the future, in place of the Lance that should be here.


Stick It by noussommeslessquelettes

After a run-in with the law, former national phenom turned delinquent Keith Kogane is forced to return to the regimented world of elite gymnastics, facing old foes and new challenges.

>>!!!!!!!!!! it’s such a good fic!! based on such a good movie!!!!! i’m kinda upset that not more people have read it, it’s good, give it a try, it won’t disappoint^^

Not That Bad by varelsen

A college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.

>>the summary nails it. also starring socially anxious!keith but despite that he seems pretty in character. it’s amazing and i really love this author’s style of writing :D

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus

In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.

>>dragon au i repeat dragon au this is not a drill everyone - this fic!!! is freaking!!!! amazing!!!!!!! it’s in my top 5 minimum go try it out :D

Altea High by Lixie (! unfinished!)

Go back to school they said. It’ll be fun they said. Yeah, sure. It’s tons of fun scaling lava walls, accidentally setting things on fire, and being babysat by the school’s flirt.
When Lance signed up (*cough* bribed *cough*) to show the new firebug around the school he thought it would be a piece of cake. He did not anticipate the sour attitude, spontaneous explosions, intimate moments in elevators…

>>the sky high au you always knew you needed :D it’s still in the very early stages but the fic is really fun so far!!

Blue Shells and Comic Books by SonofHades (! unfinished!)

Lance has too much time on his hands, Keith doesn’t have enough. Lance leans more towards being outgoing and sociable, while Keith keeps to himself and can be mostly unpleasant. Neither think they have anything in common. What they don’t realize, however, is that there happens to be a very popular graphic novel that connects them together. Lance happens to be an avid reader and Keith just happens to secretly be the author.

>>another fic i’m super pumped for oh my god. each new chapter mail has me grinning like a maniac. the waiting between updates is suffering but all worth it in the end. it’s fun and interesting and i love it!

Flirting With Death by drippingpen (! unfinished!)

Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.
More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.
Now they are forever linked, unable to survive without the other. Keith must protect Lance from the forces that are trying to right Keith’s wrong and kill Lance.

>>skdfghjksfhgdksjfhgjfjd i cannot describe it. the plot is really amazing and keith and lance are so attracted to each other but they can’t kiss because that would literally kill lance. it belongs to the top most interesting voltron fics out there :D

in your shoes by lydiamartin (! unfinished!)

The one where Keith and Lance live in different cities but swap bodies – and angry love notes – multiple times a week.

>>Kimi No Na Wa (your name) AU!!!! so basically anything but your typical body switch AU :P give it a try, you will be surprised by it, especially if you haven’t seen the movie.

Of Lions And House Cats by Ms_Towa (! unfinished!)

Keith is a superhero who’s been pining after the cute boy who works at the music shop across the street from HQ. He also doesn’t know that the cute boy is the same vigilante he wants to bring to justice.

>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the chapters are insanely long but they’re all worth it. the plot develops rather slowly but it’s perfect as it is :P the slowest of burns. despite that it never made me lose interest in it so definitely go check it out if you have multiple hours of nothing to do!! :D

I’m gonna stop here because this list is already insanely long but it is faaaaaar from finished, believe me. This fandom produces so many good fics I can’t keep up with it ; - ;


And then there’s Russia on bars….

New blog on the Gymternet

FINALLY created a stand-alone blog for my obsession with gymnastics. So, if you’re a blog relating to:
-NCAA gymnastics
-Elite Gymnastics
-Rhythmic Gymnastics
-The Final Five
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Already a successful elite gymnast and 1992 Olympian for Canada, Stella Umeh earns her first perfect 10 during her last team competition as a UCLA Bruin.

Before the competition, Stella said “I’m waiting for a finger to fall off; a toe. Like, I’m hanging on by a loose thread. And my body… I trust it, and believe in my body. And I believe in what I’ve done all of my life, and gymnastics. Seventeen years is pretty much all of my life. I’m ready to not overstay my welcome in terms of being in this sport too long, and I’m ready to end this chapter.”


norah_flatley: What an amazing journey it’s been. I’ve been extremely blessed to have done elite gymnastics these past 5 years. I am truly grateful for USA gymnastics for giving me the opportunity to represent Team USA in international competitions. I definitely could not have reached the top level of this sport without an amazing support system behind me.

My parents have been my number one fans through the ups and downs. They have sacrificed so much to give me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I love you both with all my heart❤️ And to Chow and Li, I can not put into words the gratitude I have for you both. They have been like second parents to me and shaped me into the person and gymnast I am today. Thank you for always believing in me and helping me achieve my dreams. Thank you for pushing me every single day to be the best I can be. Thank you for teaching me to always have high standards in everything I do. Even after all the injuries you both have stayed by my side and given me confidence that I can come back from any obstacle that is put in front of me. I am forever grateful for my coaches.❤️ I would love for everyone to know that I will be retiring from elite gymnastics. I can’t wait to finish one more year as a level 10 with my amazing Chow’s team! I am so excited to be joining the UCLA team next year to represent the most amazing school💙💛. Thank you all for the love and support through the years, I absolutely can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds💗 (x)

2017 U.S. Classic Roster

Alphabetical by state, last name

Carina Jordan, Millbrook, Ala./Prattville YMCA, junior

Jade Carey, Phoenix, Ariz./Oasis Gymnastics, senior

Ciena Alipio, San Jose, Calif./West Valley Gymnastics School, junior
Frida Esparza, Pittsburg, Calif./Head Over Heels, senior
Sydney Kho, Rosemead, Calif./Winner’s Academy of Gymnastics, junior
Emily Lee, Los Gatos, Calif./West Valley Gymnastics School, junior
Laney Madsen, Temecula, Calif./Gym-Max Gymnastics, senior
Jacquelyn Moran, Soquel, Calif./San Mateo Gymnastics, junior
Brenna Neault, Alta Loma, Calif./Precision Gymnastics, junior
Madelyn Williams, Vacaville, Calif./San Mateo Gymnastics, junior

Anapaula Gutierrez, Highlands Ranch, Colo./TIGAR, junior
Jimena Gutierrez, Highlands Ranch, Colo./TIGAR, junior
Jay Jay Marshall, Greeley, Colo./TIGAR, junior
Alyona Shchennikova, Evergreen, Colo./5280 Gymnastics, senior
Kalyany Steele, Colorado Springs, Colo./Colorado Aerials Gymnastics Center, senior

Love Birt, Wyoming, Del./First State Gymnastics, junior
Morgan Hurd, Middletown, Del./First State Gymnastics, senior

Brooke Butler, Wilton Manors, Fla./Midwest Gymnastics Center, junior
Emily Gaskins, Coral Springs, Fla./Cincinnati Gymnastics, senior
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Groveland, Fla./Brandy Johnson’s Global Gymnastics, senior

Elena Arenas, Bogart, Ga./Georgia Elite Gymnastics, senior
Sydney Barros, Woodstock, Ga./Texas Dreams Gymnastics, junior

Ellie Lazzari, Wheaton, Ill./Gym Nasti, junior

Adeline Kenlin, Iowa City, Iowa/IGN, junior
Victoria Nguyen, West Des Moines, Iowa/Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute, senior

Leanne Wong, Overland Park, Kan./Great American Gymnastics Express, junior

Kayla Di Cello, Boyds, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics, junior
Madeleine Johnston, Boyds, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics, junior
Anya Pilgrim, Germantown, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics, junior

Leah Clapper, Ann Arbor, Mich./Gym America, senior

Sunisa Lee, Saint Paul, Minn./Midwest Gymnastics Center, junior
Grace McCallum, Isanti, Minn./Twin City Twisters, junior
Abby Paulson, Coon Rapids, Minn./Twin City Twisters, senior

Kara Eaker, Grain Valley, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express, junior
JaFree Scott, Independence, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express, junior

Jordan Bowers, Lincoln, Neb./Solid Rock Gymnastics, junior

Selena Harris, Henderson, Nev./Gymcats Gymnastics, junior
Maile O'Keefe, Las Vegas, Nev./Salcianu Elite Academy of Gymnastics, junior
Sienna Robinson, Las Vegas, Nev./Brown’s Gymnastics Las Vegas, junior

New Jersey
Corinne Bunagan, Ramsey, N.J./Eastern National Academy of Paramus, junior
Olivia Dunne, Hillsdale, N.J./Eastern National Academy of Paramus, junior
Marz Frazier, Erial, N.J./Parkettes National Gymnastics Center, senior
Riley McCusker, Brielle, N.J./MG Elite, senior
Brooke Siter, Mountainside, N.J./North Stars Gymnastics Academy, junior

North Carolina
Gabbie Gallentine, Iron Station, N.C./Everest Gymnastics, junior
Lauren Little, Mooresville, N.C./Everest Gymnastics, junior
Ashton Locklear, Charlotte, N.C./Everest Gymnastics, senior
Marissa Oakley, Huntersville, N.C./Everest Gymnastics, senior
Victoria Smirnov, Hickory, N.C./Shooting Stars Gymnastics, junior

Shania Adams, Plain City, Ohio/Buckeye Gymnastics, senior
Nikki Beckwith, Westerville, Ohio/Buckeye Gymnastics, junior
Shilese Jones, Westerville, Ohio/Buckeye Gymnastics, junior
Lillian Lippeatt, Mason, Ohio/Cincinnati Gymnastics, junior

Cael Bixler, Palmyra, Pa./Prestige Gymnastics, junior
Addison Fatta, Wrightsville, Pa./Prestige Gymnastics, junior
Trinity Thomas, York, Pa./Prestige Gymnastics, senior

South Carolina
Maeve Hahn, Lake Wylie, S.C./First in Flight, junior

Annie Beard, Dallas, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics, junior
Luisa Blanco, Little Elm, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics, senior
Audrey Davis, Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Hannah Hagle, Chireno, Texas/Texas East Gymnastics, junior
Olivia Hollingsworth, Seabrook, Texas/Stars Gymnastics Training Center-Houston, junior
Kaytlyn Johnson, Lantana, Texas/Denton Gymnastics Academy, junior
Emma Malabuyo, Flower Mound, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics, junior
Deiah-Marie Moody, Plano, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Tienna Nguyen, Allen, Texas/Zenith Elite Gymnastics Academy, junior
Ragan Smith, Lewisville, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics, senior
Deanne Soza, Coppell, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics, senior
Morgan Trevor, Allen, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics, junior
Abi Walker, Carrollton, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics, senior

Abigail Scanlon, Sterling, Va./Capital Gymnastics National Training Center, junior

Jordan Chiles, Vancouver, Wash./Naydenov Gymnastics Inc., senior

West Virginia
Konnor McClain, Cross Lanes, W. Va./Revolution Gymnastics, junior

The Gymternet’s Own World Championships, 2017!

Why should our favourite elite gymnasts have all the fun? We can hold our own Worlds just after Montreal 2017.  It’ll be super chill and hopefully super fun! Anyone is welcome to participate! 

Interested? Here’s the plan:

  • There are two competition categories, the A-division (who perform easier skills – think USAG level 3 or below) and the B-division (harder skills – USAG level 4 and above). Divisions are per event, not per competitor.  You can compete all A, all B, or some A and some B.
  • Routines comprise of 5 skills in the A-division, and the full 8 skills in the B-division.  What counts as a “routine” is chill.  You can just perform all the skills in a row, but it’s more fun to include choreo!
  • MAG and WAG compete together
  • You don’t have to do all four events if you don’t want to, but there will be an All Around competition.
  • The definition of “vault”, “bars,” “beam”, and “floor” are pretty relaxed.  If you can use the real deal, that’s awesome, but otherwise a patch of floor and a plank of wood are completely acceptable.  Use what you’ve got! Just, please don’t do anything silly and/or sue me. UPDATE: trampoline will be added as a fifth event! It will not count for the all-around.
  • Skill values (different to the elite ones) will be assigned.  They’ll be different for the A and B divisions.  There will also be connection bonuses on the relevant events.
  • The Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor videos will be released on the first day of Worlds 2017, and voting will open to the Gymternet. Voters assign an execution score, out of 10.  The top and bottom 10% of scores will be dropped, then the rest averaged.  This will be added to the difficulty score.
  • If you submit a skill that’s not in the FIG COP, it will be named for you (obviously unofficially, but still, get cracking on those original skills guys)

Please let me know if you’d be interested in this event! You can either like this post, or reblog it. Reblogging would be better, because more people will see it and we’ll get more competitors! (I’m only a small blog, so not many people will see this unless some of you guys put it out there)

If you’d like to help organise this, come up with the rules, compile the video, or do anything else, please reblog this saying so, or shoot me a message :)

If there’s enough interest for this to go ahead, I and whoever wants to help will put together a “proper” COP with all the skill values, connection bonus, and more specific entry instructions.  Entry will open at the beginning of July, and close in mid-August.  

The COP will be released ASAP (before 1 May) so you have max time to code whore the sh!t out of any dodgy skill valuations.  That should give you two months.

I’m excited for this to go ahead, so please reblog/like to let me know if you are too!

Again, this competition is really relaxed.  We’ll accommodate for absolutely anybody!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fics that are at least 30,000 words or longer????

Do I have them as in… written myself? Or recs? D: I only wrote one longfic myself (and it isn’t even that good hah I don’t even want to think about how many English mistakes I made back then) bUT HECK YEAH I HAVE LONG FIC RECS!! I’m assuming that you’re specifically asking for completed klance fics that not everybody already knows about, so - here I go :D

Stick It by noussommeslessquelettes | @noussommeslessquelettes​ (77k)

After a run-in with the law, former national phenom turned delinquent Keith Kogane is forced to return to the regimented world of elite gymnastics, facing old foes and new challenges

>> idk why it has only gotten so few hits? It’s a really good fic! I didn’t know anything about gymnastics, like, at all and I didn’t have the slightest problem with getting into it. Lance’s and Keith’s dynamic - especially their development - was so well done I just… yeah :’)

audience of one by Katranga | @katranga​ (46k)

Lance gets captured by the Galra and sent to a prison ship. Keith, raised Galra, visits Lance’s cell, driven by the unshakable curiosity about the new prisoner who looks like him.

>> it’s angsty but the good kind of angsty. There were a few phrases that just stuck to me even after having finished it… it’s a really good fic and I’m super looking forward to the (potential) sequel.

Cove by TakingOverMidnight3482 | @pftones3482​ (42k)

In which Lance falls in love with an injured merman.

>> i’m just gonna… come out and say it. Coran has a role. The discussion is over, that’s all you should need to start reading it :P

Make Me Your Home by Reader115 | @reader115​ (38k) 

Lance helping Galra!Keith deal with his insecurities and his place on the team

>> you… probably know that fic already if you’re following me :’D But if not give it a chance - it and everything else Reader has written 👀 

Ignorance is Bliss by YouAreInAComaWakeUp (Nikanaiko) (170k)

As it turns out, learning that your house is haunted makes the ghosts a lot more aggressive. Who knew?
Ah, well. At least one of them is hot. And he’s the less-evil one, too, so that’s always a plus.

>> Nika doesn’t have a tumblr and lots of people already know her fic bUT IF YOU DON’T PLEASE JUST GIVE IT A TRY IT’S AMAZING,,,

Drive It Like You Mean It by Zizzani | @zizzani​ (94k)

The Castle of Lions is the venue for the city’s most dangerous illegal street races where drivers come to test the cut of their tires. Lance has long defended his title as champion, but when a newcomer shows up and threatens his position things take an interesting turn.

>> I don’t know anything about cars. I don’t like cars. Heck, I don’t even like driving. But fuck I adore this fic (just as any other fic that Bo has written), I adore the humor, I just- really really liked that fic okay I still vividly remember that one specific moment that gave me a near heart attack iT’S GOOD.

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus | @saltyshiro​ (65k)

In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.

>> FUCK CHANCES ARE THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY READ THIS FIC BUT I COULDN’T JUST NOT PUT IT ON THE LIST. I followed it from the second or third chapter and goddamn dragon!Keith got me weak :’) Also do yourself a favor and check this author’s other works out, they are all amazing!!!

turns out that I missed a lot of fics during the… what? 4 months? where I didn’t read anything so this is all I can offer for now^^’ The fics I mentioned here all have less than 4k kudos (how and why) but are definitely worth your time. 

idk over the years ive seen a lot of people say “wheeeeh u cant reward komova for her straight legs and arched toe point bc some people just arent capable of that and its unfaiiiiir *6 second long fart noise*” but seriously when i see videos of her doing just a simple stag leap it makes my heart skip a beat, there just arent many gymnasts like that anymore and that deserves to be rewarded. when you have olympic medalists who literally cant hit a fucking full split on beam, and then you have VIKA, and you’re trying to tell me that only a tenth or two in deductions should separate them???? that’s fucking insane.  and as far as the “faaaaaaiiiirness” goes, you could argue just as easily that its not faaaaaair that tumbling on floor is so highly rewarded because some people just dont have the power in their legs to pull of huge tumbling runs like simone and aly and jordyn and a million other “power gymnasts.” but that’s equally fucking stupid because this is a judged sport and unless u wanna give everyone participation medals and tell them that the most important thing is their pathetic little feeeeeelings, there needs to be a way to assign points, NUMERICAL VALUES, to performances to rank them. so im sorry for not wanting to sit on my hands and refuse to reward excellence in the sport because your fave’s feelings will be hurt if they’re told that they need to have a slight oversplit to be an elite fucking olympic level gymnast!!!!! cry me a river