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You want the goth subculture to continue existing? Then accept that not everyone can be an 80s goth and a 90s goth. Those times are past. There will be 2000s goths and 2010s goths and hopefully goths for many, many years to come. And there will always be differences and the scubculture is going to evolve. Stop shitting on current goths just because you you can’t change and are suffocating in your stagnation and elitism.


Not everything is what it seems….

Modern goth vs 80′s goth revisited

Wowee has this ever been a ride. So about three year ago i wrote a post on here about the goth subculture and how its changed and how young goths are getting into it now and some peoples disdain for goth music and yadda yadda.

weeeeell for the most part it went over quite well, i got good feedback from both young and elder goths and all seemed good. BUT  add three more years to my goth experience (almost had my goth card revoked once but its all good now) some of my opinions on the subculture have changed, while some have just matured a little and today i’m going to talk about that post i made three years ago and clear the air yet again

So originally the post i made was me siding with young people in the subculture about their feelings on goth music and damn was it poorly written. As in super disorganized and hard to follow (my mind can get pretty wild at times and the BPD makes it hard to organize my thoughts)

Now i never said that i fully agree with kids not respecting goth music nor did i divulge whether i personally enjoyed the music myself (I do btw, i enjoy it a lot) Instead i tried to explain why kids dont like it. I actually talked to some young goths about it and took polls to see how young goths had discovered the subculture and found out that there are a whole lot of goths under twenty who didnt discover it through music.

sooooo through all this i came to the conclusion that many young goths dont like the music because of its outdated sound. What i mean by this is its not the 80′s anymore and most kids dont listen to 80′s music and its not really what theyre used to. I did not say that goth music is irrelevant to young goths!! NOPE. But it also wasnt made very clear what i did mean.

What i meant was bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees are no longer “relevant” with YOUNG NON goth people (being irrelevant doesnt mean you suck people it just means you arent popular anymore) I love Siouxsie but my seventeen year old sister would have no clue who she was if it werent for me. So if you are just a typical young teen who takes an interest in goth, chances are you arent going to know who Siouxsie is right off the bat either.(SHOCKING!)  You’ll probably have to do the basic research first. like googling “goth bands.” So YES, Siouxsie along with all the other great goth bands of the 80′s are still perfectly relevant in the goth subculture today, but they are not as relevant to young people outside of it or to the young goths just discovering the subculture.

So thats basically what the original post was about and i hope i made my thoughts a little more clear here. Now on to the things i SHOULD have included – The music is important!! Goth wouldnt exist without it!! Its important to respect the music and you might enjoy the subculture a lot more if you give it a listen.– I really should have included that originally.

But some of my opinions havent changed. I still think that goths should be a little more accepting when it comes to experimenting with goth music genres, and i think we really should promote new goth bands a lot more, i HAVE seen this happening in the past few years but i think its something we should continue to do even more.

I also think that its important to just be respectful to each other and patient with goths who are new to the subculture. Dont overwhelm them or call them poseurs. Also young goths, babybats whatever you want to call yourself, LISTEN TO EXPERIENCED GOTHS, when a goth wants to give you some advice or recommend a band, dont scream “ELITIST!” and cry that no one accepts you, been there, done that, it gets you nowhere. Just listen to them, most are really good people who just want to help you.

We cant deny that goth has changed significantly since the 80′s and god knows we’re probably never going to agree on a set definition for goth or what it or isnt. But we should at least make an effort to try to get along and listen to each other and discuss things that affect the subculture.

And pretty please, can people stop bringing up that article that butchers my original post with bad commentary. I still dont know who wrote it and it would have been a lot more mature if they had personally messaged me before writing an article to criticize me.

Thank you to all who have been following me since before that post and to the many who followed me because of it. And thank you to the people who took the time to read this post as well.

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so you just call yourself goth to try and be a part of the goth girlfriend memes, huh

stop goth elitism 2017 i still listen to evanescence and rock the dead girl look!!! i’m sorry if im not good enough!

After the day I’ve had I think I’m going to have to read @gothiccharmschool again tonight to restore a little faith in the goth scene. Elitism and passive agressiveness and snark oh my. It’s times like these if it were somehow possible to quit goth, I likely would. Alas, its a part of me, I’m not a part of it, so I must remain associated with these ass hats.

Subculture elitists piss me off....

Like, god damn I’m sorry I don’t know the exact length of Peter Murphy’s 385th hair on his left testicle during the recording of In The Flat Field, Jesus christ I don’t know the exact syllable pronounced in during the 50th second of the 7th track on Only Theatre of Pain.

Ah, the age old argument. What makes a person goth. Sometimes it can be really difficult to pick sides though. Of course everyone wants to feel like they fit in and many want to do so by expressing themselves individually through goth. But we cant just forget about the original scene. We cant completely sweep the music under the rug. Without goth music, there would be no subculture. But after almost 40 years of goth, the subculture has changed greatly, creating waves between goths young and old. So how do we fix this? How do we keep goth alive when the subculture has become so divided? I believe that the answer lies in balance and a little critical thinking. What do you think?

Goth problems
  • Tripping over your long skirt or petticoat on the stairs and having to pretend nothing happened to everyone around you.
  • Likewise with platform boots.
  • Walking around the huge make up selection in the shop, but still always coming out with the same black make up and nail varnish.
  • Trying on every single foundation in shops and they still all look orange.
  • Sneezing when trying to do intricate eyeliner.
  • Having to explain that you’re allowed to do what you like when someone gets shocked when you listen to a pop, dance or rap song.
  • Strangers giving you death stares or looking at you like they’re going to catch some deadly disease. (But you can enjoy your reaction when you either smile or give them the finger with your eyes)
  • Feeling inadequate when ‘elite’ goths make you feel bad when you say you’re not a big fan of The Cure, haven’t seen a certain band live or however long you’ve been goth isn’t as long as they have.
  • Creepy people assuming you’re kinky.
  • Laddering your last pair of clean tights (not always a problem!)
  • When your favourite chunky silver ring falls off in public and you only realise later.
  • Removing your make up and having a shower but still being covered in black mascara running down your face.
  • Your white pillows and bed sheets being perpetually ruined by hair dye.

Anyone have anymore?

Today’s goth rant

If you’ve known my tumblr for a while, you probably know that i hate elitism in goth. Typically i call out older goths for bullying the younger generation over petty bullshit BUT this does not mean that i side more with the newer gen of goths. In fact, I have more in common with the older generation when it comes to my view on the sub culture and there is this tiny thing that has snow balled into a bigger thing that young goths do that  ……I. Cant. Stand….Which is try to completely redefine what it means to be goth. And many young goths do this without even realizing it.

First off, I am aware that goth is a music based sub culture but i am also aware that it has changed to the point that the music no longer draws people to the community. Basically, its the rest of goth that draws most young people in, clothes, mindset etc. And this is fine. I mean it cant be helped now that its changed so much. BUT that does not mean that you shouldn’t respect the old scene and music. That’s one of the first things you should look into.

Now lets get down to the one thing that has recently been irking me about some goths(typically but not exclusively females under 30) is this “Upper class goth” thing. Now originally i think this was meant to be a joke between Adora Bat Brat and a friend or something, but was eventually turned into an actual tag on instagram and tumblr. I’ve even seen a woman on facebook use it. Now people like Adora, her followers and her friends may not see anything negative in using this tag, but i’ll explain why there is nothing positive about it.

Firstly, Its pretentious as hell to label yourself as the “upper class” version of something. As if everyone else who doesnt have fame or money like you is less or lower class. 

Secondly, goth has never been about being better than someone else. Goths were misfits that came from all walks of life who were connected through music and dark interests. The term “upper class goth” is so outlandish and vain sounding that a goth from the 80′s would probably laugh in your face if you referred to yourself as it.

And lastly, the term is typically used to describe goths who go all out with their looks. As in makeup, hair, extreme fashion etc. So in order to really define yourself as upper class you need to appear that you have money and the type of life that supports your constant outrageous look. Which again, is just about the most un-goth thing i have heard.

Goth is about music and finding your place in the world among other outcasts. Its about keeping an open mind and not labeling yourself as better than another person. If you rather focus on just the look and fashion, label yourself as something else. Keep goth out of it. Goth isnt about money or status. Its not about dressing to the nines or being gother than someone else. The term “Upper class” does not belong in goth and personally leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

DISCLAIMER: the following was my personal opinions and i am not hating on anyone who uses the tag, i am just stating why i dont agree with it and why i dont think it belongs in goth.

On the subject of goth elitism, I remember a few years ago there was this one daft bitch who was more or less stalking me, and she used to make all these angry blog posts about me, and one was about how I’m not goth or cybergoth or whatever the fuck because I listen to Disney music and I still find it absolutely hysterical to this day.😂

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What each sign's role be in high school?

Do you mean like stereotypes? Really any of the signs can fit into any high school group. In general:

Aries- Athlete, part of school council, bully, person always trying to prove them self somehow.

Taurus- Girl or guy who is always going in and out of relationships, possibly an art kid or musician

Gemini- Social butterfly, school council, maybe part of the school year book, class president, or party person (but secretly very smart and good in school, might love to read)

Cancer- the shy person or good guy/girl, but a lot of them were secretly badasses, some Cancers can fit into the punk group or indie group.

Leo- drama kid, prom queen/king, athlete (probably cheerleader or football), if an outlier they dressed very dramatically and stood out.

Virgo- the nerd, the bookworm, possibly a shy person, probably on the school yearbook or paper, they are the person everyone cheats off of.

Libra- teacher’s pet, nice guy/girl, might be one of those people who always has their best friend attached to the hip, could also date a lot.

Scorpio- is probably part of a “different” group like hipsters, punk, Goth, emo, elite art people, hippie, etc.

Sagittarius- athlete, class-clown, foreign exchange student, maybe a party person.

Capricorn- very smart, honor roll student, head of a club, valedictorian, or strangely enough they could be an outsider who just does their own thing and has a few friends.

Aquarius- total hipster, maybe a full on hippie, computer nerd, a rebel, and possibly a drug dealer

Pisces- they are a student who really gets into their hobby. If they are an athlete that is WHO they are. They are 100 % gamer, art student, or party person, or whatever they choose.