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Since the spring season has just started this is my what I’ll be watching list. As always I’m gonna drop half of this list lol.

A few notes- The Reflection- I heard this was written by Stan Lee so it better be awesome. Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni- this better be a parody because if it’s just some generic isekai story I’m out. Koi to uso- I like the art, the premise, and the opening song so this can be my next favorite romance. Fate/apocrypha- I’m currently watching the fate series but I heard it’s okay to watch this because it’s a new story with new characters. Netsuzou TRap- I’m worried because I heard the manga was great but the studio behind the anime has only made shitty shorts. Vatican Kiseki- I’m just hoping it isn’t going to be boring and slow. Kakegurui- I’m so hyped for this because I read the manga before and a it’s fucking amazing. 18if- we still have no info on what this is about but the pv was trippy and the opening is great because it’s by TeddyLoid . Tenshi no 3P- I’m worried this will become a pedo anime. Mahoujin guru guru- their is a revamp of an old anime that was apparently really good so I’m looking forward to it and oresama is doing the op.

Enmusubi no Youko-chan: …*dropped the second i realized the opening is in chinese*

Hitorijime My Hero: weird main character eyes, blonde hair doesn’t suit him, but his (future) boyfriend is hot and his friend has a (future boyfriend) childhood friend. MCs boyfriend is a gangster-ass kicker

Dive!!: How many “!” signs did Free have? This seems YOI gay. Imma watch it for the diving sport. Not into the mentioned sport much, but I LOVE bromance. And I don’t mean the gay kind.

Netsuzou TRap: Isn’t this the second most recommended yuri? Damn, I know those girls will get together… Poor Takeda and the other guy… Nah, the bitch’s guy is stoic. Poor Takeda, he seems like such a sweet guy… Uness he turns into dick… Wait… this reminds me of my first date, he WILL BECOME A DICK!!

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.: Wow, this HEN… *cough* “ecchi anime” makes my invisible boner big (hentai with no climax)

Tsurezure Children: the manga is actually on my reading list before I saw that it’ll get an anime. Small cute romances :3

Kakegurui: I honestly thought I’d never like this. I’m glad I tried it. And MY GOD! Saori Hayami is the MAIN BITCH YUMEKO and I. LOVE. IT.

Hajimete no Gal: who the fuck is Nene, the main character in the manga has RED HAIR, he never spoke to the Yui girl (not in the beginning, that I know of), you just know the studio will screw this up!! The manga’s awesome btw

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: this school is FUCKING AWESOME!! It’s like American college with techno money!! It’s lowkey a sci-fi, economy anime. The setting is dark and as for a comedy, romance anime, it is SO COOL!! I hope to God these classmates become united like the AssClass did!!

Aho Girl: You know, I really miss Oushitsu Kyoushi/Royal Tutor. A silly comedy anime is the right thing I need to watch. My God, Yoshino-chan, STRAIGHT ZEROS?!

Gamers!: Ok, why is this season SOO GOOD?! Gamers animation is so cute and I love how the author avoids cliches. Like when Amano thinks “this club is cool” but he won’t join because they don’t play the games he wants. And honestly, he’s like me. I suck too, but I play games for fun.

Koi to Uso: I read a little bit of the manga and was disappointed. I know that Nejima will somehow miraculously fall for Lilian and they will get married. I’d be ok if Misaki wasn’t into him or if they hadn’t confessed to each other, but if they aren’t willing to fight for one another then what’s the point in watching this?

Edit: FUCK WHAT I SAID, I SWITCHED TEAMS!! Misaki mostly does perverted stuff with him, not getting to know her lover, while Lilina confides to him. I still dislike how it’ll probably be a cliché fest…

Edit 2: FUCK WHAT I SAID AGAIN!! No matter what, I’m on Team Author!!