elite gear


SHARK RAW (it’s face of fuze),LKPW 101 or soviet copy equivalent ,SN-42 plate vest, SSH40(M40) helmet,  USN AN6530 Flight Goggles with Green Shadded Lenses(land lease ?!),Telogreika (top only most likely matching ) ,M35 trousers (bottom),RG42 grenade pouch ,Mosin nagant pouch x2 (give it to glaz lel),SVT40 pouch x2,jack boots,leather map bag (sekrit dokuments bag)

Now point pistol up in the air and be part of propaganda film


“You broke your promise.” Sasuke whispered, hoarsely. Hands, clenched into fists….

His pale throat convulsing, barely holding back either sobs or screams of rage, perhaps both.

The blonde shinobi just eyed him with wide blue, crystalline eyes.

Naruto’s knees buckled slightly, something within him breaking….aching.

Visions of him declaring to die by his side, burden his hate, never leave him alone again.

Yes, these broken promises were now sewn on his sleeve, the bandage worn, held that testament in every ripple of its fabric.

Naruto so caught up with his irrational sense of obligation to the very village which scorned and shunned him, to have a family, to be Hokage…

Somewhere on the shoulder of time, the goal of not simply helping Sasuke but changing the system had been swept along with the wind.

Naruto gulped.

Sasuke suddenly headed toward the exit of the kage’s office, no longer patient enough to wait or listen.

Sasuke couldn’t bear to look at him either, the dark rings below his eyes, his hair had begun to take on the shaggy, untamed look it had when they were kids, when things were different. Not that the hair bothered him, he had actually quite liked his unruly, long spikes…

But the blue eyes which watched now him with an intensity that was neither lost or questioned. That, he was familiar with. That feel of Naruto’s eyes trained on him.

“You’re right, Sasuke.”

There was a brief pause, where Naruto paced forward quickly to look in the inky onyx eye of his friend, his bestfriend… His…. His…


Sasuke scowled and said his name softly, a warning in it that this nearness was neither wanted nor would be tolerated.

Suddenly, warm, tan hands wrapped around the firm frame of Sasuke.

His eyes turned to saucers, nothing could compare to this… Warmth. Like something within him was being ignited.

Naruto, burying his face in the crook of his neck, his strong fingers tangling in his black locks.

“Please forgive me.” A muffled voice came from the blonde.

“All I wanted was for you to not be alone again, to be safe… I was so selfish.”

Sasuke, to both their surprise, did not push him away, but let his long, pale fingers rest on broad shoulders.

It’s not as though Sasuke did not understand. Naruto, if anyone knew how deep that suffering went. That …cruel, confused loneliness and sadness.

“I know, Naruto.” Sasuke said


“Where on Earth are you dragging me to, dobe?”

Naruto, who had been, roughly dragging him by his arm, turned and grinned at him. It lit up his entire face, almost to bright to look at, Sasuke turned his gaze away.

“Tch.” He murmured, a ghost of pink trailing his cheekbones.

“Don’t be so… So… You. I promise we are almost there.”

They walked mostly in silence, through a thicket of woods leading towards a familiar meadow, it was not entirely far from the Hokage tower, but it was mostly reserved as a resting place for a few elite ninja.

The gears in Sasuke’s head began churning but Naruto had already lead them towards a massive oak tree.

He released Sasuke hand and walked a few feet before him

“I guess maybe it’s too late or maybe not… Sheesh I don’t know.” Naruto said, nervously.

Looking back at him while he scratched the back of his head.

It wasn’t until Naruto kneeled that Sasuke took notice of the marker there.

A marble cut of a face achingly familiar, the one that had both haunted and meant everything to him.

The slate the figure stood upon had the name - Uchiha Itachi, inscribed. It was as elegant and modest as the man it was made for.

“Shisui and the other members of the clan are also now buried here…”

Sasuke’s chest began to tighten, as he kneeled beside the boy who he had loved since childhood.

He didn’t say a thing, just let his pale fingertips caress the letters of his elder brothers name.

The craftsmanship of his features so delicate it almost hurt to look at but as bittersweet as it was, it felt like a piece of himself had found some salvation once again.

And once again, it was this blonde boy sitting uncharacteristically silent beside him, who had delivered it.

“I should let you have this moment alone.” Naruto said, no pity in his husky, sweet voice, just that gentle compassion.

Sasuke grabbed for his warm hand, letting his thumb caress Naruto’s, who gasped and blushed as the unexpected contact.

“Thank you, Naruto.”

Lesser Known Glamour Sources


Obviously, when it comes to putting together a cute look, the market boards and dungeon drops are pretty clear sources of them good shit… but there’s a LOT of pieces of armor in the game, and some potential choices might be a lil more obscure than others.

When I’m trying to find specific pieces to match what I’ve already got, here’s some places I like to check that are easy to access and offer some cool options!

  • Wolves Den - PvP gear: Anything over i100 or so should be a unique model, and the Disreputable priest offers dyeable makai gear. PvP currency is really easy to farm, too! The weapons can be super unique as well, so look around…!
  • The Golden Saucer: Undyeable lvl 1 Makai gear is available now, alongside the AMAZING Senor Sabotender weapons and the rest of the usual outfit pieces.
  • GC Hunt Vendor: Allied seals are a pain in the ass to farm, but each GC’s elite gear and weapons are seriously unique… you can also get Weathered i100 gear for super cheap, and those can be made dyeable with upgrade items Syrcus Tower or some of Second Turn of Binding Coils.
  • Mor Dhona: So obviously you got the Ironworks gear (upgraded to be dyeable by Gerolt), but you can also augment 45 Artifact armor to get dyeable versions here! Some pieces become INCREDIBLY cute in different colors. Some primal weapons can be found here as well, and the Leviathan and Shiva weapons with effects can be checked out here.
  • Foundation: Yolaine in the Forgotten Knight trades Doman Armor and AF2 armor for Centurio seals, along with their upgrade items (traded in at Idyllshire). The Doman set has recolors in Doma Castle drops, but they’re not dyeable~
  • Idyllshire: When I’m seeking to find something to finish off a glamour, I tend to run right to Seika and check out her augumented armors list… it makes it easy to see what dyeable versions of everything will look like BEFORE i buy! Obviously, this is where you can get Prinal Gear and Shire Gear… but don’t forget to check out the different primal weapons if you’re seeking a neat option~! And of course, unsyncing Alexander means that getting gordian, midan, or alexandrian gear is a tiny bit easier… a tiny bit, anyway, with only the savage gear being dyeable.

There’s a LOT of really interesting gear out there that you don’t see because it’s not actually current content… but that just means you have more chances to put together something super unique! Dyeble gear can give you a lot of flexibility to match stand-out pieces… so don’t be afraid to put in some real leg work to get what looks best!


Chaos non-Cult Legion units

I think it’d be a nice way to help Chaos Space Marines out a bit if the non-Cult Legions, the Black Legion, Night Lords, Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers, got like a single unique unit they can each contribute to the core Chaos Space Marine Codex. Since, unlike the core Space Marine codex, the core Chaos Space Marine Codex doesn’t have anything like the Codex Astartes to explain why they’d all have identical army styles, having some variety units which are radically different within the army would help give it a different flavour.

Black Legion: The Bringers of Despair themselves? Personally I see them as an HQ option in the same manner as Space Marine Lieutenants or Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champions, except that they’d obviously be in Terminator Armour and stronger than normal.

Night Lords: Some kind of heavy raptor, like the size of an Inceptor maybe?

Alpha Legion: Would have to be some uber-stealthy Elite I’d imagine, geared with like Sniper Rifles and poisonous blades.

Iron Warriors: I don’t know to much about them, maybe a shock troop elite armed with heavy thunder hammers since they seem to like hammers?

Word Bearers: Stronger Possessed seems like an obvious option, but it’d make actual Possessed kinda redudant. Maybe instead a more powerful Helbrute? Like a super-Daemon infused Helbrute as strong as a Contemptor?

I freely admit I don’t know the Chaos Legions or what sorta units they’d have really, so this is just spitballing. 

Elite Dungeons and You

Secret World Legends, Elites, and You

Hello everyone! It’s me again, bringing you a happy helping of ‘what the fuck am I even doing dear Gaia WHY?!?!’ As you have undoubtedly heard by now (or, if you haven’t, congratulations on hearing it for the first time!), Secret World Legends will now have Elite Dungeons added into the Group Finder! These Elites are not, however, your Grandbee’s Elites! I know, because I got to test them. So the advice I’m giving is based on practical experience! 

Let’s break it down!

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Skyrim mods I would make if I knew the first thing about actually making video games:

Build Your Own City:
Not just a little town, or a small house, and not just buying pre-gen structures and paying for construction on their locations. I mean you “zone” a building, construct it yourself, and NPCs with proper voice acting and character will move in. Basically, I want Helgen Reborn but with the ability to build the houses myself. Or the Fallout 4 settlement system without as many generic NPCs.

Join the Dragons:
Splits the main Skyrim quests into three branches: Blades, Greybeards, and Draugr. To join the Blades, you have to kill Paarthurnax. They’d get a lot more NPCs and more areas in Sky Haven Temple, as well as new equipment and such.
To join the Greybeards, you have to tell the Blades to screw themselves/tell Paarthurnax and Arngeir you wanna join them. They’ll give new shouts, buffs to shouts, and some cool unique stuffs.
To join the Draugr, you have to convince Alduin at any point where you meet him after Helgen that you want to join him. You become a Dragon Priest, get your own mask, robe, and staff, as well as a barrow with Draugr. Alduin will teach you Dovahzuul, not just Shouts but THE ENTIRE LANGUAGE, so you can talk to the Draugr that live in your new lair. From there you go on a completely new questline to help Alduin devour Nirn.

Join the Forsworn: after escaping Cidnah Mine and discovering all the treachery and corruption surrounding the city of Markarth, the Silver-Blood family, and the Foresworn of the Reach, having been officially recognized by their king and given a set of their armor… why not just join them? Foresworn NPCs are now friendly to you, and will now act as a third faction in the Civil War trying to gain independence from Skyrim AND the Empire.
So basically Civil War Hardcore Mode with druid-themed unique equipment and characters.

Join the Thalmor: c’mon, you already joined the Dark Brotherhood (a literal death-cult) the Companions (a secret werewolf pack) and a cannibal cult. What’s there to lose? Join the Thalmor! Get spiffy Justiciar robes or Elite Elven armor! Kidnap and torture suspected heretics! Wear a red floppy hat and run around yelling “NO-ONE EXPECTS THE ALDMER INQUISITION!” Certain races will have more or less trouble in this guild, Aldmer can basically join sight-unseen, Bosmer and Khajiit need to do a little work to get in, Dunmer and Imperials will probably have to join the Legion first, and Nords have to jump through all KINDS of hoops. But in the end you get some sweet elite elver spec-ops gear for assassinating Talos-worshipers and Stormcloaks and have authority to tell people what to do. You are an actual Inquisitor.
Would have an option when joining for a “silly mode” that doesn’t take itself the least bit seriously, like the Wild Wastelander perk from Fallout New Vegas, featuring references to Monty Python, Warhammer 40K, and anything else I can think of.

Dwarf race: I don’t care if it’s lore-friendly, I want to play a proper dwarf. No, Nords are NOT close enough. Doesn’t have to be a Dwemer (although that would be nice), I just wanna be a dwarf, savvy?

Be A Bard!
And not just “join the Bard’s College” I mean a proper bard, with music-based magic and a rapier and the ability to do cool stuff using the Speechcraft skill because IT SUCKS SO BAD IN VANILLA, MAN! Maybe combine it with a Thu’um mod so I can make a Bard/Voice build!

Little something from an OC of mine. A guitar-hammer with heads shaped like stone fists. Possibly include a way to add mp3 files to the mod of a certain size which play whenever you hit someone with them. The idea here is you’d swing this weapon and it’d play the song as you went, so if you do it mmmm just right you dance and sing your way through a roomful of enemies. Would be included in the Bard Mod, but also have a standalone version because why not?


The American Green Berets were seated around a long, plywood table at their base when they spotted the Taliban counterattack on their screens.

The burly Americans were working on computers, drinking coffee and munching on chips and peanut butter cookies. Their team leader answered an ever-ringing phone, giving his superiors updates on an Afghan commando mission in the mountains just north of Afghanistan’s Kandahar Airfield.

The Green Berets could see the progress of the mission on a massive screen on the wall — live video sent by an American drone. The Afghan commandos had opened fire on the Taliban, and they had fired back. An American AH-64 Apache attack helicopter sliced down to shred the defenders. Many scattered.

Then, the American troops here spotted about two dozen men — black-and-white figures on their monitors — carrying rifles and machine guns, moving along a dry riverbed, parallel to the Afghan commandos.

Under U.S. Air Cover, Afghan Commandos Chase The Elusive Taliban

Photos: David Gilkey/NPR