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Even before the announcement of Ultra Sun & Moon, I thought that “if there was a sequel, Guzma should be an elite four member to show how much he has grown”. Of course, my thoughts and fantasies don’t always come true, so this piece of art should suffice.

Back story: After the events of the game(s), Guzma went under the first Kahuna’s wing to become a better trainer. Not only did his skills improve, but so did his confidence (which he lacked at first, which lead him to be the Guzma we all encountered in the game(s)). With his skills and proud confidence, he rose to the ranks and became an elite four member, as well as getting his own Z Ring. Wanna see what hard work and confidence looks like? Here it is in human form - it’s your boy, Elite Four Guzma!

I’m watching Griffin’s Nuzlocke run and thinking about that MBMBAM bit where he talked about what kind of Gym Leader he’d be, it’s becoming really obvious that Griffin is an Elite Four Member through and through and the only reason that any trainer would be able to defeat him is that he’s constantly screaming dramatically every time of if his Pokemon get hit

Until then, Alola.

Title: Until then, Alola.

A/N: I can’t believe this, my first Imagine. It was supposed to be a short one. A sentence to get you thinking. Needless to say, it got out of hand FAST.

Pairing: Gladion x Reader or Gladion x Sun/Moon if you prefer.

Y/N is Your Name.

You are chatting with Rotom when you hear the familiar chirp of footsteps up the stairs leading to your Champion Room. It’s the middle of the day and the sun is shining brightly against the minerals embedded in the walls, ricocheting over the glass and creating a rainbow effect. It’s just the kind of time you expect Hau to come in and challenge you again or for Acerola to come and chat about when you’d go visit Kanto to see Lillie. You’d tell her to say hi to Lillie for you of course, because you’re the Champion now and she’s an Elite Four member and you can’t take a leave of absence at the same time.

What shocks you out of your now tangential train of thought is the fact that it’s not Hau standing in front of your Champion’s seat.

Instead of your sunny and energetic friend, it’s the sullen, determined, oddly endearing Team Skull member, Lillie’s brother, and not friend but not enemy, Gladion.

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Real talk that one water type elite four member siebold is siegberts hot cousin lmao

Lmao I had to google him to know who he was alsdkjalsd Poor XY, a forgotten gen for basically everyone (including me askdçlkasd). And EXCUSE ME but my son is the prettiest boy in the entire world, okay? *hugs him* Shh baby, Mama’s here for you

Ok but listen

a Dark type Gym leader or Elite four member who is a lawyer and they wear a suit. They look nothing like the type they specialize in yet that have that one unnerving trash eating grin and some badly greased and combed hair

They carry around a briefcase and almost resemble a traveling salesman

Don’t trust this guy one bit.

Imagine Viktor as the Kalos Pokemon champion and Yuuri as a hardworking Pokemon trainer from Kanto who traveled to Kalos, cleared all the gyms and Victory Road, and made it to the Kalos Pokemon League only to blank out and lose at the first elite four member. And he gets super wasted at the Battle Chateau (he’s training and thinking of challenging the league again–plus they offer good prize money) and Viktor happens to be visiting (as the Grand Duke) and falls in love? Yuuri goes back to Kanto to recuperate and decides to challenge a different region’s league but Viktor finds him first and gives up everything to travel and train with Yuuri and then Yurio tags along too and it’s like the original Pokemon anime trio but Viktor Yuuri and Yurio traveling around the Pokemon world challenging gyms and doing contents and stuff.