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My WWE Elite 36 Dean Ambrose figure has arrived!!

Ambrose has been one of my favorite wrestlers since he first showed up in the WWE. His in ring work is fascinating (not the cleanest, but it tells a story), his charismatic promos are fun to listen to, and his chemistry with Seth Rollins over the past year has been Grade A storytelling.

Naturally, I would want him in my collection, and I do. I have four Ambrose toys (three from the Shield and one from his Lunatic Fringe gimmick), but none of them capture the look of Ambrose. They aren’t the best molds. Until this fucking toy came out! And he comes with a kendo stick!!!

Welcome to the collection, Ambrose. I am gonna have some fun with you!!


Ambreigns ending 2015 with gold around their waists.


Finally caved and got a detailed Elite Figure Randy Orton and Dave Batista. The tattoos (especially the color on Dave’s tattoos are surreal) were worth the price alone, even though they are gonna chip off from all the intense action fighting they are gonna do.

Though many people were angry about Batista winning the Royal Rumble a couple years ago and his return was maimed by boos and backlash, I enjoyed Batista. He put in the work and wasn’t just another returned Part Timer. He was a monster back in the day and legit returned because he liked wrestling. They had to turn him heel, and his return to evolution angle was enjoyable (especially with the Shield).

Randy Orton was also getting stale, but the past few months, he’s reminded me why I respect him and enjoy him in the ring. He has energy and is great on the mic. The RKO outta nowhere trend has also helped tremendously.

It’s Evolution!


Having fun with my Dean Ambrose Elite Figure (Taking the IC Title)

“I wanted the Intercontinental Championship, so I took it. It’s mine now. I am the Intercontinental Champion… This is my title, and I’m going to make things real simple and easy to understand for everybody. If you want this, come and get it!”