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What I would want in a Sun and Moon sequel:

-Hau replacing Hala as kahuna

-Guzma as a trial head/ kahuna

-Battle with Lillie

-Your rival/friend (like Hau) is an old and reformed Team Skull Grunt (Named Grunt) who decides to do the island challenge

-Different elite four

-Old protagonist as champion

-Not (as) edgy, matured Gladion who possibly acts as a mentor and leader of Aether 



-Team Skull is a force for good now and is no longer a gang

-Reformed Lusamine

-New bad guys, maybe people from Team Skull and/or Aether who still want to be bad

-Box Legend: Necrozma

-Maybe new mini islands?

-A Rotom Dex either passed on from the old protagonist or we see the old Rotom talking to the new Rotom and giving them advice on how to be a good partner(new rotom should have new distinct and fun personality)


Day 29!

Now that you’ve proven yourself worth of at least 8 badges, it’s time for a bigger challenge!

Elite 4 Mariah Carey is ready to battle and test you! Can you handle her and proceed to the next room?

Mariah is a really rich and famous trainer in the Pop Region and specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. A good curiosity is that she’s obsessed with shiny Pokemon, from her Skarmory to her Delibird (afterall, all she wanted for Christmas was him). She didn’t find each one of them in the wild, but I guess money can buy almost everything these days, right?

Her last acquisition was an Alolan Meowth she met while spending her New Year Eve in Alola. Some people say this Meowth got her attention during her concert and that’s why she had some troubles while singing on that day. Well, rumor has it. At least now they belong together.

Christmas Book Haul 2015 🎇

Thank you so much to my family and friends for giving me almost exclusively books for Christmas. They know me well! 📖

Now I just have to decide which one to read first…

OMG I FINALLY DID IT! (You guys have no idea how long this took to upload and the number of times I recorded this but it was worth it!) 

Rules: Always post these rules. Tag the person who tagged you. Hashtag it with selection accent challenge. Tag 5 or more people. It can be in the form of a video or an audio recording.

So as I explain in the recording I was bored and needed new content. What I didn’t add cos I was impaitent after the first 10 times is that my accent is very mixed and weird so bear with me unlike T aka @eadlynschreaveofillea I can’t just pick an accent. Also props to her for starting this. 

List of words:

  • Your url
  • Who tagged you
  • Kiera Cass, Callaway, Guyden, Zuzu
  • America Singer, Magda, Shalom, Kenna, Kota, May, Gerad
  • Aspen Leger, Lena, Kamber, Celia
  • Maxon Calix Schreave, Amberly, Clarkson
  • Illéa, Honduragua, Swendway
  • Eadlyn Schreave, Ahren, Kaden, Osten
  • Marlee Tames, Kile Woodwork
  • Henri Jaakoppi, Eikko
  • Korvapuusti, omenalörtsy
  • Gavril Fadaye
  • Leron Troyes

I also added a few names of my own:

  • Marid Illéa 
  • Abril Diego
  • Ainsley Station
  • Antonella de Illéa de Monpezat
  • Celeste Newsome my wife (I hated how the EpicReads people royally messed up her name)

I hope you guys enjoyed listening to this as I did making it! (If you think I’m really good hit me up to read your fave book to you lol jk)

Sky xx


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Fangirl Highlights of Pokemon Sun/Moon

1. Eye candy ace trainers

2. Rotomdex aka Mr Crackbox

3. Emo boi Gladion

4. Dreamboat Ilima

5. Red/Blue comeback

6. Pretty scenery

7. Pretty shops

8. Pretty pokemonz

9. People actually question why you’ve just walked into their house

10. Feeling wicked and epic at the same time as you do them Z moves

11. Teddy bear Pokemon

12. Creepy intense story

13. Challenging Elite 4

14. Caring feature for your Pokemon 

15. Did I mention Gladion

16. Purikyuripukumyumyukuputapukoku

#AusYAChalleng August Book Photo Challenge:

Day 18: Chevron.

Finally! Here is my sorry attempt at a book chevron, which I’ve always been hesitant to do. Well, at least the books are pretty. Also #bookishchevron and #bookchevron tagged by @whatsername_reads and @albumsbooksandfilm, thank you! 😊❤️📚

So I’m about to challenge the Elite four but I found this guy instead and it took forever to encounter a Drampa! I loved Drampa ever since he was revealed and i ended up naming him after my deceased grandfather who I considered a Dad through my whole life! He encouraged me to continue drawing and we hold so much memories together! Especially when he watched pokemon with me during the mornings and we were basically best friends!

So say hello to Larry the Drampa!