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What I would want in a Sun and Moon sequel:

-Hau replacing Hala as kahuna

-Guzma as a trial head/ kahuna

-Battle with Lillie

-Your rival/friend (like Hau) is an old and reformed Team Skull Grunt (Named Grunt) who decides to do the island challenge

-Different elite four

-Old protagonist as champion

-Not (as) edgy, matured Gladion who possibly acts as a mentor and leader of Aether 



-Team Skull is a force for good now and is no longer a gang

-Reformed Lusamine

-New bad guys, maybe people from Team Skull and/or Aether who still want to be bad

-Box Legend: Necrozma

-Maybe new mini islands?

-A Rotom Dex either passed on from the old protagonist or we see the old Rotom talking to the new Rotom and giving them advice on how to be a good partner(new rotom should have new distinct and fun personality)



SE MoodboardsDepartment of Business, Commerce, and Politics.

“For all of the future entrepreneurs, CEOs, and politicians, there is the Department of Business, Commerce, and Politics. Students in this department are fierce, confident, ambitious, and focused. They aim high and settle for nothing but the best. If you love to lead and dream of changing the world, then this specialization is for you.”

Books’ & Cupcakes’ Book Photo Challenge | April 12th | Fiction or Non-fiction

💙 Always fiction. 💙

Now that you’ve proven yourself worth of at least 8 badges, it’s time for a bigger challenge!

Elite 4 Celine Dion is ready to battle and test you! Can you handle her and proceed to the next room?

Celine has a powerful and strong voice that everyone in the Pop Region can recognize from a far. She specializes in Water-type Pokémon. She’s known for having a good and pure heart that will always go on to reach what she wants.

They say that once she helped a Magikarp that was dying in a lab from the Evil Team. The Pokemon was so weak that the Pokemon Center thought that there was nothing to do but to love him in his last days. Celine didn’t give up on him for a second and, well, she loved him back to life! He evolved after some years to a strong and healthy Gyarados and is now on her main team alongside her Milotic. Well, some people say they’re like Beauty and the Beast.

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Day 29!

Now that you’ve proven yourself worth of at least 8 badges, it’s time for a bigger challenge!

Elite 4 Mariah Carey is ready to battle and test you! Can you handle her and proceed to the next room?

Mariah is a really rich and famous trainer in the Pop Region and specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. A good curiosity is that she’s obsessed with shiny Pokemon, from her Skarmory to her Delibird (afterall, all she wanted for Christmas was him). She didn’t find each one of them in the wild, but I guess money can buy almost everything these days, right?

Her last acquisition was an Alolan Meowth she met while spending her New Year Eve in Alola. Some people say this Meowth got her attention during her concert and that’s why she had some troubles while singing on that day. Well, rumor has it. At least now they belong together.

#AusYAChalleng August Book Photo Challenge:

Day 18: Chevron.

Finally! Here is my sorry attempt at a book chevron, which I’ve always been hesitant to do. Well, at least the books are pretty. Also #bookishchevron and #bookchevron tagged by @whatsername_reads and @albumsbooksandfilm, thank you! 😊❤️📚

                       World Building League Building:
                       Elite Status and Championships

      Ever wondered about how a Champion is chosen? How the Elite Four were chosen? Or even why things changed in the way things were done? Well, we’re going to answer these questions in-depth here and now. And it’s probably going to be more detailed than you want it to be, but buckle up and get your thinking caps on because here we go. This is primarily GameVerse, too, so keep that in mind.

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“Congratulations!” Professor Oak said as you finally returned to Pallet Town. “You’re now the champion of Kanto!”

“You WHAT?” Ash exclaimed, jogging over. Apparently he was in town to visit his mom.

You gave Ash a little smile. “I beat the old champion,” you replied. “So now if you want to become champion, you gotta fight me.”

“But you have to beat the Elite Four first before it will count,” Professor Oak added. “Isn’t it great that someone from our hometown is Champion?”

Ash pouted a bit. “I thought I would be Pallet Town’s Champion,” he said. “But, I’m happy for you. Congrats.”

“You still have a chance,” you stated, ruffling Ash’s hair a bit. “You just need, what? One or two more badges before you can challenge the Elite Four?”

Ash nodded. “I’ll make sure to train even harder so I know I can beat you. Watch out!” he warned.

“I bet you’ll give me a run for my money,” you told Ash. “Though, weather or not you’ll beat me is another matter entirely.”

Ash looked proud at first, but then annoyed. “Hey! I can so beat you!” he said. “I’ve gotten closer and closer each time we battled.”

“Good luck. I’ll see you at the Pokemon League,” You told Ash, waving as you left to tell your mother the great news.

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Elgang roles in the world of Pokemon?

Welcome to the Elrios Region, home of the famous ElLeague!

Elsword and Aisha are your average Pokemon protagonist kids. They’re technically rivals, though the two of them team up much more often than they’d like to admit, due to their mutual hatred of the Evil Team ™. 

Elsword has a team of mostly fighting types that just… Barrels through everything without a second look. His partner Pokemon is a Tepig named William Phoru.

Aisha runs a very strategic team. It’s very well rounded and very dangerous. Her first Pokemon was a Klefki who for whatever reason took its Pokeball and ran away. It took her many years of searching and many more crying to be convinced to take up being a trainer again, her new partner being a Misdreavus.

Rena runs a quiet Pokemon Daycare in a quiet little town. Her partner Pokemon is a clumsy but loveable Sunflora, although due to a recent incident with a Skitty and a Wailord, they’ve been joined by a Chansey to help split the workload a bit more evenly.

Raven is a gym leader in a mountainous town. Had it not been for the gym, the town would likely have been abandoned altogether. His team is Fighting or Steel for the most part, save for his Honchkrow. Rumour has it he’s been raising his Honchkrow’s family as well.

Eve is the current head scientist/CEO of Nasod Co., a family-owned company that has crafted many gadgets, including some that would be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Her team consists of mostly Steel Types, including her two trusted Klingklang, Moby and Remy. Her company is often the subject of attacks from the Evil Team ™.

Chung is also a young trainer, another rival to add to the growing list. Unlike Elsword and Aisha, however, Chung just wants to get away from home. Helputt intends to pass down the title of Hamel City Gym Leader to him, and he’s not entirely ready for it. His partner Pokemon is an Eevee that he eventually evolves into a Vaporeon.

Ara is a contest trainer, whose beautiful Ninetails is often featured with her in photo shoots. She holds a dark secret, however-her brother is an active member of Evil Team ™. She’s the one who introduces Aisha to contests, and in the end it is her who convinces her brother to change his ways.

Elesis is the final rival, as well as the final battle they must face before they challenge the Elite Four. Armed with a Chimchar from early childhood, she’s quick on her feet and one with her Pokemon. She has some sort of connection to a legendary Pokemon, a being of fire that she can summon.

Add is technically a member of the Evil Team. His father is one of the higher ups, and by default he is a grunt. On several missions he has been caught trying to steal Nasod Co.’s elaborate machinery. In reality, all he wants to do is to settle down with his Liepard, and hopefully free his mother as well.

Lu and Ciel are the strangest trainers you’ll ever meet. At first, Lu might seem to be the contest trainer, and Ciel the dangerous battler, but it’s quite the opposite. Lu is an eccentric of a little girl, having been born into the Evil Team but leaving as a child on her own free will. Her partner is a Gengar that can Mega Evolve. Ciel is a retired contest trainer who has now settled for the life of a Poffin chef. His partner is a giant Gourgeist.

Rose is completely new to the region, has no idea where she’s going, and is only armed with a road map and her Chatot, Zero. Sometimes the others will cross her in their journeys, but usually she only does it while asking for directions. Some say she’s training to become a member of the Elite Four in her home region, to impress the Champion who she calls her Princess.

Ain… Just who is he? They say he has the blessing of Xerneas, but hardly will he appear to the public of the Elrios Region. Someday, when our protagonists beat the Elite Four and finally face him and his Reuniclus, they’ll realize that he’s in fact the champion, waiting for a worthy opponent.

Book photo challenge day 25

Mug quote:“don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!”

I selected this group of books because I think their main characters often were forced/decided to hide the things that made them special…and since the quote does say “anyone” I decided to include books where some times “anyone” was themselves