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to all the yoi fans that ship something BESIDES viktuuri,


you are not a pedophile.  you are not disgusting.  you are not ruining the fandom.  you are not “only here for the yaoi !!!”. 

Ships are ships.  You can ship whatever you want.  You can EVEN ship things that you may not condone in real life.

I’m getting sick of the elitism that’s developing among members of the yoi fandom.  We are blessed to have a healthy, stable, romantic, and canon homosexual pairing in an anime.  I do wholeheartedly ship viktuuri.

I also ship otayuri, and that’s terrifying in this fandom.

Many shippers and fans seem to have developed this complex that viktuuri can be the only healthy, allowed, happy pairing in the fandom, and if you stray to another, you’re “only interested in yaoi, you only care about sex, you don’t really support us!!!”.  And that’s not only illogical and petty, but very upsetting.  I find it to be very similar to bullying.

The character yuri plisetsky is sixteen years old, and otabek altin is eighteen.  This is not pedophilia; this age difference is not statutory rape.  This age difference is not uncommon in relationships.  This does not make Otabek a pedophile or a rapist (it doesn’t take common sense to figure that out).

What I’ve given is only one example, and it IS right to stop and analyze ships for toxicity.  Shipping a child, wait - LET ME JUST SAY, pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children, 12 and underEphebophilia is the attraction to late adolescents, 16-19.  There, if you can’t seem to understand, is a huge fucking difference.  I am not condoning either; I do, most definitely, condemn pedophilia.  Shipping a child with an adult is abhorrent and can never, under any circumstances, be healthy. 

Yuri Plisetsky is not a child.  Besides Minami, from what I understand of their ages, all characters are capable of consenting to a romantic relationship.  So, stop going into the tags of the characters and ships that aren’t involved in the oh holy, oh righteous, oh perfect, harmonious, blessed by our lord Viktuuri and making those who still do what, guess what, pretty much everyone in every fandom does - having fun.  Let us enjoy what we damn well please.  Thank you.

tl;dr - quit shaming ships in the yoi fandom that aren’t viktuuri, and stop bullying people with other ships.

EDIT: Minami is 17, not 13 as I had thought, so NO CONSENT ISSUES WITH ANYONE!
in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

Today I went to the coffee shop and was confronted by a man who told me all about his beliefs of the world and while he talked for like an hour, I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what he believed in because it went way over my head. From what I gathered, here are some of the facts he’s given me, most came with little to no additional information:

  • He thinks he is God 
  • He believes if he asks the universe for something, it will give it to him
  • He believes in the matrix 
  • He has replaced his father with Napoleon (???) 
  • The Roman Empire is an “empire without borders” and “is a mindset that only the elite can achieve”
  • He believes genocide “isn’t that bad” and it’s “given a negative connotation”
  • The illuminati exist 
  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • People who are “successful” (wealthy) have evolved beyond being human and are actually more evolutionally advanced than “humans”
  • He believes 2012 was a sign that someone got extraordinary supernatural abilities and will use that to change the world 
  • All religions are the same because apparently they are part of some hive mind (???) 
  • Napoleon will rise again and take over America 
  • He wants a random person with no qualifications to be chosen as pope 
  • The Roman Empire is secretly ruling everything (idk where that leaves the illuminati tho)
  • The United States should become part of the Dutch empire (???)
  • Other conspiracy theorists “just use the banner of Truth to spread their own racist, xenophobic, and anti-elitist ideals”
  • He is an elitist
  • He is a conspiracy theorist
  • He thinks killing people is sometimes necessary, and while he hasn’t killed anyone or plans on doing so, he doesn’t believe killing is bad
  • Quote: “It’s like I have this golden key of opportunity, but I’m not going to use it yet, I am going to sit by the gate like a clever fox and wait” (???)

jupiter ascending is exactly the kind of female-lead anti-capitalist film that I really want to be a game changer…like I dunno I keep comparing things to fanfiction lately but jupiter ascending is completely that sort of “fuck you I can say whatever I want and my bedtime is never” playground that fanfiction is and about half of that manifests through space bees and loving pans over channing tatums musculature and the other half of it is female escapist fantasy in a male-story driven medium and equally a medium that pumps out blockbusting drivel designed to appeal to mindless masses that specifically and intelligently discusses and rejects the idea of using human beings as a resource to produce capital. the attention given to jupiter’s family is deliberate, the movie has no desire to present itself as jupiter’s rags-to-riches story or about how she’s the chosen one, it’s about how immigrants and cleaning ladies and poor people in general are important, they’re no more or less important than the elite that believe they exist to be used

  • me: not voteing for clindton because the ruling class elite refuses to believe that spiders are too fast
  • doctor: Spiders may be fast but any human can cover 200x the ground at top speed
  • me: sounds like blue pill bullshit to me. fuck off to mars, doc