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What do you think is the best Rhythm Game? (CHOOSE ONE!!!)

Oh geez just one??

Ok this is so hard. I’m interpreting this as individual games so I can’t even cheat by saying a franchise xDD

I think I’m gonna let nostalgia win here and say Elite Beat Agents. It’s probably the first rhythm game I owned and it’s just silly fun, and impacted my life way too much xDD I remember being excited about its release and it’s permanently changed how I listen to music xDD and I don’t play it much anymore but when I do I end up playing every song omg


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Paul was in absolute shock when he imprinted on you of all people. Not that there was anything wrong with you, it was just that you were complete opposite. Imprinting was supposed to bring the wolf close to his soul match. You… were not what he expected.

He had a filthy mouth and a roaring temper, but you were shy and flushed if someone even hinted at sex. The pack would find ways to make jabs at him, saying things like ‘maybe she’ll show you some patience’ or 'I’m waiting for her to threaten you with a bar of soap for that potty mouth.’ It was frustrating beyond belief, but being with you was actually really nice.  He hated having to control himself, but he adored you so he dealt with it.

“FUCKING SHIT!” You swore as the last Pokémon on your team died. This was your third time attempting to beat the elite four and you had JUST made it to the champion. You shut your DS and threw it to the other end of the couch, crossing your arms and letting out an angry huff.

You looked up to see everyone in the room staring straight at you, jaws practically touching the floor. “Did she just-” “Yeah dude.” You flushed as you realized that this was the first time any of them had heard you swear. “What the fuck Y/N?” You looked to your boyfriend, who looked the most appalled of them all. “Um…. sorry?” You offered sheepishly.

He shook his head and a grin spread across his face. “Don’t be. God I love you.”

There was a part in Pokèmon Sun and Moon that stuck out to me. When Lillie is confronting her mother about how Pokèmon and people aren’t just collectors’ items, Lusamine replies saying isn’t that what Pokèmon are to trainers?

Pokèmon started off twenty years ago with the motto “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. The first game didn’t have much plot. It was just beat the gyms, beat the bad guys, beat the Elite Four, beat your rival, and become champion.

Now it’s twenty years later. Look at how deep the plots have slowly become. It really started with Black and White having you question whether capturing Pokèmon is morally correct. But that gets bumped up to a whole new level in Sun and Moon.

The plot has never been darker, or more real. Sun and Moon is really based on family. And that’s what got me thinking. Pokèmon started off simple and was going to end with Gold and Silver. But look at it now. So many people have connected over Pokèmon. The Pokèmon franchise is how many people have met some of their best friends. And I think that’s what was implied in that scene.

At first, Pokèmon were just things you captured to beat a game. But now, these games have let you connect with people all over the world. They’ve let you connect with the characters in the games. They’ve given you, in a way, a family, I guess.

Lusamine said that Pokèmon are just things trainers collect, but with how far the games have come, I really agree with Lillie. They’re more like family. That’s my theory at least.

  • Level 11 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS: You shrink yourself and enter the bloodstream of an olympic athlete so you can encourage his blood cells to fight off a disease, also his blood cells are sexy nurses with giant syringes
  • Level 12 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS: You help a small girl cope with the loss of her father, who died in a car accident
  • Level 13 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS: LET'S DANCE, PUT ON YOUR RED SHOES AND DANCE THE BLUES

my day 1 team vs my elite 4 champ team!! i really loved pokemon moon, it was the first pokemon game i ever played all the way thru (i played firered when i was a kid but never beat it)! beating the elite 4 for the first time def made me emotional lol 

shoutout to my babe ophelia for doing most of the heavy lifting during the final battles :’)