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Alolan Lickilicky!

I finally beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Sun & Moon and its just rekindled my love for this reion and everything about it. I’ve seen some folks make their own Alola forms of pokemon so I thought I’d do one for my favorite of all time, Lickilicky!

Some thoughts about their Alolan form:

Type: Grass

Lickilicky’s diet consists of mostly fruit in Alola. They eat so much of it that they eventually began to resemble the fruit they eat. In the past they were believed to bring a bountiful harvest and were given lots to eat whenever one showed up. Lickilicky helps nurture fruit trees and make them produce plenty of berries, it shares the bounty with other pokemon. 

  • Level 11 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS: You shrink yourself and enter the bloodstream of an olympic athlete so you can encourage his blood cells to fight off a disease, also his blood cells are sexy nurses with giant syringes
  • Level 12 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS: You help a small girl cope with the loss of her father, who died in a car accident
  • Level 13 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS: LET'S DANCE, PUT ON YOUR RED SHOES AND DANCE THE BLUES

(Requested by Anon)

Paul was in absolute shock when he imprinted on you of all people. Not that there was anything wrong with you, it was just that you were complete opposite. Imprinting was supposed to bring the wolf close to his soul match. You… were not what he expected.

He had a filthy mouth and a roaring temper, but you were shy and flushed if someone even hinted at sex. The pack would find ways to make jabs at him, saying things like ‘maybe she’ll show you some patience’ or 'I’m waiting for her to threaten you with a bar of soap for that potty mouth.’ It was frustrating beyond belief, but being with you was actually really nice.  He hated having to control himself, but he adored you so he dealt with it.

“FUCKING SHIT!” You swore as the last Pokémon on your team died. This was your third time attempting to beat the elite four and you had JUST made it to the champion. You shut your DS and threw it to the other end of the couch, crossing your arms and letting out an angry huff.

You looked up to see everyone in the room staring straight at you, jaws practically touching the floor. “Did she just-” “Yeah dude.” You flushed as you realized that this was the first time any of them had heard you swear. “What the fuck Y/N?” You looked to your boyfriend, who looked the most appalled of them all. “Um…. sorry?” You offered sheepishly.

He shook his head and a grin spread across his face. “Don’t be. God I love you.”

The Arima Dodge™ (feat. Take, Ui, Hairu, and Urie)

The Arima Dodge™: Apologies to humanity and Yoshimura for the obligatory ‘your daughter calls me daddy too’ joke. Alternative title: How on earth did the Washuu Clan manage to convince the CCG that Arima was a human being again? 10/10 dodge, btw.

The Take One Dodge: Aaaaaaand CUT! 5/10.

The Take Two Dodge: “Second time lucky,” says Take Hirako, as he somehow manages to fuck up the Arima Dodge™ yet again by proceeding to do the complete opposite of his first attempt by not getting hit while simultaneously not hitting back. GG, Take. First Class Investigator/10.

The Victory For Bowl Cuts Everywhere Dodge: Congratulations to Ui, the only person besides Arima who can actually do the stupid dodge in the first place. 9/10.

The Fem!Arima Dodge: Hairu is very flexible, which is coincidentally worth a lot of points around here in spite of her not even remotely TRYING to do a proper Arima Dodge. I mean, come on, what the hell kind of dodge is THAT? Sure, it’s crazy impressive, but it’s also about as well advised as having an organ transplant done by local doctor and renowned sane person Akihiro Kanou and his crack team of nudist Elite Beat Agents. *sigh* 10/10.

The Floppy Dodge: It may have gotten Arima a double promotion but it sure as hell ain’t getting you one, Urie. 3/10.

The Arima Dodge™ - Remastered Edition: Wow, it’s almost as if this was rehearsed or something. 645/10.

The Totally Not Rio Dodge: All 4 kagune types + Arima Dodge = Rio Shikorae OP plz nerf. Rio/10.

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How do Ethan and Tyler fit into the cool patrol AU?

I use cool patrol au at this point as a general high school au to be honest lol. even more so, me putting Ethan and tyler in it, even though they had NOTHING to do with the music video is honestly an excuse for me to draw tythan but sHHH heres what I got for them so far.

Mark and Tyler are old friends (Jack knows of him because hes Marks friend but they haven’t really hung out). Tyler is on the football team.
Ethan is probably someone in a gymnastics club and AV club and a friend of Jack, but it seems like he met Mark first after a failed cool patrol attempt to help him. Mark showed mild interest in wanting to hang out more and Ethan sorta had a crush on Mark but he’s pretty over it now, especially watching the occasional drama with Jack and Mark

Jack finds out that he has a crush on “that guy from the football team.” “I’ve talked to him a few times and he’s really nice but…I don’t think he knows who I am.”  Jack gets really excited, not taking anything sitting down and tells Mark all about it because he knows he’s friends with Tyler. Mark, being as horribly untactful as he is, excitedly tries to pry details from Tyler on who he might have a crush on or whats his type, but for now, its no one in particular (he really doesn’t know Ethan at the time.)

Cue the cool patrol, with the help of their newest member Jack, playing cupid (a la elite beat agents/ouendan style ) and trying to create the mood and get those two dorks together.

I really want to draw a comic of their first “study date” getting overhauled by the cool patrol and their dorky antics and them ending up sneaking away in a fit of giggles and being more close in that private moment. 

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So what if someone (HAU) accidentally revealed to gladion's crush that he had feelings for them (sorry if you have done this or have tons of confession hcs i just live for embarassing scenarios)

You guys sound so confident that Hau would do such a bad bro thing. XD


  • Hahaha, how does he die?
  • Gladion wouldn’t kill him because then Lillie would never speak to him again. Lol.
  • He will never let him live it down though.
  • It takes many calls and many malasadas and apologies before Hau is finally forgiven. 
  • But what the heck did Hau do in order to reveal such a secret?
  • Well, lets say Gladion isn’t very subtle.
  • Hau finds out one afternoon while he’s waiting to challenge you at the Pokémon League, he’s outside waiting with Gladion while the kid who went in before them attempted to beat the Elite Four. 
  • Gladion is fidgeting a bit and it’s… kind of odd. 
  • Gladion is a very self assured person so he’s not the fidgety type.
  • In fact, Gladion is supposedly very busy nowadays. He’s got Aether. He’s dealing with all the fallout and bad publicity Lusamine brought. The board of directors are always breathing down his neck.
  • “How do you make time to come to the league so often?” 
  • And Gladion is both stunned and not.
  • Hau always has those sudden moments of insight that shows he’s actually paying close attention to everything around him.
  • Gladion didn’t expect that attention to be focused on him at such a bad time, though. 
  • We all know Gladion’s motto about love though…
  • Deny until you Die.
  • “I don’t come here that often. I still have work.”
  • “But that’s the thing. I’m here every day, you know.”
  • “Yeah, so you know how often I’m here-”
  • “So, Tutu does tell me about people who challenge him…”
  • Gladion’s brain is that Oh Snap It Just Got Real meme.
  • “If you tell anyone you are deAD.”
  • “If I tell anyone wh- oh. OH! OH OH OH YOU LIKE (Y/N) OH!”
  • So when he’s called to come in next by a very defeated but excited looking kid!!!
  • He’s basically… oh sHIT.
  • How the heck is he supposed to face you??? After finding this out???
  • He cannot cope. He tried. It almost affects his battling up until he realises he has got to pull it together or all his effort in training will mean nothing.
  • At the end of the battle though, it’s you who brings it up. 
  • “It took a bit longer today because the Four keep insisting I have to beat them every time before I fight someone else. Did you wait very long-”
  • “I was with Gladion.”
  • “…uh, ok-”
  • “I mean I was waiting with him, we’re not- we’re not together. He likes someone else.”
  • “Oh-”
  • “Not that I like him! I don’t! And that’s a good thing too, because he likes you a lot!”
  • “he whAT?”
  • “… OH NO.”
  • “What do you mean OH NO does he not like me after all?”
  • “Then why OH NO??” 
  • “Don’t worry, Hau. I’ll make sure he doesn’t have time to get mad at you.”
  • Hmmmm, Gladion can’t be mad at Hau when he sees you running down the league towards him and jump kiss him like one of those romcom moments.
  • His mouth is too busy to curse at Hau. ;)