elite 4 members

imagine haikyuu characters in the pokemon universe for a sec

like holy shit this thought just came to me

Game rivals would be Hinata/Kageyama, doing the whole dual rivalry like what happened with Cheren and Bianca in B/W. Sometimes, one might act like a psuedo-rival and give the main player stuff
(ie. Hinata: “Hey, [f/n]! Uh, I wanted to thank you for helpin’ me out there… so… here! Have this!” [Obtained a max revive]” or alt.
Kageyama: “Are you an idiot?! Going into the forest with your Pokemon in that shape will only have you heading to the Pokecenter! Here, I’ll heal them up.”)

both are super proud of each other’s progress low-key and they both high-key really wanna beat ushijima.

Coach Ukai, because there’s always been something between the mom of the game and the professor i know it he inherited the title after his old man, the genius professor, retired.

Professor Assistants
Shimizu Kiyoko and Yachi Hitoka. Shimizu’s about to go out and become a proper trainer, so she gets Yachi to fill in her spot while she’s gone.


Tanaka - the fighting type gym leader. wANTS TO SHOW YOU ALL HOW TO RESPECT A REAL GYM LEADER, DAMMIT. when you’re beat he’s just like “wow not bad i didn’t expect that from you but pssht don’t get cocky” (also knows you’re good and have potential and thinks you may become champion). PERSONALLY LEADS YOU TO THE NEXT CITY, all just so he can see noya-san, the returning gym leader.

Nishinoya - the FIRE TYPE GYM LEADER BECAUSE LOOK RYUU!! FIRE!!! HAHAHAHAH. these two definitely make the strongest start to a video game. like, ever. very loud, and energetic. 

Tsukishima - the poison-type gym leader, actually? i dunno i just can’t see him trying too hard, so he’s only the third. still, he has lots of potential (that half of the elite 4, kuroo and bokuto respectively, recognize–which leads to constant pestering from their part), and despite only being the third gym leader, if unprepared, his poison affects are devastating to newcomers. 

Asahi - the game’s lovely high-strung steel type, with nerves that DO NOT MATCH. gets super nervous before a match, and although he does very well and is very strong and gets more motivated as the match goes on (and holy crap if this guy had a legendary pokemon it’d be regigigas or something because of the slow start ability RESONATING from this guy). visited often by nishinoya, who often complains about asahi’s nervous demeanor.
also want one point where they have to fight the enemy team of the game and they buddy up and defeat them because hey who doesn’t want a sprinkle of asanoya in their life

Iwaizumi - the rock type gym leader. sorry, it didn’t even take me long to decide on this. His last name literally comes with the word rock in the first character pls. Combined with his steadfast personality, it works perfectly. When you beat him he just asks for you to kick shittykawa’s ass. Even tells you his pokemon type and starts telling you his pokemon and their dreadful moves until he’s cut off by some random plot device.

Akaashi - i honestly can’t help but say he’d be the ghost-type gym leader. he doesn’t put his gym in a freaking cemetery or have ghosts wander around, but he’s actually rather nice about it all and takes pity on the ghosts because seriously have you read some of their pokedex entries yeesh. his signature pokemon would be a drifblim, because of the dual flying/ghost nature. it’s his favourite, and it’s bokuto’s favourite, too. loved by many, and goes out of his way to help out even the most dramatic pokemon. maybe you’d meet him if there were a rogue ghost in the city, causing damage, and akaashi walks up and helps it calm down (almost the same way he does with bokuto)

Sugawara - i really wanted to make sugawara the nurse, but in the end i feel like he’d be a really strong grass-type gym leader. the healing thing still came to me though, so i’d see it as a strong type with annoying healing abilities. right when you’re about to defeat his pokemon, he hits you up with ingrain or synthesis and saves by a sliver, making the battle that much harder.
another thought was that at the end of the game he’s actually offered to become an elite 4 but so is kageyama. he’s been a gym leader for a long time, but steps down so kageyama can have it.

Kenma - surprisingly, (or maybe unsurprisingly) the psychic-type gym leader. as the final gym leader before the elite 4, he’s really strong and definitely has a good grasp on all the types of moves there are (stats, inflicting damage, reducing, as well as extra effects) and even accounts for the type weaknesses. often hangs out with kuroo and grows to be friends with your rival hinata. although kuroo never lets him explicitly state that he’s the dark type elite 4, it’s implied. refuses to become an elite 4 personally, because it’s already too much effort being a gym leader. 


Daichi - the grounded leader is now the ground-type elite 4! has really strong and nice pokemon. hangs with suga. i don’t know why, but i’d imagine that they garden, since he’s the ground-type elite 4 and suga’s the grass-type gym leader. at the very least, his area has flowers growing somewhere in homage to their friendship.
idea was that he steps down from being an elite 4 to go focus on other things and become stronger, allowing suga to become one. read suga’s section for more.

Kuroo - dark-type elite four! debated on fire vs dark for a loooong time, but couldn’t help but see dark as the strongest feature. plus they’re badass, so kuroo would def brag about that to bokuto. First seen talking to Kenma at his gym, saying that he should hurry up and become an Elite 4 member already, since he already knows he’s qualified enough.

Oikawa - water-type elite 4. probably the most well-rounded elite 4 in terms of stats, with pokemon that can heal and attack strong and defend well and everything. wants to become champion (beat ushiwaka), but realizes he has to get stronger before doing that. really playful. his identity is not kept secret at ALL the entire game, as he has his own radio channel about him with water pokemon (looking cute while using cute pokemon to gain fans) and iwaizumi namedrops him earlier on during his battle.
(lowkey inspired by ao3 superpower haikyuu fanfic, “baby, i can give you wings” by Metis_Ink, which is wonderful and can be read here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/2185851)

Bokuto - THE FLYING-TYPE ELITE 4. I don’t know why but i can’t imagine him taking the battle completely seriously and just doing some dumbass strategy that proves to be super broken. Something like Drayden from BW2, with some stupid dialogue like “AAARGH JUST WAIT FOR THE FINAL ATTACK!!! IT’LL BE AWESOME!” while doing 2-3 stat-raising moves or charging moves and then one broken ability that does a shit ton of damage. Kinda like the papyrus we never got in undertale. Alternately, a one-hit K.O. move. Gets super depressed when defeated, and can be seen after at a cafe with Akaashi, complaining.

This would undoubtedly be the prodigy we all know and love, Ushijima Wakatoshi. Trained since a kid, and worked really hard. A good champion, and definitely worthy of the title. 

Takeda-sensei - the ‘mom’ of the game. Not an actual Pokemon trainer, but wishes the best for the main character when they go off, making sure they’re well-prepared and researching enough to send them off with a smile. (also dropping by with occasional “hey, hope you’re doing okay!”s) while you’re on your journey.

Lev - while you’re with kenma’s gym (with a visiting kuroo), there’s a little unskippable side-quest where Lev begs kenma to teach him how to catch pokemon, much to kenma’s annoyance. kuroo eventually defeats all his pokemon (doing something like beating a level 6 pidgey with a level 60 hydreigon, or trolling him by pulling out a lvl 60 zoroark that’s disguised as a small grass-type), but teaches lev good lessons in the process.
is also trying to be taught by Yaku, an actual experienced ace trainer who just can’t help but be annoyed at Lev. 

Yamaguchi - some guy at the beginning of the game who shows you how to use pokemon and stuff. he’s either a normal-type trainer or a fairy-type trainer, or at least has an affinity with those two.


last part of pokecember. it was pretty fun doing this challenge! (they are out of order because the post looked weird in the right one)
as you can see i have trouble choosing only one favorite of anything lmao i struggled a lot with the gym leader since i love so many of them, and ended up throwing wallace along with steven since they are both champions (champions count as members of the elite 4 shhhhh)
i also had trouble choosing my favorite memory because even though i’ve been played pokemon my whole life and have nothing but good memories of it i have terrible memory for specific things…. i replayed pokemon snap a while ago and i didn’t remember it being so short and boring, but i used to love it and the memory i have of it in my head is magical

Random Headcanons

So I made a head canon blog because I did have some headcanons

-I know lot’s of people have said this before but when/if Hau becomes a Kahuna he would have a psychic team. His Alolan Raichu would have the Pshychium Z (Is that what it’s called?)

-For his trail battle he has Raichu (maybe not his, maybe like a lower leveled one), a Kadabra and a Slowpoke. If he also becomes an Elite 4 member his Kadabra evolved into Alakazam and Slowpoke evolved into Slow king. He also has a Starmie and an Espeon.

-If Mina were to set up an official trial  it would be in a field of flowers. Maybe in Poni Meadow. You would draw pictures of different fairy Pokemon in front of you and than each one battles you if they are not satiated with the drawing. The totem Pokemon would be Shiinotic or Ribombee. 

-After the trail Mina tells the trial goer that their art isn’t bad but the Pokemon are just very picky when it comes to art.

-Those Stufful toys in Olivia’s room are said to be pretty popular among single woman. I headcanon they were originally a toy made for kids but single woman found other uses for them.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

-The Meowths in Nanu’s house are all badly beaten strays brought in by Persian. He heals them up and then they just never leave.

-Acerola’s family lived in the original shady house in Po Town. 

-Po Town was attacked by Tapu Bulu and eventually abandoned and taken over by Team Skull.

Yeah that’s all I got. 

~Mod Carbink

I could totally see Bertha (elite 4 ground type member from gen 4) having a Zygarde pup. I just thought the idea of a cute old lady with a legendary neon green dog was cute.

“Trainers that have defeated the first three Elite 4 members know that one more chamber remains; the strongest member next to the region Champion. Upon entering the chamber, it’s quiet with only the sound of flowing water echoing in the room. A pool sits in the middle, the water’s glow bouncing off the walls and Gyarados statues. A lone figure stands on the opposite end, her eyes in a glare. Misty was the final test,”

Elite 4 member Misty chambers concepts.

nanu headcanons, i suppose:

  • he genuinely cares about the protagonist’s well-being, even if he’s very nonchalant about it. after all, he climbed an entire mountain ‘just because kukui asked him to’ yet refused be an elite 4 member ‘just because kukui asked him to’.
  • he’s the quiet, listening and observing type. he would let anyone who wants to talk ramble on. it’s an old habit that has something to do with his experience as a police officer – let them talk, and eventually they will spill the beans.
  • he says that he’s got no need for the ‘nonsense’ of heart scales after treating the protagonist to a meal at sushi high roller. but really, he just wants the protagonist to train their pokemon to the best of their ability. he is also concerned about the protagonist now that they have caught a few of the ultra beasts.
  • when he first met acerola, he wondered how someone so young who had lost their parents could still smile like that. then, he saw that she had ghost pokemon by her side. these pokemon never fail to make her laugh and earn a chuckle from him. 
  • he once asked if acerola needed help with funds and stuff, because all he ever sees her wearing is that tattered and patched up dress. acerola had shook her head and told him that the dress was the last thing her parents gave her before their passing. nanu doesn’t question her fashion choices anymore after that. 
  • he’s met gladion a few times during his time working for the international police. he was investigating the ultra beats, and noticed a sad kid crying out for freedom and trying to subtly undermine the experiments by questioning them. he knows that gladion has strength within him, and was surprised when gladion joined and wanted to depend on team skull for strength.
  • in his younger years, he questioned the use of poke balls. the pokemon are locked up in a little confined space, and he wondered if they enjoy the experience. seeing team skull being locked up in their little town, he began to wonder about the same thing again.
  • he’s lost one of his colleagues during a mission investigating the ultra beasts, and in tern adopted his colleague’s persian as his own. the meowth that follow are strays that he decided to feed - those poor things - and they ended up following him back home.
  • he was terminated from the international police force after failing a crucial ultra beasts mission and for the loss of his colleague. (”how can we trust him with our backs anymore?” some of his co-workers had whispered). he moved to alola, a paradise where no one would really know/care who he was, to get away from it all.
  • He trusts few pokemon – much less the guardian deity of ula'ula island when it first approached him – because he remembers how a colleague of his felt sorry for the ultra beast ‘monsters’. the sympathy for those ‘monsters’, even if only for a moment, was a grave mistake on not only his colleague’s part, but his part as well.
  • oftentimes, when he cannot sleep, he would go on midnight walks. persian usually accompanies him, and eventually all of his meowth. he started to feel guilty for dragging all the pokemon into it, but persian insisted and put the young meowth at ease by ‘representing’ them during his walks.

Zexal Month Week 3 Day 2) Pokémon Crossover

I didn’t have any OC’s to contribute with so I took a break yesterday, but I’m back now with more art! Yay!

Fact: No matter what fandom I’m in, I’ll always end up combining it with Pokémon at some point because I’ve been unhealthily obsessed with it since forever. I haven’t really planned out this AU very far, but I’ll give you what ideas I already have.

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I’m not a writer but I do have a Pokemon AU for today’s Crossover theme, So I will be writing out some basic ideas I have for it in a sorta coherent way.
Also here’s some pictures I took a little time to make for you guys.

-Saitama is from Kanto and is from Fuchsia City
-He starts off his Pokemon journey at age 12 like all other kids however he didn’t battle any of the gym leaders or try to become Champion.
-He trains his Pokemon very intensely as you can but never abused or made them do things that would harm them or push them beyond their limits.
-Because he treated and trained his Pokemon so well they eventually surpassed whatever limits they had on themselves.
-They fight Team Rocket and take Giovanni down quickly and anticlimactically.
-Rumors starts surfacing about his team and their power and it slowly reaches to the League who doubt him and denounce him as a liar because he never challenged them and followed the Leagues rules. the only people who know his true power are the Champion, King and Fubuki the Ice type Elite 4 member.
-Since people outcasted him and no one was a real challenge he decided to climb and train in the toughest area in Kanto, the peak of Mt Silver.
-He is currently 19 years old on top of Mt. Silver bored and just reads manga in his cave.
-It’s rumored he only goes down when evil organizations pop up in other regions.

Saitama’s Pokemon Team:
Slacking: He found it in Hoenn as a during the reign of Team Magma and Team Aqua and he immediately loved it and took it along.
Blissey: He found an egg during one of his battles against Team Rocket in Johto and it hatched into a Happiney. (Also egg)
Absol: When he was in Hoenn an Absol suddenly appeared in front of him and followed him. When he asked the people why that might be they told him about the bad omen Absol brings with him. Saitama understood what that feels like an let Absol follow him for the rest of the journey until he decided to take him home.
Shuckle: Just look at it!
Eevee: His starter Pokémon and closest companion.

-Genos is from Nimbasa City in Unova.
-Right before he could have started his Pokemon Journey a rouge Experimented Pokemon (Genesect) escaped from Team Plasma’s clutches and destroyed part of the town killing his family and almost him. When a Scientist found Genos who begged him to turn him into an experiment himself. The man tried I tell him he was only trained on experimenting Pokemon, Genos didn’t care. He was transformed into a cyborg and went off on a journey to find the rouge Pokemon and destroy it.
-He started off by destroying Team Plasma’s base with no mercy.
-He trained his Pokemon as best as he could but they were too rowdy and rarely paid attention to him and usually fainted in battle.
-He went region to region searching for the Pokemon while on the way helping Unova, Sinnoh, and Kalos from their own problems.
-He ends up in Kanto when he’s attacked by a woman with bug and poison types who is taking the blood from local Pokemon.
-When Genos’ team faint and he’s left with no choice but to self-destruct a random trainer comes by and stops the Woman and saves Genos and his team.
-Genos is 15 at this time.
-Not as fully cyborg as Real!Genos, doesn’t have as many weapons if any and is simply a metal body to survive. he does however has the ability to record and look things up and his strength and resistance to nature.

Genos Pokemon Team:
Luxray: He found a Shinx when he was in Sinnoh and it followed him around.  
Metagross: I mean come on.
Porygon Z: Look at Metagross.
Bisharp: Ready to protect and defend like Genos.
Emboar: Starter Pokémon that was already assigned to him before the attack, he went back for it and is the most hotheaded of all his Pokemon. (needed to represent Genos’ firepower)
Lucario: Edge.

-Genos begs the trainer to be his teacher. To which the trainer refuses and goes back to Mt. Silver.
-Genos follows him there and Saitama is surprised he actually came.
-Saitama only lets him stay to hear him out and when he is about to tell Genos to leave when Genos sense a Pokemon heading this way and it’s Articuno.
-They beat it and Saitama lets Genos stay for a while.
-Over time they end up living together in he cave.
-Saitama is taught about the League rules and why he isn’t recognized as a powerful trainer.
-Genos officially becomes Saitama’s student.
-idk plot and years go by.
-Gay shit.

The end.

So I’m playing Pokemon Insurgence, I loved the game so far, just beat the game and going to the post game shit, I go to Gaea Town and I go into this house, I talk to this guy and he talks about my favorite elite 4 member, Yuki. This guy says something along the lines of “Yuki from the elite 4 came out last year” and I thought ‘oh as an elite four member?’ and this guy says “She only came out last year and started transitioning last year aswell! Everyone supported her! It’s great.” I recommend this game 

My hopes and dreams for Pokémon GO

• top players can enter and compete to become gym leaders (and elite 4 members)
• when you become a gym leader or an elite you get a badge in the corner of your profile to indicate your status
• you show up on the Poké map as a gym leader so that people can actually battle you to receive badges
• you can save up your money to purchase a house where when there, your Pokémon are let out and you can interact with them
• you can interact with your Pokémon at any given time
• when you set up your Pokémon GO profile you receive a Pokémon phone number that other trainers can add to their “phone book” and you can message them to meet up for battle or training
• POKÉMON GO CONVENTIONS - which will basically be like the battle dome that made it’s first appearance in the Pokémon crystal game
• based on your fighting style, carried Pokémon, and battle stats you can choose what your prefix is ie. Bug catcher Jason, Hiker Kim, Fisherman Dave, ect. But we all start out as newbie trainer
• you can upload a photo of yourself for your profile but you also get to design what your animated self looks like
• you don’t gotta pay actual money
• you don’t get bullshit like “your Pokémon has fainted. Pokémon will revive in 23:59 hours.”

okay so like

Nonon is the snake

Nudist beach nonon


Naked Nonon


nonon confirmed for best elite 4 member and i’m gonna pretend nonon is secretly a huge mgs fan and elaborately chose her nickname as snake because of it AND NONE OF YALL CAN STOP ME 


anonymous asked:

AYYYYY Kynim!! what's your fav Elite 4 member? I fell in love with Phoebe all over again <3

I’m assuming the ORAS E4 and oh man…………

I love them all so much but these two are my fav because I always thought Sidney not as Shanwow guy was always a cool character design wise and Phoebe is cute and uses my fav type

And the ship is A+++ someone please make more art/fic/etc of them