elite 4


Time to save a whole region again because the champion and elite 4 members are incompetents
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Hey nerds! All like 5 of you that follow me and aren’t involved in this! I’m participating with my buddies @godtier-pickle-inspector and @gloomdraws in a Nuzlocke Race! What exactly is this? I’m glad you asked, hypothetical reader. At its base, we compete to be the first to finish a Nuzlocke run of a specific Pokemon game (in this case, Ruby).

However, we’re doing this Pokemon adventure right. The three of us are rivals, starting our journey at the same time - we pick starters one by one, and will have (non-lethal) battles after each in-game rival battle, using Pokemon Showdown.

Whoever beats the Elite 4 first becomes the champion and wins the Race. Whoever comes in second isn’t S.O.L. though - if they can beat the E4 AND player 1 in a (possibly) lethal battle, they will be the new champion. Player 3 then has their own chance to unseat the winner of that battle. The trainer on top at the end of the bloodbath is the champion, and wins the Nuzlocke.

We’ll be streaming this (not all of it, mind you) at ~6 or so CST, so come join us for a while! We’ll be on Skype, probably have some music on, and later on in the evening might watch some Critical Role!

We also plan to stream on Monday, and what better way to spend an American holiday than with three nerds from the internet?

*EDIT: I have been informed that I didn’t put a day for this. It’s going down on Thursday*