elite 4

The Pokemon AU!

Steven has an Eevee, Connie has Riolu. Bismuth gave them to them because she has faith in their skills, after seeing them calm a wild Pokemon down.

Bismuth had her license taken away after an incident. She developed a Poke ball that would make Pokemon stronger, but it would drive them slowly nuts.

The Gems are the Gym leaders!

Ruby has Fire Types.
Sapphire has Ice Types.
Garnet has Fighting Types.
Amethyst has Poison Types.
Pearl has Flying Types.
Jasper has Ground Types.
Peridot has Steel Types.
Lapis her Water Types.

The Diamonds are the Elite 4! (And the antagonists!)

White/Blanche has dragon types.
Yellow/Yella has electric types.
Blue/Azura has ghost types.
Pink/Rosa has fairy types.

You know, after I kill everybody and fuck their shit up, I’m a get a house here. Yeah, I’m a get a house here, maybe a wife, a little dog, raise my kids here. And then I can tell them the story about how Daddy liberated the whole country by shooting them in the face and breaking all their teeth. Kids love those stories.
—  Jacksepticeye: Sniper Elite 4 - 2/9/17 (https://youtu.be/slXOODMA7c0?t=5m43s)