recently i realized how many potential fcs i follow on instagram so i’ve decided to share them and compile a masterlist with three hundred faceclaims that are underused in twitter rps ! some have enough resources to be used in tumblr rps tho so keep that in mind and use them more yall … anyway they’re under the cut and i’ll be updating this frequently !

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I find it ridicculous that Chrom gets so much hate. I mean, I’ve never seen ANY other FE protag or side protag getting such a direct hate (excluding my own dislike for Camilla, Jakob or Severa).

I’m not forcing Chrom on anyone, right? I don’t really see IS forcing Chrom on us (Warriors is first, rly). I guess many people hate him because he’s popular but I really stand for my reasons to like him. Unlike other FE protagonists I’ve met so far, Chrom has flaws and he’s far from perfect. He makes mistakes and lots of them, he feels bad for it but still tries his best. Just yesterday when I was wondering why I like him so much, I realized that not only I like his personality (and look), but I actually relate to his life struggles. He’s awkward and too trusting, quick tempered with no sense for diplomacy.  He’s an ordinary guy trying to fit in a greater role because his destiny said so.

Seeing him getting so much hate just makes me want to throw twice as much Chrom pictures and posts in the face of his haters. I will tolerate you either if you stop being so hateful or if other FE characters, way more hyped (Lucina) and less complex (Camilla, Corrin, Jakob, Elisse) start to get the same “treatment”.

Chrom maybe doesn’t deserve your love but he certainly doesn’t deserve your stupid hate.

In Alexander Hamilton

U kno why it’s Burr who Alex gives his suit(?), Eliza hands him a new one, Angelica with a book, John with a bag ???

Burr - Hands his life to be decided
Eliza - Takes care of him
Angelica - Intellectuality
John - Travelling; Journeys and Battles

BOOM !!!

A story and art for the Noragami Big Bang 2k16!


Collaboration Starring:

@mellyisagb (as writer)

@boshedagh(as artist)

Letters to Elisse

Before he took the name Yukine, he was Eliot, a fourteen-year old living alone with his recently divorced father. His dad is an alcoholic, prone to abusing his only son. Eliot’s only solace is writing to his sister, Elisse, who lives across the sea with their mother. But as the situation with his father grows more destructive, can Eliot escape his father before his life becomes endangered?

Mostly one point-of-view story about who Yukine may have been before he’d died. The story explores his relationship with his father.

Story Length: 7 Chapters - she will be posting a chapter a day

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