elissa gown


Phantom of the Opera (Czech non-replica production)

Christine Daaé wardrobe- Act 1 (as illustrated by AdriElsa37)

All originals of these drawings are kept in my art collection, except for the Slave Girl drawing, which was my gift to Monika Sommerová on my second time seeing PotO Czech

Dear Kate / @isawhimoncethenhewasgone,

I was you Secret Santa!
I wish you a very Merry Christmas, my dear!

I was torn between drawing something from the Final Lair scene or Christine and Meg, since you mentioned those are your fav moments from the show. I chose the latter in the end because a scene depicting friendship is more Christmas-y and the Elissa gown has such festive colours to boot :D

I wish you all the best and good luck with making the costume replicas!

~Fiona, aka rumpelstiltskinned

(PS Just gotta mention it again: Your blog is amazing.)


Sarah Brightman in West End (left) and Broadway (right). 

I have a feeling I’ve made this photoset before. Ah well. As usual I have few or no good photos of the three Il Muto costumes, so I only included the Serafimo one. 

About the Broadway Aminta one. I almost suspect the costume is unfinished. It got a lot more decorations on the stomacher later on, and the sleeves also got an additional layer. Maybe this is from rehearsals? Either how, I DO prefer the West End dress for its more textured look and historical flair.

For doyoupermitit 

Name Day - Alistair x Cousland (Fluff)

Just pure fluffiness… I maybe squealed a lot whilst writing it. For everyone that requested fluffy Alistair x Cousland :3 

Elissa’s eyes flutter at the sound of hushed whispers and stifled giggles, she grumbles slightly as the curtains are drawn back, turning over onto her side with a groan, burrowing deeper under the cocoon of warmth the many blankets on her bed provided.

There’s a higher pitched giggle, much louder this time, and she has to hide her smile in her arm when Alistair shushes the source of the giggle. She can hear Alistair counting, and knows that her giant puppy of a husband would be planning to do something that would really wake her up quick.

“One!” Alistair cries, before there’s a loud squeal and the sound of a tiny body flying through the air, before the little body crashes onto the large fluffy mattress with a muffled ‘oomph!’ Elissa turns with a loud laugh, seeing her little boy stuck in a tangle of sheets as he fights to roll over to her.

She grabs him immediately, sitting up as she cuddles the three year old close, ruffling his blonde curls as he shrieks and bats at her hands. The bed dips next to her, and she turns to see her grinning husband, eyebrows wiggling as he leans over to press a chaste kiss to her lips.

“Happy name day my love.” He whispers, before laughing as pressing a kiss to her temple when Duncan makes disgusted noises. Elissa laughs and leans into Alistair, loving the way her little boy’s fists wrap around her fingers.

She grins down at him pressing a kiss against his forehead.

“That was quite a way to wake your Ma up.” She whispers, watching as Duncan covers his smiling mouth with his chubby hands, before he makes a shushing noise with wide blue eyes. Alistair chuckles against her hair, pulling back and grinning when Elissa throws him a glare..

“And I suppose Da didn’t have anything to do with that did he?” Duncan giggles again, shaking his head quickly, blonde curls whipping about. She smooths them back with one hand, unable to hold back her smile as her little man giggles up at her, blue eyes blown wide as he gazes up at her.

Alistair pushes a silk wrapped package into her lap, smiling when she looks up at him with exasperated eyes.

“Alistair I told you no presents!” She hisses, rolling her eyes when he chuckles and presses a kiss to her forehead. She turns back to it, holding it out to Duncan with a wink. “How about you help me little man?” She asks, laughing when Duncan leaps to his feet, stumbling the few steps it takes to plop down before the present, his little fingers fumbling slightly over the ribbon.

With a little help from his Da, Duncan manages to take the ribbon off, clumsily trying to throw it away, but it flies into the air halfheartedly and lands right on top of his head. Alistair laughs immediately, watching as Duncan pulls the ribbon off, more annoyed than anything as he throws a glare at the red ribbon.

Elissa laughs, before she reaches forward with careful hands to unwrap the silk, gasping a little when the presents within are revealed. Duncan grins up at her, eyes’ sparkling as Elissa pulls the gown from its wrappings.

“I picked it for you Ma!” he cries, throwing his hands in the air, he pauses, eyes hesitant. “Do.. do you like it Ma?” he asks. Elissa drops the gown and coos, reaching over to grasp her baby boy, tucking him gently against her chest.

“I absolutely love it Duncan, thank you little man.” She whispers, pressing kisses into his hair. Duncan giggles as she presses kisses to his cheeks, her fingers tickling him as he squeals, falling back into the blush blankets.

The gown was her favorite colour, the same deep Highever green that she’d grown up with, had worn her entire life. Delicate silver embroidery lines the neck and hemline, long twisting vines with large leaves that border the entire hem.

“How about I wear it to the dinner tonight?” She asks, smiling when Duncan nods enthusiastically, clapping his hands with a laugh. She leans forward to press a kiss to his forehead, having to brush back his unruly curls – her doing if her own wild red curls were anything to go by.

She moves to open the two other boxes, most definitely from Alistair, but his warm hand on her wrist stops her. She looks up, confused, but he just grins and shakes his head, letting her know it was something reserved for later.

She nods and goes back to fawning over the gown, curiosity niggling in the back of her mind.

Alistair lets out a breathy sigh when she strides out from the wardrobe, sliding the last pin into her hair. She can’t help but giggle, blushing at the awe and love in his eyes as he watches her move across the floor in her new gown.

“You’re so beautiful.” He sighs, his hands sliding around her hips, pulling her close to kiss her sweetly. She grins against his lips, feeling her heart soar and tremble, the same way it always did when he looked at her like that, like he had been looking at her since they’d been young adults.

“Maker how’d I get so lucky?” he whispers, pulling back to cup her cheeks, his thumbs rubbing circles against her porcelain skin, tracing the freckles smattered across her nose and cheeks. She blushes harder, her cheeks staining crimson as she trembles at his words, feeling lighter than air as he presses another kiss to her lips.

“It’s your rugged good looks and unwavering charm, love.” She grins when he rolls his eyes and tickles her, listening to him laugh at her squeals of shock at his ruthless fingers. Elissa tries to bat him off, but his arms hold her close, attacking her stomach and arms as she laughs, struggling to get away from him.

Alistair lets her go, turning her deftly as he scoops up something, hiding it behind his back. He shifts back and forth on his feet, smirking at her as he hides the parcels. She raises an eyebrow, raising it higher when he raises his own eyebrows, he laughs breathily, shaking his head at her.

She knows he wants her to close her eyes, so she does, clapping a hand over her eyes, giggling when she cracks her fingers to see him glaring at her, knowing her all too well to trust her to keep her eyes fully shut.

He grabs her hands, opening them to place two light boxes in them. She opens her eyes and looks down, grinning at the green and silver wrapped boxes. She makes to speak, but Alistair cuts her off.

“I know you said not to get anything, but I couldn’t resist.” he whispers, coming to stand behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist snugly. She leans back into him, delighting in the feeling of having him so close.

She pulls on the bow of the bigger box, letting Alistair hold the smaller one. When she lifts the lid of the box, she gasps audibly, stunned by the delicate chain that laid nestled within. She pulls on it slightly, watching as the gold unravels to reveal an oval pendant, carved with the image of a rose.

When she opens the locket up, she tears up, her hand coving her mouth at the sight of what lay within.

“Oh Alistair.” She whispers thickly, tears clouding her eyes.

The pendant held two small paintings within, created in such painstaking detail it was almost as if the two families were staring back at her. On the right side lay their own family, her, Alistair and Duncan sitting on one of the settees in the lounge, grinning at the painter with sparkling eyes.

It was the left that truly made her cry.

The other side lay a portrait of the Couslands, crafted six months before the murder of her mother and father, Alistair must have had the portrait taken from what remained of Highever, and had an artist recreate it.

Alistair presses kisses to her neck, holding her tightly as tears trickle down her cheeks, before he reaches to help chain the locket around her neck, securing it tightly so it settled against her breast bone, nestled right near her heart.

She makes to thank him, but he hands her the smaller box.

Elissa shakily unwraps it, pulling the top off the box. She chuckles when she sees it, a few more tears slipping down her cheeks as she shakes her head ruefully, staring down at the beautiful piece of jewellery nestled within the velvet.

The ring had been painstakingly shaped into the image of a Lothering Rose, the petals curling upwards and away from the golden band, dotted on the petals were small diamonds, glinting like morning dew in the sunlight as she delicately lifted it to inspect.

“Alistair, it’s beautiful.” she whispers, hastily wiping away more tears with a laugh. He chuckles from behind her and takes the ring, gently pushing it onto her finger, where it nestled perfectly against her skin.

She turns in his grasp, nestling her nose against his neck with a smile. He presses his lips into her hair, holding her close with a sigh.

“Happy name day my love.” he whispers, pulling back to kiss her lovingly.

She sighs into his mouth, her hands winding into his longer hair, grinning into the kiss when she feels the strands slip over the new ring.

He always knew just what to say.


Sweet holy Moses.

I found Christine costume sketches I made around 2000. It’s how I planned to make my costumes, before I started sewing. Some turned out pretty much as planned, others totally not… But I rather like these sketches, as I never continued with any sort of drawing and this was a nice blast from the past.

And apparently I was really REALLY into the Aminta costume…


The costumes of Christine and Meg in:

  1. Hannibal (slavegirl ballet costumes)
  2. Angel of Music (Degas / Elissa)
  3. Angel of Music (Degas / dressing gown)
  4. Il Muto (Jeweler’s Maid / Countess)
  5. Masquerade (Star Princess / Meg Maid)
  6. Don Juan Rehearsal (Degas / Wishing dress)
  7. Don Juan Triumphant (Aminta / Gypsy girl)
  8. Final Lair (Boy costume / Wedding dress)

Ideally I should have had a Sylvan Glade/Serafimo one as well, but I couldn’t find any in my files. If anyone have one, I’d be happy to add it to the set!


Favourite non-replica christine costumes, as requested by anon: 

SLAVEGIRL: There hasn’t really been a non-replica version I’ve been crazy about. But I like the Hungarian one for the ornamental “bra” combined with the torn fabric skirt. It moves well, and has cool details. 

ELISSA: The Czech ones all the way! So unbelievably grand. 

DRESSING GOWN: A tie between the Czech one with a corseted waist, and the 2004 movie (mirror) one for its delicate details. 

IL MUTO MAID/SERAFIMO: I like the nice period flair of the Polish one, and the palette is kinda… muddy yet fresh. ’t is cool. 

ROOFTOP: I’m not really crazy about any versions here either. But I do like that both the Hungarian and Polish versions feature Christine still in her boy costume from the opera (with a cloak on top). Nice nod to Leroux. 

MASQUERADE: Honestly, I don’t like a single non-replica version. 

WISHING DRESS: Not really a fan of any of the dresses here either. But I do like the tailored, hooded jacket for the Managers office in Poland. 

AMINTA: I can’t stand any of the non-replica Aminta costumes. UGH. 

WEDDING DRESS: They don’t even have a Christine wedding dress in Hungary and Poland. Neutral to the Czech one. However, I ADORE the 2004 movie one. Wonderful silhouette, use of materials + period flair. 


Three of Christine’s Most Elaborate Costumes: Front, Side and Back (US Edition)

So I got thinking about how many of Christine’s costumes were actually detailed all around, and ended up choosing with these three, mostly because when you think about the Countess, Star Princess, Aminta, etc. the backs are essentially just a continuation of what’s going on in the front.