the sign’s stereotypes


taurus- hungry and stubborn

gemini- talks 24/7 and none of it is true

cancer- always in tears

leo- proud of themselves for doing nothing at all

virgo- never stops cleaning

libra- make up ya mind for once

scorpio- sex machine

sagittarius- zero fucks given about anything

capricorn- will end ur life with knowledge

aquarius- unemotional

pisces- high all of the time


“This lovely little pic was snapped by our Phantom of the evening, Rob Pitcher. I always prep for the show by sitting behind the curtains before the auction starts. Once the auctioneer begins to take bids for the Monkey, I start the process of carefully folding the sides of the 15 kg skirt under so that as the curtain rises near the end of the overture, the only people who will see me or the skirt will be those sitting on the farthest seats front left or right.

I have affectionately named this skirt "the monster” because it loves to make holes in my hosiery during this process every night, and I called the skirt preparations “burrito-ing” because the end result is a very long skinny-looking skirt from front to back. In the words of Carlotta: “The things I have to do for my art!”“ (Rachel Anne Moore) ( X )


This is my friend Luke.

Now, normally, people who start posts like these are looking to help support their friend. Not me, and you will see why soon.
When Luke was a fetus child, he had the greatest hair style of all time.

Bowl Cut.


External image
External image
External image
External image

And, most importantly:

External image

Now, for 5 years, I have been trying to get him to reacquire this abomination hairstyle.
Finally, after enough badgering, he agreed to do this on one condition

One half of one half of a million notes on tumblr.

For those of you who are bad at math, that is 250,000 notes.

Please, dear friends, help me in my quest.