Opinion Episode 40-KiraKira Precure A La Mode

Well, it’s the first time I’ve been talking about an episode of KiraKira Precure A La Mode (Episode 40) and I have to say a lot of things
1) Really Toei? I thought they would put Pikario with his purified mode in the opening at least but I am disappointed ¬¬
2) I laugh with that reunion with his sister, more or less I imagined it that way hahahahahaha XD 
3) That power of Julio / Pikario, not bad, although I still do not know how it was that Lumiere gave them, I liked to see Bibury fight along with the boy
4) Pikario was out of phase when Ichika calls him Rio-kun jajajajaajaja soooo cute that part but funny at the same time XD
5) Here begins my nonconformity and disappointment… don’t know if tired or because of the great power of Grave/Diable but… it seems that they failed to take advantage of the new power of Pikario, only saw part of it do 5 min?
6) I do not know if it was the writers’ idea, the fact that Pikario’s weapon was broken and that the fragments were key to repelling the darkness of Diable in what the fairies did the sweets … because if so, there’s no problem
7) The story of Grave, that I did not understand, I need to wait tomorrow in English subtitled to understand better
8) I do not even think about the transformation A La Mode Style … I do not complain about the wardrobe but … I felt its transformation something meehhh e-e
9) Really Toei? Convert to Grave in T-Rex Sentai type? It’s the craziest thing I’ve seen O-O
10) With Elisio in reality NOT ME THE WAIT! I should have suspected since that conversation for the potential of Diable, so Grave wanted at the previous episode

Sincerely I feel disappointed of this cap a hyper that I finish in the opposite and WASTE THE NEW POWER OF PIKARIO !!! Although Grave had to win with his power with Diable but good … was the victim of the power of love and friendship that everything can XD even though Elisio … do not wait for me, go stab received Grave from part of Elisio. Jojojojojojjo nothing bad Toei …. even so I am disappointed SOMETHING this episode e-e

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