So it looks like the upd8 tag won’t be used for a while.

If you haven’t already seen, Hussie is going on a hiatus for a bit to work on the game.

He stated that this WILL take months, however that means that recent update wasn't the last page of Homestuck, it’s the last page for now.

Before we start whining just remember that Hussie has worked his ass off making sure he got plenty of updates in everyday. Although it’s a huge cliff hanger, i think it’s a more appropriate time to break off now rather than in the middle of some battle. 

So roll in the fan made AU’s, theories and sprite edits because this is going to be a long br8k.

No but real talk, someone needs to make a yuri ice skating anime for the following reasons.

  • Cute girls
  • Cute girls doing a cool ass sport 
  • Sports anime with female cast is rare man
  • gorgeous outfits!!
  • imagine one of the girls teaching the other to skate and holding hands and doing cute shit
  • pretty icy winter colour scheme
  • girls  s p o r t  a n i m e