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My name is Angelica Schuyler

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Elizabeth Judd, Syndee Winters, Candace Quarrels, Mandy Gonzalez, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Emmy Raver, Karen Olivo, Aubin Wise, Alysha Deslorieux

Etienne Drian, Gaby Deslys, 1910s.

Gaby Deslys (1881-1920) was a singer and actress of the early 20th century from Marseilles, France. She selected her name for her stage career. It is an abbreviation of Gabrielle of the Lillies. During the 1910s she was exceedingly popular worldwide, making $4,000 a week in the United States alone. During the 1910s she performed several times on Broadway, at the Winter Garden Theater, and performed in a show with a young Al Jolson. Her dancing was so popular that The Gaby Glide was named for her.

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Hey I saw your winter sibling activities head canon and I wanted to know if you had one for the Nohrian sibblings?

of course, lovely! one batch of nohrian winter headcanons coming up!

Xander - Nohr doesn’t often get heavy snows- yes, it’s a fairly cold country, but it’s usually not humid enough for snow. However, that doesn’t mean that Xander isn’t prepared. The moment the first flake falls from the sky, he is armed with blankets and hot chocolate, ready to dispense them at a moment’s notice. Someone sneezed? Not anymore, they’re in front of the fire with a cat and three blankets. A soldier forgot their gloves? Hah, nice try- Xander has seventeen spares in his bag. He’s constantly prepared and ready to go- the kind of man you can trust with your bodily temperature on those chillier days.

Camilla - She would love to be as caring as Xander is on colder days, but honestly? The poor lady is so sensitive to the cold that she can’t really do much (and Xander often ends up fussing over her instead). It’s the one time the indomitable Camilla, powerful and ruthless soldier and princess, is just a little bit helpless. She hates it, but even the slightest crack in a window can set her a-shivering, and just a few minutes outside will give her a cold. To make up for her weaknesses, she’s Xander’s supply route, always ready to replenish his blanket and sock stores… but she shall never forget the pain and terrible, terrible loss of those winter days…

Leo - The nerd doesn’t do much that’s different than usual. On most days… he’s holed up in his room, reading some book or another. During wintertime… he’s holed up by the fireplace, reading some book or another. Although it’s not quite to the same degree, Leo has the same weakness to cold as Camilla, which means that he definitely prefers to stay inside. However, Elise usually pays this no heed and drags him outside to play with her, resulting in a cheerful prince and a cold and grumpy prince. He’ll play with her anyways, though- the only thing that Leo likes more than his books and tomes is watching Elise squeal and run around like a child on Nohrian Christmas.

Elise - As mentioned above, Elise utterly, absolutely, definitely, eternally adores everything to do with snow and winter. Even if the snowfall is only a few inches deep, you can bet that she’ll be out there, running around and admiring the crispness of the usually dark Nohrian scenery. Snowmen, snow angels, snowballs, snow forts- you name it. She loves the winter. If there was a drawback to those snowy days, it would be that Camilla and Leo would always be inside, and Xander would be too busy helping out to spend time with her, but Elise always makes sure to drag all of them into a big and vicious snowball fight at least once per snowfall. It’s the thing she looks forward to the most during winder, honestly.

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elise!! because winter holidays are starting here in australia soon i've decided to finally read the brick - what's the best translation to read??

As ever, I don’t know :/ Being a native French speaker means I never had to bother with which edition to pick. So I wouldn’t know. I know there’s a lot of debate surrounding the question, and I’m sure other people will know how to answer this in more details

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